Advantages of Owning your own Vending Machine

In today?s economy, we are constantly getting calls from businesses looking to ditch their local vending company and buy their own vending machine so they can capitalize on 100% of the profits and have complete control over it.? The average vending machine today grosses approximately $100-200 per week and half of this is profit to the vendor. Vendors may provide a 10-20% commission to the location if it?s a really good location. If it?s not, then no commissions are awarded and you may be getting poor service as well.? For many businesses, this relationship works great considering the vendor will purchase the machine, restock it, and repair it as needed. However for other business owners, who would like more control over the vending machine, you may consider owning your own machine.? Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning your own vending machine:

In today?s economy, we have a tendency to square measure perpetually obtaining calls from businesses trying to ditch their native vending company and obtain their own vending machine in order that they will exploit 100 percent of the profits and have complete management over it. The common vending machine these days? grosses about $100-200 per week and 1/2 this is often profit to the Vendor. Vendors could offer a 10-20% commission to the situation if it?s a extremely sensible location. If it?s not, then no commission?s getting awarded and you will be obtaining poor service furthermore. For several businesses, this relationship works nice considering the seller can purchase the machine, restock it, and repair it as required. But for different business homeowners, UN agency would love additional management over the vending machine; you will take into account owning your own machine.? Listed below square measure a number of the benefits and downsides of owning your own vending machine:

The advantages of owning your own vending machine include:

  • Higher profit margins
  • Greater flexibility in the pricing
  • Greater flexibility in the product selections
  • Better service

The disadvantages of owning your own machine include:

  • Need money up-front to buy the machine
  • Must be willing to coordinate potential repairs of the machine
  • Must be willing to buy product and stock it regularly.

For the majority businesses the biggest obstacle to owning your own machine is the up-front cost.? Fortunately,?Paypal?has provided a way that you can buy now with 0 money down and pay six months later with 0% interest OAC.? At?vending machine?we are currently offering this incentive with PayPal.? Most of the machines we sell are priced low so they can be paid off within six months using the profits from the machine.

The other major obstacle is the possibility of the machine breaking down. At?The vending pro service, we provide a lifetime of technical support so we can walk you through the repair process and help you find the needed parts as necessary.? Most problems are very simple to repair and when you own the machine, you can fix it yourself within a matter of minutes instead of waiting for your local vendor to come and fix it.


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