How to fix vending machine keypad panel selection for $35 | Crane GPL 474

How to Check Your Crane GPL 474 to Ensure That It is In Working Order

Well, I have just discovered that my Crane GPL 474 Selection Panel is not working properly.

I cannot get it to work at all and it keeps showing error messages.

So in this article, I am going to show you how to check your selection panel to see if it is in fact broken or not.

Here is a simple step by step with pictures on how to diagnose the problem.

I went to my location and found out that when you are pressing the keypad on the machine it does not respond and it does not work.

There was price display light on the vending machine, when you insert coins and when you press the coin return it gives you the change.

The problem was there was no response on the keypad no matter what you press.

How do I know the problem is the keypad?

  • Check to see if there is display light on the vending machine
  • Check to see if you insert coins the display shows the amount
  • Press coin return if it gives the change correctly
  • Open the door of the vending machine
  • Check the coin mechanism if there are lights and working
  • Power down
  • Disconnect the cable from the keypad to the small board
  • Power On
  • Press the diagnostic keypad inside the vending machine, if this works then you will be very happy because the mainboard and the secondary diagnostics keypad is still working, SO
  • the problem must remain to ( 2 ) things: either the keypad outside the machine or the small board connecting to the keypad
  • Remove the whole keypad and bring it to your local vendor parts
  • Swap out the keypad membrane and visit your location again
  • Spend around 5 minutes to install back to the vending machine and it should work!
  • I only spent $35 for everything!

Note: If there are electrical problems it would be best to solve it on your own and do not call your local vending machine technician.

Calling your vending machine technician will rip you off so much money and it will take a few weeks a couple of months just to cover the expenses.

Here in Vancouver, BC the costs will be :

Technician Visit $125

Technician Parts ( Surely he will overcharge you in the tune of hundreds, I fugure $85 will be the normal charge for parts without you knowing the true cost of a keypad membrane )

Technician Return to Location $125

Your time to change the locks on vending machine so technician has the key to open the vending machine $? ( gasoline to go there, interruption on your routine )

I saved around $125 + $125 + $85 less $35!!!

crane gpl 474 out of service

The keypad is taken out of the vending machine

it took me 5 minutes to remove keypad on my first visit on my location with ZERO Sales!

that is the location of the keypad connecting to the board

that is the cable connecting the board and the keypad

you have to remove the screws and all that to successfully remove the keypad

easy remove screws to access the keypad under 5 minutes

keypad took off from the board

keypad taken off from the board

top view of the keypad


the backside of the keypad

use adjustable wrench in replacing the keypad membrane

Replacement keypad membrane

keypad membrance

For all electrical repairs, it is best to do everything by yourself to save money.

Especially in this COVID19 crisis, where the money is hard to come by, by all means, do not call your vending machine technician.  They will overcharge you and tell you other parts that need to be replaced and you will end up a big hole on your wallet!

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How to fix a moving dolly wheel for $3

Fixing Your Dolly To Save Money

Fixing your dolly to save money is possible. To fix your dolly, you will need a total of three things. These three things are tools, plumbing clamp, and 5 minutes of your time.

fixing your dolly to save money

The first thing you should do is to find a place where you can fix your dolly.

You may be able to find one for free if you are just starting your vending machine business.

The only problem with this is that you won’t have any funds or any knowledge about fixing your dolly.

So the best thing you can do is to pay a small fee to fix your dolly. You will have to choose a place where you know how to fix a dolly.

The place I choose was inside the back trunk of my work van.

How to Fix a Broken Wheel on Your Vending Machine Business

how to fix dolly with broken wheel

If you have a vending machine business then it is likely that you will eventually need to have a broken wheel fixed on it.

While most vending machines that you encounter will not be at risk of breaking down, it is important to know how to fix a broken wheel if this happens.

You can find more information about how to fix a broken wheel in the article below.

  • The first thing you will need to do is get to know the problem that needs to be dealt with.
  • There are a number of things that you can do in order to fix a broken wheel on your vending machine business.
  • One of the options is to simply use the correct tools.
  • However, there are several types of tools that are meant for fixing a broken wheel.
  • One of the options that you have is to buy a piece of material from the hardware store and use it to fix the broken wheel.

Here are the steps:

Buy the following: small clamp, 2 sets of copper tubing

The picture below tells you that the vending machine wheel fell off from constant daily use.

my wheel fell off and it is out of alignment

Make sure the wheel is aligned properlymake sure to align it at the center

Buy the 2 pieces copper tubing and an adjustable small plumbing clamp ( you have to bring your wheel to the store and go to the plumbing section and find the correct pre-cut size and try to fit it on the center of the wheel where the original bearings fell off.

parts needed

It only takes 5 minutes to install everything and make sure to adjust the clamp fitting and tighten it properly. 

In case if the fitting falls off in the future it is only $1 for a replacement.

Or if you have time at the weekend, you can drill the center rod and plug in a metal wire, but this takes time and drilling skill, and also you have to spend extra money on a cobalt drill bit.

everything is secured for now

total cost for parts is $3.31

In this pandemic crises and my sales are about 80% down, I have to find ways on how to cut costs big time and being creative on my expenses.

In the beginning, I was contemplating buying a new vending machine moving dolly for about $150 to $200 after the above dolly was abused for about 1 year already.

In times of crises where the money is scarce, we should find every method and quick thinking on how to save.

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