Can You Use Chocolate Drip on Fondant?


Can You Use Chocolate Drip on Fondant?

can you use chocolate drip on fondant

Chocolate drip is an amazing finishing medium that has come into popularity over the last few years. It’s a great way to add a touch of decadence to your cakes without having to cover the whole thing in icing.

You can make your own ganache using equal amounts of cream and chocolate, or you can buy ready made ganache from the supermarket. Whatever you do, make sure the ganache is very cold. This will help it set so that you don’t get drips running down the side of your cake.

To apply your chocolate drip, you can either use a piping bag (my favourite), a plastic bottle or a spoon. The piping bag produces thin drips that look more professional, while a plastic bottle or spoon will produce drips that are more natural.


Coloured drips are a really easy way to add a fun finish to your cake. They also look great if you’re decorating a wedding or other special occasion. You can even paint them with edible paint or luster dust.


When you’re piping your drip, use a small offset spatula to get it as close to the edge of your cake as possible. You want some of the drip to run down the side, but not all of it. If you have any problems with your drips, you can try adjusting the amount of ganache or piping it more slowly to see if that helps.

How long will a chocolate cake covered in fondant last

Does a drip cake need to be refrigerated?

Cake should remain well stuffed and stored in an airtight container. … If you feel like it has melted, put it in the freezer in the same box. Remove it from your refrigerator before you get home. Keep the bag closed until it is hot enough to eat.

Drip cakes can be decorated in any way imaginable. We will be using store-bought candies and fondant flowers to decorate with

Make Sure Your Buttercream Is Chilled

It has scientific implications. The molecules move slowly in cooler temperatures, making warped motion in higher temperatures a lot easier to control when it comes to ganaches when buttercreams have been frozen. Make certain you keep it in the fridge for 30 minutes before frosting the cake.

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Tips For Adding Drips To A Cake

I offer 2 very important tips for achieving your desired look! I’m learning from my mistakes.

The Spoon Method

Firstly, a spoon technique. It is true there are no special tools necessary. It seems everyone has spoons! You just add a teaspoon of ganache to the top of a chilled buttercream cake. It is important to keep an eye on the spoon when you get ganache. So you don’t have a red bit in your ganache splatter on your cake or countertop as they fly.

Can you use ganache on fondant?

Best chocolate cake recipes with perfect smoothness! It’s a popular frosting in cake design, for use under fondants or cover your layers of cake with a thicker layer.

If you tried to use ganache (or any other similar ‘drip’) or fresh fruit icing drip on a fondant covered cake you may have run into some problems. The fondant will become soft and sticky ruining your perfectly covered cake and its sharp edges.

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Drip The Sides Before Filling In The Top

When I first started to eat the ganache using chocolate ganache drips, I had envisioned dumping the ganache onto the cake and letting that run down the sides. If someone tried it before they’re certain the results were bad. You’ll be much better with your look if you start dripping the sides and then filling up the cake top. Try to avoid adding too much Ganache at the top when filling it because when added to a drip that you have created, the ganache may travel further. Instead, try using only ganache. Spread the mixture on the drip area.

Always Do A Test Drip

After buttercream has been cool, test drip by rubbing ganache on the bottom of the cake. The speed of this travel is so rapid that the ganache is too hot to ice. Cool the Ganache for 5-10 minutes and then repeat for the test drips. It is globose but does not travel too much. Bring to room temperature the ganache and mix. Continue reheating as necessary for a perfect consistency. What makes test drips so useful in predicting the ganache? So no commitment until the person likes what the pictures are like

Does chocolate drip work on fondant?

Fondant may be used for the drip. The cake has fondant wrapped in edible silver leaves with chocolate drips on black cake.

Chocolate Drip Cake I like to use milk chocolate chips to make my chocolate drip recipe. However, you can also use dark chocolate if you prefer

Does buttercream or ganache go under fondant?

For perfectly curved square edges on fondant topped cakes, ganache will help. You will learn the different techniques for using chocolate ganache in a cake decorating class.

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What kind of icing to use on fondant covered cake?

If you’ve tried using ganache and fresh fruit icing on layered fondant cakes, you’ve probably had some problems. The fondant would become sticky which would ruin the perfectly decorated cakes and their sharp edges. A dripping cake consists mostly of royal icing.

Can you pipe buttercream on a fondant cake?

Hi Pamela. Definitely you could use royal icing in the frosting of an icing cake. You may make a buttercream icing as well.

What does water do to fondant?

Water is the best adhesive to fondants. It dissolves the sugar in fondant making it sticky, so that it sticks. Best for: Stick flat pieces of fondant decorations on another soft fondant. It’s also good when gluing soft fondant on dry fondants.

Does piping gel stick to fondant?

Pour extra glimmer – Piping gel helps create shimmer on cake and other decorations. It is possible to use it alone or thin it in vodka before brushing the product out. It makes your work look more polished and your brushstrokes appear smaller.

Can I use piping gel on fondant?

The Piping Gel is transparent and sticky and is the key to its multi-functionality. Cake decorators generally use a gel in their marzipan work. It is also suitable for the use of marzipan and fondant for cake and cupcake applications and also for food.

What do you put between fondant and cake?

The cake must first get sand covered before forming fondant. Those tiny layers of icing trap cakes and act as a glue so the Fondant will not be pulled off or moved around.

What is the most important rule to follow when using fondant?

Kneading is an essential component of utilizing fondants properly. As these are worked, fondants are elastic and pliable. In small batches, knead until soft and smooth, blend and mix.

Can I leave a buttercream cake out overnight?

Buttercreams made from butter and shortening are usually stored at room temperatures between 2 and 3 days. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = If a buttercream recipe contains butter you have to keep it refrigerated. When your cake reaches room temperature, it will start to crumble.

Buttercream covered cake in fondant

A buttercream covered cake covered in fondant is a cake decorating technique that combines two popular frosting methods. First, a cake is covered in a layer of buttercream frosting, which is made by creaming butter with powdered sugar and flavorings. This layer provides a smooth surface for the fondant to adhere to and also adds a creamy flavor and texture to the cake. Then, a layer of rolled fondant, a type of sugar paste, is draped over the cake to create a smooth and seamless surface. Fondant is often used to create intricate shapes and designs, as well as to add a touch of elegance to the cake. Once the fondant is applied, it can be decorated with additional elements such as piped decorations, edible glitter, or hand-formed flowers.

Can you stick chocolate to fondant?

Yeah! Model Chocolate is AMAZINGLY friendly to other mediums such as gum paste and even tylose powder. Mix it with the fondant whenever it’s too thick to roll.

How far in advance can you make a fondant cake?

A basic butter cake needs a fondant covering within two to three days of the decoration or serving. Normally cakes only last so long because fondants use sugar, so they will take as long as they are able to remain moist.

How long does a cake covered in fondant last?

Buttercream icers Buttercream is excellent icant for this purpose. Normally, well baked desserts may take up to five days in a warm environment. You can only keep the stale cake covered.

How long does ganache last under fondant?

Are ganache products stored in refrigeration? Although ganache contains cream, cake decorations ganache may remain in cold temperatures for at least 4 days. Then you can store it at home for up to months.

Can you put chocolate drip over fondant?

If you tried using Ganache drip on fondant covered cupcakes then you could have encountered some difficulties. This sticky fondant can cause damage and ruin the perfectly trimmed cake and sharp edges. The driest icing for fondant covered cakes is Royal icing.

Can you use cake drip on fondant?

Use this recipe for drips of fondants instead. You can use white chocolate chips for the chocolate recipe you are seeking.

Can you put chocolate ganache over fondant?

Perfect cake decorating – Ganache chocolate cake can be used to decorate cakes using fondants.

How do you attach chocolate decorations to fondant?

Just attach your pieces with water and another option is to attach your fondant.

White Chocolate Ganache Drips

White chocolate ganache drips are a decorative technique used in baking and pastry-making. Ganache is a mixture of chocolate and heavy cream that is melted and then cooled until it thickens to a spreadable consistency. For making white chocolate ganache drips, white chocolate is melted with heavy cream and then drizzled over the sides of a cake or pastry to create a smooth, glossy look. The ganache can be tinted with food coloring to achieve a desired color, and can also be flavored with extracts or liqueurs to add extra depth of flavor.

How Long Will a Chocolate Cake Covered in Fondant Last?

Unused fondant can be stored in an airtight container for up to 2 months at room temperature in a cool, dry area. This will keep it fresher longer than storing a cake in the fridge or freezer where it could dry out and lose its flavor.

If you want to store a cake topped with fondant in the fridge, it’s best to wrap or box the cake properly so that the fondant doesn’t come in contact with the moisture from the refrigerator. You should also wait a few days to serve a cake from the fridge so it can slowly adjust to room temperature before eating.

How to cover a cake with fondant

To begin, roll the fondant out into a large rectangle, big enough to drape over your cake. Make sure your work surface is well-prepared, with a thin coat of solid vegetable shortening or a dusting of equal parts confectioners’ sugar and cornstarch to prevent sticking as you roll out the fondant.

Once the fondant is rolled out, lay it over your cake and gently start draping it over the top of the cake, making sure you have enough to fully cover the sides. Be careful not to over-roll the fondant and add extra weight to the edges of the cake, as this may cause it to tear.

After you’ve finished covering the entire cake, run a knife along the edge to remove any excess fondant. This will create a crisp edge and allow you to trim it easily.

Can you use chocolate ganache under white fondant

Can You Use Chocolate Ganache Under White Fondant?

If you use it at room temperature or in the fridge, ganache is very stable and does not sweat like buttercream does. This is a good thing, especially on hot humid days!

It’s Important to Melt the Chocolate and Cream Together properly

There are two key steps to making a great ganache: heating the chocolate and cream slowly and whisking it together until you have an emulsion. A proper emulsion will ensure that your ganache is smooth and creamy without lumps or clumps.

You should also add flavor to your ganache, either with extracts and liqueurs or by adding teas, herbs, zests or espresso powder when you are heating the cream. This will give you a different taste experience every time you make your ganache!

The ratio of chocolate to cream is very important. It will determine how runny or thick the ganache is and how it will look on the finished product. The general rule of thumb is one part chocolate to two parts cream, although it really depends on how you want the ganache to be.

It’s a good idea to make the ganache ahead of time and store it in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to use it. This can save you a lot of time when you are frosting your cake.

Troubleshooting for Grainy, Curdled or Splitganache

A grainy ganache is usually the result of a few things happening at once – too much heat, not enough time to mix it properly and whipped cream that has separated from the chocolate. You can usually get rid of this by returning the ganache to the melted phase and stirring it until it is smooth.

Can you use melted chocolate in fondant molds

Can You Use Melted Chocolate in Fondant Molds?

Molded chocolate is a fun and creative way to decorate cakes, desserts, or gifts. But, if you’ve ever tried to make it on your own, you know that it can be tricky—especially when you don’t have a professional tool.

Can you use melted chocolate in fondant molds?

The answer is yes, as long as you follow the proper instructions. These instructions will ensure you get the best results and don’t end up with a lumpy, grainy mess.

Getting the right chocolate for your project

You’ll want to choose a quality chocolate that won’t seize up or separate during melting. You’ll also want to look at the ingredients to determine whether it contains cocoa butter or vegetable fat (confectionary chocolates, for instance, usually contain vegetable oil instead).

Using candy melts is an excellent option because these are rich and creamy and will go into your molds without needing to be tempered. They come in white, milk, and dark chocolate, with a variety of flavors and colors.

Working in small batches is a good idea when melting chocolate, as it’s easier to stagger the amount of time it takes for each shape to set up.

Chill the candy for at least 15 minutes before removing it from the molds, so that the chocolate doesn’t soften and break when you try to pull them out.

Don’t grease the molds with shortening or oil sprays; this will hinder the details of the mold from transferring onto your melted candy melts properly, which is not desirable.

How long does chocolate ganache last under fondant

How Long Does Chocolate Ganache Last Under Fondant?

What is the best way to keep chocolate ganache under fondant?

A ganache-covered cake can be stored at room temperature (with the exception of if you are filling it with perishable filling) for up to 48 hours. The ganache can also be frozen for up to 3 months.

What is the best type of chocolate to use for ganache?

You can use either a good quality bittersweet chocolate or a very dark 70% cocoa. Be sure to chop it finely before you make the ganache as the smaller the pieces, the quicker they melt with the cream.

Troubleshooting Chocolate Isn’t Melting

If you’re not seeing the chunks of chocolate melting in the bowl, then it probably wasn’t chopped fine enough. Or the cream wasn’t hot enough – this isn’t a good thing because it will cause the ganache to split.

How to get your ganache to melt:

Warm up the heavy cream before you pour it over the chocolate. This will help the ganache melt faster without having to spend too much time stirring it.

Once you pour the cream over the chocolate, let it sit for a few minutes to allow the cream to soften the chocolate before you begin whisking it. This will prevent your ganache from breaking and resulting in a grainy texture.

Once you’ve made your ganache, you can refrigerate it or freeze it for up to 3 months, but it should be used within 24 hours to ensure it’s set and glossy. If it’s not setting, you can warm it up a little bit in the microwave and mix again.

How do you attach chocolate decorations to fondant

How to Attach Chocolate Decorations to Fondant

Chocolate ganache or buttercream may help fondant stick, but you may have to do some trial and error. Fair Cake baking school recommends pouring a thin layer of ganache or buttercream over each cake layer before draping fondant over it. Then, use a fondant smoother to gently press the fondant to the cake.

Water as a glue

Water works well to attach edible sugar work, like wafer papers and chocolate transfers, to fondant, and it’s a good choice for making small chocolate pieces stick to a fondant-covered cake or cookie. The key is to get the right consistency and make sure the chocolate or wafer paper hasn’t dried too hard.

Royal icing as an edible glue

Another great way to stick sugar decorations to fondant is to use prepared royal icing, which you can make by mixing water with meringue powder and confectioner’s sugar. You can also use piping gel, which you can purchase in a disposable piping bag.

Piping gel isn’t as strong as some of the other adhesives on this list, but it can be useful for assembling gingerbread houses or for holding heavy decorations onto fondant. You can also use it to stick wafer paper or cookies to itself, as long as the icing is firm and the paper is dry.

Vegetable shortening as a glue

This isn’t a very strong adhesive, but it’s perfect for gluing smaller chocolate or gumpaste pieces to fondant or to the back of larger ones. It’s not the best option for gluing figurines together, because it doesn’t hold them well.

Can you put melted chocolate on fondant icing

Different Types of Fondant Icing

Buttercream Icing

When we think of cake icing, it’s probably something you apply from a tube or with a knife- it is more like whipped cream than runny icing.

Fondant Icing

It is a much different texture to buttercream, but it’s also more flexible and can be molded into a variety of shapes for decoration. It can also be coloured, which makes it extremely versatile and great for making cakes that have a real wow factor.

How To Use Fondant Icing

There are a few different types of fondant, but they all have one thing in common: they are all made from sugar, water and corn syrup. In addition, they can contain vegetable fat or shortening for extra strength and structure.

Rolled Fondant Icing

Rolling fondant is a very soft and pliable dough-like icing that can be rolled onto cakes or sculpted into all sorts of shapes for decoration. It can be rolled out to cover a whole cake or shaped into any kind of design you want, such as flowers or a 3D bow.

Pouring Fondant Icing

Unlike rolled fondant, poured fondant is more of a gelatinous, thick liquid that can be poured on to the surface of your cake or cupcake. It is usually purchased in packets that look like confectioners sugar or icing sugar and contains water to make it into a paste consistency.

It is important not to over-heat this icing or it will lose its crystals and become too runny for use as an icing, which can ruin your work.

Can I use drip on fondant cake

Can I Use Drip on Fondant Cake?

Drip is a great way to add extra interest to a fondant covered cake. However, it can be tricky to get the drips just right.

The first thing to consider is what type of icing you are using for your drips. Buttercream is a good choice for this as it is soft and pliable.

Another good option is to use royal icing (which is a little more firm than buttercream) as it is much more stable. You can also use ganache to create drips, but make sure you do a test run before adding any to the cake!

How to decorate a drip cake

Once your cake has been frosted you will need to smooth it. This is to ensure that the crumbs don’t create flaws and that it looks evenly frosted.

To do this you will need a wide cake scraper and a turntable. It is also important to use a clean scraper as any crumbs can be very difficult to remove from a cake once it has been frosted.

How to get a good drip on a chocolate ganache cake

Before you start decorating your cake you should always chill it in the fridge for about 10 minutes. This will help it to stay in place once you have started your drips and it will prevent them from running too far down the cake.

Once you are happy with the look of your drips, you can fill in the centre of your cake with a small amount of frosting. You can do this by using a spoon or by using a squirt bottle.

Can I chocolate drip on a fondant

Can I Chocolate Drip on a Fondant?

Cakes covered in a white fondant can be made to look like they’re dripping with chocolate by using a ganache to coat them. This drippy icing is less sticky than buttercream and won’t bleed colors from modeling chocolate, so you can create sharp edges on your cakes without worrying about color bleed or smudging your fondant.

Can I put chocolate fondant on a vanilla cake?

If you want to make a cake with chocolate icing, you will have to chill the cake first so it doesn’t become so soft and sticky that it won’t adhere to the surface of the fondant. If you don’t chill the cake, you may have a difficult time cutting it and removing the fondant with a knife.

Can I use fresh fruit icing to drip on a fondant?

If your cake is covered in fondant, you can use a jam syrup (thinnish apricot jam with boiled water) to add a little tanginess to your fondant. This tangy syrup will also help to keep the fondant from sticking.

Can I make my own fondant?

Fondant is a thick, rollable paste made from sugar and water. Often, stabiliser like tartar is added to thin the mixture out and make it more pliable. Gelatin and glycerine are added to the mixture for additional volume, and the dough is then rolled out into sheets that can be colored or cut.

You can get ready-made fondant in tubs and store it for use, but you can also make your own by mixing sugar, water, corn syrup, gelatine, vegetable fat or shortening, and glycerine. You can also add flavorings and food coloring.


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