8 Reasons Why Do Vending Machines Steal Money

Why Do Vending Machines Steal Money From Customers Because of Customer Problems?

  • Many people wonder to themselves, why do vending machines steal money from customers? They seem to think that the machines are not stealing any money from the customer per se but rather the machines are just getting out of date and are no longer doing what they are supposed to.
  • This is a common misconception that most people have about vending machines.
  • While it may be true that you will get some type of theft on the machines, the vast majority of the time, customers are not getting anything taken off of them.
  • Instead, they are usually getting money off of the various dollar or discount cards that they can get for using the machines.
  • It may not always be the machines that are responsible for the theft in many cases.
  • Customer care is the number one thing that machines are judged on. If a customer does not like the vending machine they receive a token and that is it.

Customer care is extremely important and if a customer feels like they are having problems with a machine, they should report it to the owner and they should make sure that it is fixed right away.

In today’s world, customer service is just as important as the quality of the product itself. If a customer has a bad experience they will not return and may even tell their friends not to use that vending machine ever again.

This is how easy it is for theft to occur and for this reason, it is very important to have customer care on every single vending machine location around. The more customer care provided the better it will be for everyone involved. In addition, it will make a bad business idea to place a vending machine anywhere.

Why Do Customers Think That If Coins Returns Then Vending Machine Is Broken?

  • You might ask yourself why customers think that if your vending machine is broke, then it makes no money.
  • Well they are wrong.
  • There are two sides to every coin, and they are the owner of the business and the customers who spend their hard earned money at your business.
  • You will need to learn how to keep both sides happy.
  • There are many ways to gain customers if you are willing to do what it takes to make them feel like they are being taken care of.
customers think that if coins returns then vending machine is broken
  • If you have been a business owner before then you probably already understand this but if not then you will have to learn fast.
  • There are some people that think that customers think that if they don’t like the service then they should have went to another business.
  • They believe in treating people the way you want to be treated. However, you should always treat your customers well because customers will eventually reward you for it.
  • You should never ignore any customers because they will definitely tell others about their horrible experience with your business.
  • If you don’t change the vending machine then you might lose money because there will always be someone who will complain about the condition of the machine.
  • If you think that customers think that if coins returns then vending machine is broke then you should definitely learn fast because you will be losing money forever. You should always be willing to change something if it doesn’t look right to customers so that they will keep returning to your location. It will really take some time but once you master this technique then you will be on your way to making the most out of your business.
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Customers Think Vending Machines Are Slot Machine Jamming Coins Inside

How Customers Do Not Understand How Vending Machines Work And Always Say Junk When They Ask

A lot of times you hear a customer say to the person in line, “I don’t understand how vending machines work!” And the person responds, “Of course you don’t! You don’t have any idea how they work!” This is the type of response, most customers get when they ask the question, ‘how do vending machines work?’

customers do not understand how vending machines work and always says junk

A vending machine business owner tries as hard as he can to educate customers on the operation of his vending machines.

He asks questions and tries to explain how the machines work and why a particular machine is selected over another one.

Unfortunately for him, this is only going to confuse the customer further and he will likely give up on trying to explain it any further.

A better approach would be to simply smile and ask the question without the explanations, because most people will get the idea that you are just trying to be helpful.

The best way to explain how vending machines work is to simply take the product out of the box and show the customers how it works.

Most people like this approach better than explaining complicated mechanisms behind the operation of the product.

You will find that customers do not understand how vending machines work and always says junk when they ask about how the product will work in their hand.

By showing them how the product works, you will be able to help them in their decision making process and give them the confidence they need to purchase your product.

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Vending Machine Switch Problems Can Cause Huge Loss of Sales

If you have any experience with any type of business or vending machine business then you already know that when something goes wrong it can and does cause problems.

  • Vending machines are very small mechanical devices that are extremely difficult to maintain because of the small size.
  • It is not uncommon for machines to cause serious problems and even to need replaced because someone did not follow all of the correct procedures.
  • The most common problem that happens with vending machines is that they start to malfunction and stop working. This is commonly referred to as a “fatal defect”.
  • The person operating the machine will often times try to figure out what the problem is but when it comes down to it there are several potential causes of the problem.
  • One possible cause could be that the door has become improperly shut, this will usually cause some sort of warning to be emitted by the machine.
  • Most vending machines are manufactured with a plastic door but if this plastic gets damaged or somehow ripped off then it can cause the vending machine to not close properly.

When you start to hear strange sounds from your vending machines or your customers are complaining about not being able to purchase any products from your machines then it may be time for a check up to be conducted by an independent inspector.

Before you consider hiring someone to inspect your machines, you should try and get an idea on how many of your current machines actually have this problem and how many of your new vending machines might have a similar problem.

If you find out that a great deal of your vending machines do not shut properly then you may want to think about getting some newer models of vending machines so that they are less likely to cause a fatal problem.

It is also important to remember that if you discover that the main switch has somehow been disconnected in your machines then you should consult an electrician just to be safe.

What You Should Know About Other Vendors That Do Not Put Products Properly Into Vending Machines that will cause problems

Some vendors are very careful with the way that they put products into the vending machines, but others will just put whatever they feel like into the vending machines.

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some vendors do not put products properly in vending machine to malfunction

Some merchants do not put products into vending machines in a proper manner.

They will put expired items in them and they will put products which do not work properly into the vending machines.

This will cause customers to become frustrated with the business. If you are purchasing vending machines which are not working properly, or which are not selling products, it is wise to find a different vending machine business to work in.

Customer Insert Mangled Or Tampered Money Into Vending Machine To Malfunction

What You Can Do About Coins Inserted Into Vending Machines And Just Drops To Coin Return

coins inserted into vending machine over time grime on vending machine malfunction

You should know that if the coins inserted into the vending machine are loose or have come off, this can also cause the machine to not pay out.

There are many different things that can cause your vending machines to not pay out. If you notice that you have coins inserted into your machine that are with grim, gum or dirt.

Remember, any coins inserted into your machine should be clean to ensure that the vending machine will recognize it properly or else it will just return to coin slot.

Customer Insert Many Coins in Same Time Jams Problem at Your Business

Have you ever seen a customer insert coins in a vending machine and then have the machine not spit out the change?

There is a simple fix for this, if you find one of these jamming machines. You simply remove the jam by lifting up the “change cup” which contains the money.

customer insert many coins same time jamming coin mechanism vending machine

If this does not work, and you cannot seem to get the vending machine to spit the change out, you may need to take it to a repair shop.

The repair shop can clean the jam and clean and re align the coin mechanism itself.

The easiest solution is to DIY on coin jams by just flipping the top portion of the coin mechanism to release Jammed Coins.

There are locations that do not know how to use vending machines properly and the main problem is : Customers treat vending machines like a slot machine, inserts too many coins at a time and this will result JAMs

Such locations would be : Plenty of Kids, Foreign Tourists, People Who are not used to using vending machines

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