7 Ways on How to Make Your Vending Machine Quieter

7 Ways on How to Make Your Vending Machine Quieter

noisy office with a vending machine


A vending machine is actually an automatic machine which dispenses or release small food items and other articles such as chips, cans, candies, chocolates, milk, charger, cigarettes, cigars and other upon inserting a token or a coin. A vending machine is mostly found at hospitals, public places, malls, colleges, schools, even at petrol pumps and at the train stations and airports.

A vending machine is very advantageous for the ones who get hunger pangs on their way home, or at school or waiting for someone at the hospital. Moreover, vending machine is very easy to use. However, you need to have money in the form of coins to dispense the food articles that you want.

One big disadvantage of the vending machines is that vending machines are noisy when dispensing and releasing food and other articles. Manufacturers are striving hard to make the vending machines quiet.

Here are some questions on how to make a vending machine quieter:


Vending machine use speed reducers which dispense the food articles for the by stander. However, the irritating noises are result of the function of the speed reducers in the vending machine. To reduce the vending machine’s noise, it is better to keep maximum decibel level during the dispensing operation.

Manufacturers should keep the range between 40 to 50 decibels. Moreover, the manufacturers should also put the vending machine to function according to the calculated weighted frequency range.


There are many ways in which you can reduce noise from your vending machine.

These ways include installing noise compressors to compress the noise coming from the vending machines. The other option is to invest in fan bearings.

Fan bearings reduce the friction, hence reduces the noise coming from the vending machine upon dispensing the food articles.

Some of the older type snack vending machine have these fan bearings located at the back of the vending machine and in time this will cause so much unwanted noise.

I simply unplug the molex connector to the fan of the snack machine causing the noise and it solved the problem. See the pictures below on how to locate the fan on your snack machine.front of snack machine

fan of the snack machine

When the snack machine is opened you will see the fan which is normally located on the right most top portion of the snack vending machine as depicted on the picture above. You just have to simply disconnect the power cable on the left or right side which is attached on the fan to solve the noise problem.


You need to replace your fan motors in the vending machines in order to reduce the noise coming from them. One way is to replace the components and the other way is to install noise reducers. Noise reducers include fan bearings next to the fan motors, noise compressors or even a new compressor to suppress the noise coming from the vending machine.


The materials which absorb the sound of the vending machines are sound insulators.

They are basically batts that are made from rock wool, mineral wool and fiber glass that are fit into the machine and in between the studs of the walls.

Another material is the floor underlayement. It is the material that soundproofs the floor to reduce the transmission of noise from the vending machines.


Sometimes, the vending machine also makes noise because of the old compressor. You can put in or replace the new compressor. The new compressor can reduce the noise from the speed reducers. This can reduce the noise from the vending machine while the machine dispensing the food articles.


Speed reducers work according to their normal duty cycles. The level meters of sound determine the frequency which range between A to Z. The audible frequency ranges from 500 Hertz to 6 kilo hertz.


Apart from the noise barriers and the sound proofing materials, the thermal treatment of the vending machines can also make the vending machines quieter but this treatment does not absorb all of the noise.


Sometimes, the vending machine also makes noise because of the damaged compressor. Getting it repaired can also help to reduce its noise.

I used to have a noisy Coke Soda Pop machine and it was creating some noise in the lunchroom and the management decided to have it taken away on two of my locations as I have recalled.

It is imperative to have noisy vending machines fixed.


Manufacturers are finding latest ways and viral technologies to reduce the noise from the vending machines. However, there are still some ways through which the noise can be reduced to some extent.

6 Ways on Solving Problem When Vending Machine Eats Money

6 Ways on Solving Problem When Vending Machine Eats Money

healthy max machine with coin that got jammed inside the coin mech

You are in a rush to work or almost missing a class and you are thirsty or hungry.

Then a vending machine appears in front of you and you feel the luckiest man.

But something might happen right away.

From time to time, the vending machine steals your money, without giving you back the things you wanted.

You fill yourself with anger and think about to shake the vending machine and to a point even smashing it out of spontaneous rage!

Recently after a long time without any problems with my vending machines, I was on a vacation and was surprised when this vending machine was smashed in a reputable warehouse facility.

Most of the time, people consider this an option. We all want our money back because nobody’s paying for nothing. But what if it’s not working?

Those are some of the common questions in this case.

#1 – Why vending machines are not giving you the change and what to do?

Sometimes when you buy something from a vending machine, it can happen to not get your change back. Even if you already received the things you wanted from it.

Most of the coins or bills are filthy.

It was a teenagers’ trend to put chewing gum or duct tape on the money and try to take it back.

It was about getting something without paying for it.

But this trick is not working, only in movies.

When the vending machine is not giving you any change, even if you pushed that button over and over again, you have to call a repairman.

Usually, the number of the repairman is written just below the hole where to insert the money.

my phone number in case there is a problem on the vending machine

#2 – I paid with my credit card and the vending machine charged me twice. What to do?

If you look at your card statement after you paid with it at some vending machine, you will see that it charged you twice. It happens because the vending machine company didn’t accept the payment yet.

It takes a while for them to accept it, and it could happen even after 1-2 days.

The other amount is a temporary hold. It is like a guarantee for them that if you spend all the money from your card, they will still get the balance.

Don’t worry, after the payment is made, you will get your hold immediately.

#3 – How to get a snack unstuck from a vending machine?

The shaking is not an option. And there are more easy ways to do it than moving, punching or kicking.

The hole from where a snack would fall has a flap that prevents the snack or a soda to break on the floor. Simply, you just have to push it and let the flap snap back down.

Because of the physics theories, in this way, the flap moves the air from the vending machine and makes your snack fall on its own.

If this way is not working too, the only option is to call the company. But this process can take very long, and your snack will remain stuck.

#4 – The vending machine is broken and took my money. What to do?

The most important thing to remember is, as I said, to not move the vending machine. Because of its size and weight, it can cause you damage if it falls on to you.

The first thing to do is to call the number that is written on the machine.

The assistance for the particular company will ask you for some details and probably it will help you repair it. If the problem is much bigger, they will call somebody for maintenance.

But, again, this can take a while and maybe you are in a rush to work. In this case, most of the vending machine companies are giving a refund on your card statement. If you are lucky enough, you can get an extra dollar and some apologies for the trouble.

#5 – What if there’s no phone number written on the vending machine?

In this case, you have to look up for the manager of the property. Usually, vending machines are placed on big and crowded properties, such as malls, supermarkets, Universities, etc.

The property manager will solve the problem and maybe give you a refund. But it takes a while to find the offices of the property.

Most commonly, those vending machines are from Pepsi or Cola and surely you will find contact details on them. If the vending machine is placed at the subway or on a bus station and doesn’t have any number or email on them, then it’s the property of the City Hall.

In this case, you have to enter the City Hall’s website and search for their e-mail. It’s best not to call because, most of the time, the secretary is busy. And the e-mail shouldn’t be filled with so much anger.

Be careful. Some of the vending machines are broken of its own free will. So the property can illegally steal your money. If you think something’s up, it’s time to involve the police too.

#6 – Why should I call for maintenance?

Even if it’s a dollar or two, you surely want your money back. And if somebody is coming to fix the vending machine, it will help to prevent the same thing happening to somebody else. Sometimes, the malfunction of a vending machine is because of people who don’t know how to use it. There are people not knowing how to introduce the coins properly, and so it breaks. Most of the problems require experienced men to fix it.

As people, if something like this happens, we surely act with anger. We don’t have time to wait for things to be fixed, and we want our money back right away.

In some cases, it’s not our fault for the problems a vending machine has. A vending machine needs to be cleaned properly for the money to not stuck in between.

And in this case, is the property to be blamed. The hint I’m giving you is to take your money back in every way. It is a way to warn the property that something is wrong. And either they fix it or change it with a new one, it prevents happening over and over again.

11 Advantages why a vending machine is needed in office

11 Advantages why a vending machine is needed in office

vending machine inside a lunch room in downtown

What are the likely advantages of having a vending machine at the office?

Answer: The benefits are multi fold. Research proves that having a vending machine at the office helps boost employee satisfaction as they feel the company is sensitive to their best interests.

Studies further prove that eating every few hours can help increase the rate of metabolism and hence promotes more energy.

Consequently, employees can work with renewed spirits after a quick go-and-grab munchies break.

I have vending machines in offices where there is a high productivity work done especially in downtown where most of the work are done on the desk.

I used to have a semi office job type scenario and will likely not leave the office if there is a vending machines inside the premises since I do not have to go out and come back and slack off from some of my tasks that needs to be done if I’m inside the office.

What about the maintenance cost of such machines?

Answer: Vending machines are extremely low on maintenance cost.

They require a key or a code to open and you can pick up your favorite item on the list. Also, vending machine operators provide repairmen for fixing intricacies in the machine. A vending machine provides slots for various kinds of snacks items to choose from.

When you are running your vending machine business, it would be a good decision if the machines that you will be acquiring are the newer ones that could provide virtually free from maintenance for at least about 5 years worry free.

What kind of snacks items are generally put up in a vending machine?

Answer: Generally, items like tea, coffee, chocolate bars, candies, crisps, sugary drinks and biscuit items are available on a vending machine.

However, companies can promote health awareness among their employees by adding delicious as well as nutritious foods items. This way, it will lower their consumption of food with too much saturated fat.

A balance can also be struck by including both healthy food items like health drinks, nuts and almond biscuits as well as crunchy carb items like chocolates and chips.

With the advent towards healthier alternatives, than it would be wise to offer healthier choices such as :

  • Cliff Bar
  • Granola
  • Vitamin Water
  • Cookies
  • Baked Chips

healthy snack alternatives

Does vending machine lead to better job productivity?

Answer: Of course so. Having to go off-site to buy snacks and drinks every time one feels hungry can prove to be tiresome. Having a vending machine comes in handy and saves employees’ time and energy to focus on their work.

Instead of going down outside the office and spend time outside could lead to unproductively at work and this might be contagious to the rest of the employees.

It would surely be worthwhile if there is a vending machines inside the premises to avoid employees spending time off-site and this might be a contagious habit and will eventually lead a lot of the employees to go out of the office on longer periods of time. This would result into unproductively habits.

Does it lead to better bonding among colleagues as well?

Answer: The vicinity of the vending machine also serves as a hot spot for colleagues on a break to have a quick chat and promotes greater bonding among them.

Yes if the employees could sit together more often with a presence of a vending machine than it could spark some conversations that would lead into more collaboration in work and probably share and help solve some problems with colleagues.

This would be the analogy in high school canteens, students who are frequent in having breaks in the cafeteria will form long-lasting relationships on school work, friendship and camaraderie.

This will ensure discussions and at times brainstorming of ideas when there is a congregation of people in a common area where they normally snack.

If there were no such common areas for snacking than the people would distance themselves and will just work and will have no room for social interaction.

greater bonding of employees inside a lunch room with a vending machine

A vending machine can make a difference in a workplace, where people meet and would definitely result into beneficial interactions.

How else can they prove beneficial for the office?

Answer: They are also a time saver when it comes to early morning office meetings. Rather than getting tea for a bunch of people from a nearby tea stall it would be convenient to have a tea vending machine installed at the office.

But doesn’t having a vending machine to run to any moment cause a distraction at work?

Answer: One may argue that way, but usually the pros are better. Having to run down the staircase to the hall to grab your snacking item is better than running all the way to the grocery store especially when one has a lot of work pending.

Can there be better alternatives to a vending machine?

It is always desirable to have a vending machine at hand as during times of sickness and fatigue, or after a long day at work, one may not feel in the best of spirits to go all the way to a local store to buy food and may compromise on appetite needs, which in the future can cause serious health issues.

Low Overhead

There is virtually no staff requirements as compared to running a canteen. Installing a few vending machines at can provide : Coffee, Tea, Snacks at can satisfy office staff cravings in afternoons or after a meal.

Healthy Options

When you think about vending machine it comes to mind that everything is junk food. This is not always true if you are offering healthy options such as : Baked Chips, Dark Chocolate, Cliff Protein Bars and Granola.

Most of my locations offers 50% healthy and 50% traditional snacks, since not all staff wanted 100% healthy stuff. This will cover all the snacking requirements for everyone.

healthy options vending machine

The vending machine in one of my locations at a school facility above offers both healthy and traditional snacks for the consumers.

Keep Everyone Onsite

I have mentioned above that if you have a vending machines inside the premises than it would drastically reduce the employees venturing outside the building. This would greatly maintain the mindset and focus on work and not having the mind wandering away.

If there are no vending machines inside the office than most employees will just go out and in the future this will lead into most people going out of the office which is contagious and no employer wanted to see this from happening.

It would really be convenient to have a vending machines inside the premises.

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