Average Vending Machine Profit? Profit Per Month

How much is the approximate is the average vending machine profit ? ?it really depends on several factors which is according to my experience.

It is not necessary that if the location has around 200 people working it is a hot location and making tons of money, such a location would be office people have the mindset that they have to look sexy and great by not eating too much sweets and chips?

There are some locations that are gems, 20 people working is a fantastic account without nowhere a grocery store in sight.

There are locations inside a downtown office which are just around 100 people working but they love healthy options like kombucha, protein bars, cliff bars etc but never touch on regular soda

There are locations with a 100 people who never touch water but drinks lots of soda with the start of a day. ?There is no magic formula or assumptions when judging a location. ?All locations are unique and different.

Generally speaking, if the location consists of younger people the account is moderate to good. ?If the location is around 50 + year olds and above, normally they are extremely conscious on their intake. ?But again i got locations that are 40’s to 50’s but they drink soda like hell and eat chips like there is no tomorrow.

I got hotels with hundreds of people but they hardly touch any chips and chocolate bars, i got other hotels that they consume water and soda like crazy.?

You simply cannot judge the potential of a location anymore, you cannot judge a location on what assumptions on other vendors tell you. ?You simply have to make a scan on everyone inside the establishment and arrive on your own conclusion yourself.

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I had a location when i took over the sales quadrupled but this is a one of a kind case, normally whenever i take over a location, the sales go up just by 10 to 20%

I suggest that you don’t jump into the vending business by impulse, it would be better to have some research and in depth research since it would be better to have inputs from other sources.

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