A Day In The Vending Machine Business

Its Saturday today and a weekend, normally everyone takes a break from work. In the vending machine business industry it would be very nice if there were no traffic : people and cars. You can get work done quickly.

If you have vending locations inside the building and underground parking it would be beneficial for you to go on a weekend and there are certain buildings and roads that are under construction especially in downtown where the renovations and improvements never ends and you have to avoid construction road blocks and the likes on weekdays.

If you are self-employed and doing the vending machine business and if the locations are open on weekends then it would be wise to go there and you can cut the time you spend if you work on weekends and make fewer mistakes when you are less distracted on everything that you are doing.

During Mid Week and especially Fridays you can opt not to work since it is the most the busiest time of the week when everyone is trying to get things done and fulfilling their quotas, while you can do what you are passionate doing like going to the fitness center, eating out, movies and be at home early since everyone is on the road thinking of what to do on weekends and partying out with friends.

I vividly remember when I was still in Asia especially in the Philippines where people know that it is the place to be if you like to party aside from Thailand. The weekends and parties are endless in the Philippines people seem to congregate all the time even thou they have busy lives, its part of the culture being warm friendly and always being in touch with different groups of friends whether it be high school, university and cousins. People there never say no, once you get ‘IN’ everything falls into place and have the sense of belonging. I felt the same feeling when I had a grocery shop in Alma Store at Point Grey. Maybe the reason is that when you are in a wealthy neighborhood people are less stressed and have more time and freedom and not worried about paying bills all the time.


The other parts of city is also friendly but you know that everything on what you and your actions are restrictive and always being watched upon or observed, this is only my personal feelings and everyone is different.

Some other vendors like to work only on Mondays to Fridays and strictly off on weekends. It is actually your own personal preference. For all the office location I have I go on weekdays since they are closed on weekends and I do not have a choice. You cannot have everything on your terms, you have to compromise with everyone’s schedule.

Most of the locations I have been mostly accessible on weekends, that’s why I choose to work on weekends. And I take a day off mid week when I feel if there are traffic jams and angry drivers on the road. Normally I just do 5 to 6 locations on a mid weekday and the heaviest work load would be on Mondays and Saturdays.

I present to you You Tube Video which I took today to let you see that in the Vending Machine Business it is very easy business after all and nothing complicated. I will be taking more videos in the near future on How To’s and most probably by next week.

This is my first You Tube Video and i’m not that confident on talking yet but i’m sure the video will show basically how I service the machines including the arrangement inside the cargo van and how to manage recyclables before heading back home after work.

It is really up to you if you don’t feel like working on the weekends. When I was self-employed back home in the Philippines I have 12 brick and mortar shops to go and I also visit the locations and talk with my employees ( yes in Philippines I have employees but not here ) in my shops and I’d like to do this kind of routine on the weekends except Sundays.

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In the Philippines there are horror stories and nightmares on traffic jams which is actually a part of your life growing up there, the infrastructure is below par. Its why the shopping malls there are like mushrooms. There is absolutely no mobility except if you are in a motorcycle.

Without further a due here is You Tube Video on A Day In Francis Vending.


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