How to Read Vending Machine Codes

How to Read Vending Machine Codes ( For Educational Purposes Only )

This is a course dedicated to reading vending machine codes. Whether you have a regular machine or something more specialized, there is a way to get started on the right track in your business.

vending machine codes

There are ways to find out the vending machine codes you can use to open the machine. The usual way is to purchase a book that has all the codes and many others that will tell you how to set them up so that they can help you more easily with your business.

As, well as any other code book you may have. Once you’ve gotten one of these books you can work from that. But most of the time when you buy a book you won’t know what you are looking for and how to use it correctly.

So you’re not just reading about vending machine codes in the book. You are going to do a search online to find any code and get it down on paper and start using it on your machine.

Most people buy their machines from machine shops and even more who specialize in machines and supplies for vending. They often sell vending machine books that will tell you how to set up a machine and have it working better than you ever thought possible.

You can use this information for your vending business if you buy vending machine codes. They will be a good starting point for you to use and get yourself organized for the next step in getting a machine working.

If you have one of the popular codes, you might want to check out Hack to get the word out about the best one you have found for your business. With that website you can find the exact code you need for your machine, along with dozens of others to help you find the right one for your vending business.

Food Vending Machine Hack Code – How to Get Into Any Vending Machine

Let’s take a look at how to find the right food vending machine hacking code. This is probably one of the simplest methods to hack in on your enemy’s machines, even if you’re not an expert. By simply following this guide and understanding what you need to do, you will not only find a way into the machine, but you will also be able to use the codes you find to gain access to other machines, or get free stuff.

food vending machine hack code

The first thing you need to do is get some directions on how to get inside the vending machine. You will need some basic information on how to operate the machines so that you can tell which one is which.

There are many different kinds of vending machines, and you should start by knowing what you need to know to get inside one of them. A little research is important because it will help you find the right food vending machine hacking code for your particular vending machine.

A lot of people actually get fake or bad instructions from their friends who want to get inside the machines and make money off of others. You should find a few guides for different kinds of machines to figure out which kind you need to hack in on. The best one would be the one that comes with the machine itself.

Also, one good tip to getting in the machines without getting caught is to try to hide behind a vending machine. That way, you can easily blend in with the crowd and blend in with the people who are busy shopping and do not even notice you sneaking around.

Once you have the directions and found the right machine, get out of the way and try to find a way around it. To do this, all you need to do is get out of the line and try to get into the machines from behind.

When you find a way around the machine, look up the code and start writing down as many numbers as you can on the paper you have. This will help you figure out what kind of code is on the inside and where the codes are stored.

Once you have the codes, all you need to do is get out of the way and start writing the codes. From there, you will find a way to get inside and start getting free stuff. Do not stop until you have obtained all the codes.

What’s the Best Possible Application For a Computer Hacker Called the IVend?

What’s the best possible application for a computer hacker called the IVend? Well, it’s a very simple question to answer. The answer is simple: simple. It’s an IVend, or a third party service, that lets you hack into any computer through a basic protocol.

ivend hack code

Even though they don’t need any special knowledge to use their product, there are some methods that you can use to help them do so with minimal risk. It is not necessary to use the Vulnerability Assessment Framework (VAF) to test them. As a matter of fact, they will not require it.

Using their IVend, you can do something that will test them against the real world as they exist. However, using an IVend is a bit different from actually using the service itself. Instead of hacking into a system directly, the third party is helping you hack into a server of the other party.

What is a web shell, and how does it work? A web shell is simply a browser and software all in one, allowing you to get inside the main server of the other party and access things like database information, credit card details, and other sensitive data. The benefits of being able to do this are obvious: you can get a hold of all that you want, without going through the lengthy process of working a remote hacker.

All you need to do is send a request to the IVend and tell it to search for a server with the given username. The IVend will send you to the server and let you get into it. After that, you can use your own tools (such as “badguys”IDA”) to hack into it.

While IVend don’t do any hacking themselves, they are great when you want to be completely anonymous and want to be able to do it outside of the usual black hat hacking circles. This is the first step to being able to breach a secure network without fear of getting caught.

One of the great things about IVend is that you can test them against the same servers as the hackers do. This means that there is no need to use the VAF, since this service will always let you know if it’s not vulnerable.

How to Hack a Snapple Vending Machine

how to hack a snapple vending machine

If you are in the business of selling soda and want to set up an ATM dispenser in your establishment, there is a way to get the inside scoop on how to hack a Snapple vending machine. When you have the inside track on how to hack a Snapple vending machine, it will become much easier for you to decide on which vending machine you will buy to setup your business. Here is some advice on how to hack a Snapple vending machine and avoid losing all of your hard earned money.

The first thing you need to do is find out the code. This is where you will be the most successful in hacking a Snapple vending machine. You can either find out the code online or by visiting the vending machines themselves. However, you might be able to hack a Snapple vending machine without knowing the code if the vending machine is located somewhere not too far from where you work. The most common places where vending machines are hacked are in parks, malls, and grocery stores.

The second step in the process is to visit the vending machine and start examining it. Start looking for the codes printed on the sides. The codes you should look for are the codes to enable you to change the drink’s flavor or to allow you to get more cash back.

The third step is to have someone else write down the code. They can do this while you are looking at the machine. Sometimes, when you hack a Snapple vending machine, the person doing the looking may find the machine and use the codes that the vending machine has printed on its sides.

This makes it much easier for you to write down the code than you would if you were doing it on your own. While writing down the code, make sure you have someone else on hand who can take a copy of the codes so that you can go back to them later if you do not need them.

The fourth step is to find out what it costs to change the drink in the machine. There are fees for changing the drink in the machine as well as fees for giving the machine a break and for the cash that you receive back from the machine. Usually, the machines only get a break once they run out of the drink you purchased and you get your money back. The vending machine owner will tell you what the fee is, but it will also include the break fees and the charge for the cash that you receive back.

Once you have the codes, you can turn the machine off and start seeing if you can get the vending machine to spit out the code for you. If you get it to spit out the code, you can then use the code to change the drink’s flavor or for the cash back that you received.

Now that you know how to hack a Snapple vending machine, you should be ready to set up your own vending machine. Just keep in mind that the machine might get attacked so you will want to be prepared for it.

Automatic Products Vending Machine Hacks

automatic products vending machine hack

Are you looking for the best auto vending machine hack out there? Then check out these easy hacks for the automatic products vending machine. Automatic products vending machines are a great way to make money without having to have a salesperson behind the counter. It’s just sitting there, dispensing something to you, without you having to take anything.

The first auto vending machine hack is that you should be keeping an accurate inventory. This includes having a good list of all the products that are in your automatic products vending machine. You should also be keeping a record of how many times the codes work. Most people don’t keep up with the codes and they end up not getting their full payout.

Another hack that you can use is the codes. The codes are like small pieces of paper that you stick into the keypad. You put the code in and it will turn on or off the automatic product dispenser.

You can also use codes that come with the automatic products vending machine. These are different from the codes you put in the keypad. With the keys, you always have to manually remove the code from the machine. The codes are programmed in advance and you just put them in before you leave for the day.

To avoid losing your codes, try putting them in a place where they can be easily seen and reached.

Keep in mind that the auto products vending machine is used to dispense an item so you need to give it a good push to make sure that it gets the right amount of items dispensed. If you get a jittery automatic product vending machine, it might be time to consider a new one.

How Much Money Do Vending Machines Make?

How Much Money Do Vending Machines Make?

Now that you have a good idea of the average vending machine income, how do you get to that level? It’s simple.

how much money do vending machines make

The first thing you need to do is find vending machines in your area. There are many sites online where you can find them for free.

The idea is to find a lot of these machines, and then go out there and purchase a few at a time. That way you can track your success and follow the trend for more machines, and see what works best for you.

The next step is to get the average vending machine income for each machine. There are websites available where you can do this for free, and then you just plug in the information that you have and it will give you the average of those figures.

Next, when you have the average vending machine income for each machine, you need to find out how much money they are making for you. The average is based on the amount of people who use that vending machine each day. If there are more people using it, then it will be more than its average daily income.

This is also the amount of money you should expect to make from your vending machine. That is the most important part of the equation because you want to make as much money as possible from every dollar you spend on them.

So, if you know how much money a vending machine makes for you, you know how much you can expect to make. And once you have that figured out, you can start to figure out which machines are making the most money. If you find the one that is making the most, you can then start to find vending machines in your area and start building your vending business from there.

In a very short period of time, you can double or triple your income from just your vending machine alone. If you want to know how much money do vending machines make, it’s simple, all you have to do is learn the formula that they use to figure out how much money they are making and then begin to look for vending machines that offer that formula.

How Much Vending Machine Make Your Customers Money?

When deciding on the location for your new or existing business, it is always a good idea to consider how much vending machine make your customers money. Once you have decided on where to place it, then it is time to start researching.

how much vending machine make

Generally, there are two main types of vending machines – the broadcast and the multi-function. In the broadcast model, you place one or more vending machines with only one or two buttons, in a central location and are able to manipulate the machine through a dial or a touch pad. The multi-function vending machine has several small pneumatic powered devices placed in an area that you control, which dispense either cold drinks or hot drinks.

They are especially useful for starting up businesses because it allows you to use a single machine for both cold and hot beverages.

The multi-function type of vending machine may have a display screen for the machine’s operations and offer some sort of trial or free trial period for your customers. When the trial is over, the customer will be offered another chance to purchase from you.

Broadcast and multi-function models are the most popular, but there are also smaller sizes. A slimline vending machine model is perfect for a convenience store or grocery store. This model will dispense drink and snack drinks. Also popular are the square model, which can fit into a small room.

The biggest challenge to profitability in this industry is making sure you have enough money for the machines. For most companies, this means having cash reserves before opening.

Having cash in hand when opening the shop is vital to being able to pay your vendors and suppliers, as well as getting the needed raw materials needed for opening the shop. As a matter of fact, you must have enough cash to make your payroll at least four days before opening.

Finally, in order to determine how much vending machine make your customers money, there are a few things you can look at. One, you will want to determine the number of units your customers will purchase during the week of opening.

Also, you need to know how many units will be consumed within the first 30 days of opening.

Depending on the amount of customers you have, this number can vary. So, to answer the question of how much vending machine make your customers money, make sure you have enough cash on hand to be able to spend the money you make. And don’t forget to check out the competition!

How To Turn Your Vending Machine Profit Examples Into A Vending Machine Business

A vending machine business is easy to run when you have the right vending machine profit examples, as these will give you a blueprint to follow. Once you know the business step by step, you can use it as a basis to get started.

vending machine profit

Once you have set up your machines, you will need to find out how much you can sell to earn money. You can use the vending machine profit examples to help you figure out what the machine could sell for. These are usually offered free with each machine purchase, but you can also find them online or through vending machine magazines.

Start by deciding where you want to sell your machines. Do you want to have a market in a small town or a city? Maybe you want to have a big market and make more money than you expected. The decision is up to you, but you must have something to sell and something to buy!

Now that you have decided where you want to sell your machines, you will need to decide if you want to rent machines to others. This is sometimes a good idea, as it allows you to see how they operate and whether they work. It is important to rent out machines to people who are knowledgeable in selling.

Once you have rented your machines and figured out how much you are going to earn, you should start advertising. This could be done in the form of flyers or street signs. Advertising your business in newspapers is also a good idea.

Another way to market your vending machine profit example business is to give away samples of the new vending machine you are selling. This is one of the best ways to sell machines. Since people already know about your vending machine, there is a good chance that they will remember you and buy a machine from you.

Keep these tips in mind when running your vending machine business. As long as you make sure you have enough money to invest and that you are marketing your business properly, then you should start earning money from your vending machine profits. There are always things to consider when starting out, but it is important to have a plan in place so that you do not waste your time and money.

Vending Machine Income – How You Can Make the Best Use of Vending Machines

Many people think that vending machine income is one of the most important things to have in their business. For those who are thinking about starting a vending machine business, the idea of making vending machine income is a good thing. However, there are many misconceptions about vending machine income.

vending machine income

There are many misconceptions about machine income and the kind of income it will bring to your business. Some people believe that vending machine income will only generate their only source of income in the future.

They are also thinking that it is only for people who know how to build vending machines and are smart enough to take care of every aspect of the machine and keep it running smoothly.

Other people believe that vending machine income only makes sense when you own a lot of machines. Unfortunately, there are people who think that only owning one machine will be enough to generate their income.

These are the people who think that vending machine income can only come from owning several machines. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, the majority of vending machine businesses that have ever existed have generated their income from just one machine.

The vending machine industry is expanding and if you know how to maintain and repair vending machines and you are ready to take care of everything for the vending machine, then vending machine income may be the best option for you. 

However, you need to ensure that you do all the other things properly so that the machine is well taken care of and the customer does not experience any issues.

Why Should I Consider New Vending Machine Locations?

Why Should I Consider New Vending Machine Locations As an Investment?

are new vending machine locations good investment

There are a lot of reasons why vending machines should be considered as a great investment. These machines give the cash register employee a much needed work, since they can earn an extra income each month. They also help the cash register staff a lot in helping the business to stay on its feet.

In order to make the best decision, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration when it comes to purchasing new vending machine locations. This is because when it comes to the financials, they really are an investment. But just what does that mean?

The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing vending machine locations is how much it will cost you. This is because you can’t always purchase something that is not as affordable as you would have liked.

But you should not stop at that. Instead, you should consider the future benefit that you can enjoy from the purchase. The way you do this is by using the best site for the job.

One of the most important aspects of finding new vending machine locations is to locate those that will be around other businesses. That way, you can take advantage of the area’s location and not have to worry about whether you will be wasting your money when the locations close down. In this way, you will be able to find a convenient location that is close to the office and other areas of the business.

If you visit old machines that are no longer in use, then you will get an idea of what locations are most beneficial. In addition, you can also look up the latest inventory to see if there are any important changes made to them.

If there are, you will know which machines are going to be most beneficial to you. Once you have found vending machine locations, you can choose to put one in your establishment.

The best thing to remember about using a vending machine location as an investment is that you will pay a vending machine locator fee. This allows you to keep track of all of the new locations that you use. You will also save yourself some money in the long run.

Just knowing where to find the best vending machine locations is important. By doing so, you will be able to make sure that you have a vending machine location that is convenient to the area you want to advertise.

You will also need to get a vending machine locator fee. This allows you to find the best locations without having to use the services of someone else. Of course, the fee is based on the size of the vending machine and how many locations you use.

In this case, you will have a better chance of making more money with the right choice when purchasing new vending machine locations. Instead of thinking about how you can save money, you should consider it as an investment in your future. That way, you will be able to have a location that will bring you more profits than you would have when you were using older locations.

Dangers of Starting Your Own Vending Machine Location

risks of new vending machine location

Knowing the pros and cons of starting your own vending business can help you make a better decision. This is especially true when the game plan calls for you to make your own decisions. By knowing the pros and cons, you can see if the new vending machine location is right for you.

Many businesses fail because they have not researched their options and looked into the disadvantages of starting a new business. You should be aware of the factors that will come into play when you decide on a location. You can use these factors to make a decision that will benefit you and your family as well as make a profit.

The pros that should keep in mind are location, privacy, appearance, convenience, and price. These pros are the three top reasons that will drive any decision you make. Location is a fact of life when you start a business; especially when the company is in a building.

The pros and cons of starting a new location in a building and the cons of leaving are both good reasons to evaluate your options.

One great way to do this is to make sure the building does not have any entrances that are easy to bypass. Many buildings do not provide a hallway to add security into the office space.

One of the cons of starting a new location in a building is that you will be taking a risk that will result in losing money. You may even lose money by starting out with your goal of opening a vending machine.

The new vending machine location is highly profitable when you have customers in line. However, the more often that you are opening, the less likely you are to make a profit.

The pros and cons of starting a new location in a building need to be taken into consideration before you choose the new location for your business. The pros of opening a vending machine should be considered, but the potential downside should be evaluated.

Vending Machine Location Kicked Out by the Competition

Companies and retailers will do everything in their power to reduce their operating costs by eliminating any place or location where the competition can easily access. The result will be a large reduction in sales and profit levels. Any competitor that wants to expand into the area will be sure to use the same strategy. This will ultimately cause the end of one of the competitors unless it can find a better location. The result will likely be the destruction of the equipment and/or site.

vending machine location kicked out

It has been shown that no one is going to replace the equipment from a vending machine company.

Some of them are already rare and expensive and some are rare and cheap.

The best thing to do for your business is to either locate your machine somewhere that you can afford or expand your business into areas of your competition that you cannot afford. 

If you can’t expand into their territory, then they will buy your goods and/or services from another vendor. They will also expand their market too with the new products that you are selling.

A good idea would be to sell the products from your vending machine company from multiple locations at the same time. This way you can get the price to be higher than the competition by cutting their price to half.

There are many tools online that can help you get the best deal on pricing. You can also look at alternative methods to cut your costs and still reach a huge volume of customers. The best option is to eliminate any place or location where competition can easily access.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Location for Your Vending Machine

A good location is the key to success in any vending business. This is because location has the most impact on the customer as they visit the vending machines and have a variety of possibilities of where they can go to buy a product or service.

Good vending machine location

It is important to pick the right ones as well as selecting the appropriate locations as they will provide a constant flow of customers and will help in keeping those sales consistently.

There are certain factors to consider that are very important when deciding where you will set up your vending machine.

You have to understand that you cannot just leave it in the middle of a busy street.

Instead, you need to try and find the area that is relatively easy for people to enter. If you want to operate in an open area, like on the beach, where there are a lot of people on the beach, you need to make sure that you have plenty of space for the vending machine to sell.

Likewise, if you intend to go into a large shopping mall with very few people in there, you might consider going for a smaller and more discrete location. The important thing is to find the area that suits your business best.

After selecting your location, you will need to think about the type of advertising that you want to have. Obviously, you can place your vending machine in a residential area, in front of a restaurant or even in a plaza.

However, if you would like to do an indoor advertising campaign, you will need to make sure that you have a good ventilation system.

This is because you will not be able to have the machine exposed to the wind if you decide to run it outdoors.

It is also important to make sure that you can easily put your information on the side of the vending machine and the customer’s feet on their way out.

Ideally, you would like to have signs that display the name of your business along with the business hours. I

n order to accomplish this, you should take a look at what other vending shops are doing and see how much space they have to place their advertisement.

Another consideration that you need to take into account is the foot traffic that you would be getting in your location.

It is important to look at the demographics that you get in your neighborhood to ensure that you get the best possible result.

In order to find the ideal vending machine location for your business, you will need to take time to think about the proper location for your business. 

You will also need to consider the demographics that you get in your community and the type of advertising that you will be having in that area.

The astounding popularity of Japanese vending machines

The astounding popularity of Japanese vending machines

vending machine in the street in Japan

Did you know that in Japan there are around 5 million vending machines nationwide? It is a fact that Japan has the highest density of vending machines in the whole world!

The service of the vending machine is about 1 machine per 25 people ( Japan Vending Machine Association ). The yearly sales of vending machines in Japan are about $Y5.5 billion to $Y7 billion ( Nippon News ).

I was just surprised why there are so many vending machines in Japan practically everywhere!

What can you buy normally from vending machines in Japan?

I have taken the liberty to picture all various vending machines when I was visiting on my short summer vacation. Before going to Japan, my family went ahead a week earlier than me since they are visiting her relatives.

Filipinos who grew up the big cities are already diluted with a variety of mixed races which can be Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Mexican, Portuguese-Chinese or some distant European lineage with the varying proportions.

Some are the interesting items that can be found on the Japanese vending machines are:

Mostly Pop

There is a lot of variety of pop to choose from as compared to the Canadian market where I run the vending machine business.

Here are some the pictures that I have taken recently that showcase sugary, healthy and energy drinks that anyone can buy on the street.

The fact is that since the vending machines are mostly located on the street, then a kid can potentially buy an energy drink or load of coffee which is not good for one’s health.

vending machine on the street in Japan at night

vending machine in japan side by side


You see that the coffee drinks contained inside a typical Japanese vending machine is a concoction of a variety of BOSS coffee brands.

drinks inside vending machine in Japan

coffee drinks in japanese vending machine

As you can see that there are Green tea, Water, Vitamin C drink ( I personally like the Suntory C 1000mg Vitamin C ).

Since there are so many pop machines in Japan. I figure that their kidney must be in great condition as compared to Americans or Canadians.

This fact is further determined to be held by statistical evidence that there are only about 2,640 dialysis patients in Japan per million which is a low figure compared to western countries.

I wish I can encourage people in America and Canada to drink more liquids whether it be: Green tea, Bottled Water, Vitamin C drinks or a dilute a POP drink with a follow up on water, Vitamin water or even just a Gatorade or Powerade which can help greatly on our kidney health.


You see that the coffee drinks contained inside a typical Japanese vending machine are a concoction of a variety of BOSS coffee brands.

Chocolate and Chips

As you can see from the recent pictures taken below on the Japanese snack machines which are located in the subway are mostly chocolate, chips, and some Japanese cookies.

japanese snack vending machine

japanese snack vending machine




Oh my, we might not approve these kinds of Japanese Cigarette vending machines if they are located out here in America or Canada.

Here in Canada the cigarette is strictly and heavily regulated which has some pros and cons as one may see fit.

The Pros is that

  • No kid or minor is allowed to buy a cigarette vending machine which is highly damaging to one’s health
  • Cigarette may be considered a very bad chemical toxic substance that still needs to be regulated for the benefit of the majority of the population
  • The only Cigarette may be sold to consenting adults that can show ID’s on which these cigarettes may be sold

The Cons Maybe

Turn over of Cigarettes sales is not optimized for business purposes

See you can see that anyone in Japan actually can buy a cigarette on a vending machine outside the street.

I hope in the future the Japanese government can regulate these machines even just installing a simple scanner to verify the legal age of the person who is going to purchase a cigarette.

I recently read an article regarding the undertaking of a Japanese company undertaking a technology that can scan the buyers face to count the wrinkles and skin sags to check and verify a smoker’s age.

If the initial scan fails then the buyer would have to scan an ID to check is the legal age.

What if the buyer has a babyface even when they are already in their 40s or even 50’s?

Well, some people use infrared light therapy for face to set them apart from others who do not look like their age.

Japanese Cigarette vending machine located on the street

Japanese cigarette and pop machine located on a public street


Who does not like Ramen soup!

japanese vending machine with ramen soup selections


Hot Meals

Ice Cream

My family is starting to get addicted to mochi and Japanese ice cream!

Japanese mochi and ice cream vending machine

Used Panties!

I could not believe it myself is this is indeed a Used Panties vending machine.

I will not buy used panties on a Japanese vending machine.

There are a lot of questions that come into mind:

Are the panties from adults?

Are the panties from underage children?

Are the panties fake and sprayed with some fake scent?

Is this a fetish there?

I guess all the unusual stuff abounds in Akihabara.

used panties in Japanese vending machine


There are hundreds of toy vending machines in Japan!

I also run some toy vending machines here in Canada and they are predominantly placed in Asian locations since it is part of the culture with so many cool, collectible and cute toys to amuse the young at heart or as a small token for children.

japanese toy vending machine at Akihabara street

Who owns the vending machines in Japan?

You will be surprised again that Coca Cola owns about 1M vending machine in Japan.

The first Coca Cola vending machine that was introduced in Japan was in 1962 in which all coke was produced locally in Japan.

I was very fortunate to get a glimpse on the Coca Cola serviceman doing the usual refilling on one of the coca-cola vending machines in Japan.

Japanese coca cola vending machine

coca cola vending machine in Japan with door open

Japanese coca cola work van in japan

I have nothing to say about Japan on the subject of utilizing even old coca cola vending machines.

They still have lots of them around and have stayed in place even if the Coke pop machine is old as long as it is still in good working condition.

Here is a picture of an older type of Japanese Coke vending machine which I accidentally stumbled.

older type of japanese coca cola vending machine

Here in Canada people always complain that the old has to give way to the new

I have noticed that in Canada customers are very demanding and always requests upgrades even is the sales does not justify upgrading or changing the machines to a newer type.

Here in Canada, the vendors have to pay a monthly fee of $7 to $15 for the debit credit device installed on the vending machine since according to statistics that more and more people are geared toward the cashless era.

This could be very good for me since there will be no more thefts and vandalism.

But the downside is that for example the gross sales on the location is just $80 per month with a net profit of just $40 ( assuming you made a 100% profit mark up? ) and deduct the debit credit $7 to $15 fee monthly? You will be in a losing proposition.

In Japan, the economy is very strong in cash sales since I have noticed that everyone has coins and bills. Here are the statistics on why Japan is very strong on the cash economy link.

Here is an excerpt from the link above :

Why is Japan sluggish in adopting cashless?

Trust in cash, the sense of safety in carrying it, fewer stores that accept credit cards and e-money are factors pointed out in the Cashless Vision report.

The report, released in April, noted cash has been reliable in Japan, where counterfeit bills are rare. The crime rate is low, so people feel safe carrying cash, and ATMs are readily available.

Also, although many convenience stores and large retailers allow various payment tools, many small enterprises only accept cash.

A search for Tokyo eateries that accept credit cards on the Tabelog website, a popular restaurant search service, found only 49,350 stores out of 135,764 as of last week.

Smaller outlets are reluctant because of the cost to process credit card and e-money transactions, the Cashless Vision report pointed out, noting credit card fees can cut into their profits. Credit card fees can average 3.09 percent, according to January research by Nomura Research Institute”


Well, the other 4.5M vending machines are produced and run locally by local vendors in Japan.

Newer type of Japanese vending machine

Newer type of Touch Screen Japanese vending machine

Here are some 7 Interesting facts why there are so many vending machines in Japan?

Tons of people in Japan

I was surprised that there are just so many people in Japan from sunrise till late at night.

Whenever you go there are constant hundreds of people walking around.

The population in Japan presently is pegged at around

The current population of Japan is 126,791,843 as of Wednesday, September 4, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates (Source: )

The population in the Philippines is 108,375, 664 as of Wednesday, September 4, 2019, which is also based on the latest United Nations estimates.

This shows clearly that just the population will justify the number of vending machines in Japan. More people will surely produce more sales!

I doubt in the Philippines will have a chance of placement of vending machines, I’m positively sure that all the vending machines in the Philippines will be vandalized.

I grew up in the Philippines and there are tons of drugs and crime everywhere. Here are stats on the crime in the Philippines.

The Philippines has the highest crime rate in Southeast Asia and followed by Thailand.

I just wonder why there are still a lot of westerners flocking to Philippines and Thailand for retirement options?

Cost of Labor

The cost of labor in Japan is very high. The hourly wage in Japan is around 12.40 Canadian Dollars which is not far from Vancouver, BC which is around $13.85 an hour.

The Japanese would be better off by eliminating manual sales clerk to man shops by deploying vending machines. I also have checked some of the rentals for 1 bedroom which is very reasonably priced at around 500 Canadian Dollars in Tokyo per month which makes sense that you can just find a regular job and easily pay the rent.

I think there are a lot of business opportunities in Japan because when I was running about there are tons of Chinese restaurants and was surprised that a lot of announcements in big themed Japanese department stores are in Mandarin and Japanese.

The Chinese in Japan are quite convenient and freely speaking in their native tongue and fully assimilated into the Japanese culture in my observation.

I spent a day in the Tokyo National Museum and there are tons of local Japanese patrons that are willing to pay 20 Canadian dollars to see the exhibit of the ancient Chinese culture which they deeply admired: Romance of the 3 Kingdoms

Three kingdoms exhibit in Tokyo National Museum

Three kingdoms exhibit in Tokyo National Museum

Of Course, I was also fascinated by the Japanese Samurai Era ( Samurai and Bushido by History Channel Link ). I also took pictures of the Tokugawa Shogunate Warrior

samurai warrior costume

No Crime

Japan has the lowest crime rate in the world.

That’s why it is fine just to leave vending machines on the street.

I have taken some pictures on vending machines that are located on a street which if it was located in Canada would have been surely smashed and vandalized.

japanese vending machine in a quiet neighborhood

japanese vending machine in a back alley of a quiet neighborhood

These machines are located in a very quiet neighborhood and dark alley without any problems and there are no padlocks or high-security hasps on the machines.

Cash Based Society

There are a lot of shrines virtually everywhere in Japan.

It is good luck in Japan to carry coins and there are many coins tossed in all the shrines to bring fortune.

100% of the establishments love coins, bills, and cash as a form of payment.

I noticed that when a local Japanese is purchasing $Y13,620 One Way Trip (173 Canadian Dollars) to Osaka, they normally use a credit card which I observed when they are going to take the Shinkansen train to Osaka.

Everyone Can Be A Vending Machine Owner!

Everyone can be a small businessman in Japan.

Normally one can fill up an application form and management will surely get it approved since it is an accepted norm where you can find vending machines practically everywhere in Japan!

Pay about 1,000 to 2,000 dollars on the installation fee and then place your vending machine!

This comes to mind if I was born in Japan I will surely take this golden opportunity in doing this extra side hustle business since it is easy to maintain vending machines.

You see after paying the couple of thousand dollars on the application fee with the approval on the installation of the vending machine then it is your permanent location!

Unlike here in America or Canada, the vendors have to keep on a big smile always on the vending locations or else you get kicked out which is unheard in Japan

kicked out of location

Maintenance is Easy in Japan

I noticed that the people in Japan are extremely clean and very conscious of their environment.

There are trash cans and recycle Bins normally placed beside the vending machines.

Third parties recycle collectors takes care of these.

Japanese vending machine on the street with recycle bins

Prices are Low

I was surprised that the prices on the Japanese vending machines are maintained at a reasonable level.

The Green Tea, CC drink and Boss Coffee are normally priced at $Y150 (1.86 Canadian ) which is convenient and everywhere on the street and all side alleys and street corners.

I also mentioned that Japan has a low rate of renal disease because of a large amount of liquid intake by the body flushing out toxins.

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How do you know when to restock vending machines?

How do you know when to restock vending machines?

empty pop cans after 2 weeks on new location

I recently installed a newer type of vending machine in a school that has 100 hundred students. This combo vending machine was originally in a labor recruitment facility.

The labor recruitment facility originally requested a combo vending machine about 3 months ago. I do not have a used combo machine off hand at that time. So I leased a newer combo vending machine for 36 months!

Sometimes it is risky when you lease a vending machine for 36 months on expensive payments and it is not producing sales for you. The result is just about $60 to $70 per month for the labor recruitment facility location and the lease was around $380+ per month. The net profit for the gross sales of $60 per month is only around $30 assuming you are selling 100% profit.

So you will still be loosing around $380 less 30 = $350 which is a huge amount of money for me since my business is solely self-employed vending machine business.

Luckily I found a school. So I hope the sales will be promising. So far im contemplating that the sales will be at least $300 per month but of course I have to find out in the future.

If Let’s say the sales is really $300 per month on the new location then I will still be loosing around:

$300 profit is $150, so $380 less 150 = Negative 230.

This will lessen the wrong decision that I have made.

wrong decision

Why do you need to accept new vending locations all the time?

You never know if all your locations are happy with your service. Some locations goes nuts and for various factors and reasons might decide for another vendor. In this business especially here in Vancouver, BC where a lot of people are employed never put their shoes if they are the one who is running the business.

I always have empathy on self-employed businesses here in Vancouver, BC.

Businesses here suddenly declared closure for some strange reasons.

It is just customarily that a vending machine businessman should always accept new locations if there are an opportunity.

There is a statistics on loosing and gaining vending machine locations everywhere. This does not happen to me only but to other vending machine business folks as well.

Here is you tube link on other vending machine self-employed guys on how he was kicked out on his new locations.

Here are some options on how to know when it is the time to restock your vending location

1. There are numerous vending machine management software solutions out there. Here is a link and you may opt to check it out.

I never use the vending machine management software since they are expensive and there is a learning curve for all of those.

I use a simple google calendar or office outlook and just write all the locations in a city that are all grouped together, since this will entail efficient gasoline usage costs and easy service for all locations within the vicinity.

office outlook calendar

It is a matter of copy and paste for the locations that are done today and just move it 2 weeks or 3 weeks to the next date on the outlook calendar.

There is no need of a fancy software to do all the simple stuff.

2. If your machines are the older type and there is no remote monitoring device attached then you just have to follow a certain schedule.

Weekly, Bi Weekly, Month and Bi Monthly

Yes I have locations that are Bi Monthly!

3. If you vending machines are equipped with debit credit card devices then it will be easy to monitor and you will know if the products are getting low on the machines.

I have Nayax and USA Technologies debit credit card devices attached on my newer minority vending machines.

telemetry software

If you log in the Nayax and USA Technologies there is a menu where you can configure it to give you a daily report, weekly report and monthly report.

I have 2 kinds of debit credit readers because I do not want to put all eggs in one basket, you never know if one of the debit credit reader company server is down for maintenance and might be offline sometimes on purchases.

This rarely happens but who knows?

4. If the location is helpful then they will be the one to call you when the vending machine is almost empty. Be sure that there is a company sticker on the vending machine so that they can call or email you if there are some concerns.

5. Visit your locations more often and rotate the products. I got some locations that the more you visit I get extra push on the revenue collections after a month.

This entails a lot of energy and movement. But if this is your thing then it will be enjoyable.

After my visit on this new school location then here it is.

restocked vending machine

For all your locations you have to make sure what the people want and should abide by it. Taking notes on what products they like to consume.

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How to fix exact change on vending machine?

How to fix exact change on vending machine?

use exact change problem on vending machine

I have some locations that whenever I check the coin mechanism there are always change inside. Just wondering why there is that annoying message on the vending machine intermittently.

On some of the older vending machines some older (3) tube coin mechanism made by coinco on occasions have that dreaded use correct change only indicator.

I have solved the problem on the older vending machines by following steps below:

1. clean the older coin mechanism by using a damp cloth

try to remove the all the coins and put all of them back again, if it works then it is just some cleaning that has to be done

2. If cleaning does not work then it is time to change the coin mech. Here in Canada it is about $225 for an older type of coin mech, if it is the newer type like 5 or 6 tubes then it is around $850 for new ones. But a used one will be around $450

Im sure it is cheaper in the US, I heard that it costs only a couple of 100.

The Canadian version has to be re calibrated to accept Canadian coins so maybe the programming will cost a bit which explains the cost of the Canadian coin mechanism

For the newer type of coin mechanism then please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure that coins are filled properly

2. Simply remove the cradle and put it back again and it should solve the problem!

See how simple it is? You do not need to call your vending machine technician since this problem is very simple can be done by yourself. This will take only around 2 minutes to solve the problem.

Sometimes it is best that you have a backup coin mechanism tagging along with you in your work van just in case you need a quick swap.

Below are the pictures that I have taken to show you graphically and it speaks to you in a thousand words to solve this simple problem!

Step 1 : Locate the notch where you can move the bottom portion of the coin mechlocation of the coin mech

Step 2: Just pull the bottom part of the coin mech towards you and count 1 to 10 and then put it back

just remove the top portion and put it back again to solve the problem

Step 3: Put the bottom part of the coin mech and wait for 1 minute

put back the bottom portion again

Step 4: Problem is solved!

problem solved

Sometimes you have to turn off the vending machine and turn it back on for the vending machine to reboot and the program will initialize and run its start up cycle and 90% of the problems will be solved.

switch on vending machine

The picture above is a switch inside the vending machine which you can just switch ON and OFF to reboot the vending machine.

Here is a helpful link for you to purchase a used coin mech that is very essential for you to save time and a much-needed spare part on how to run your vending machine business successfully.

How to Upgrade Old Vending Machine to Use Card Reader?

How to Upgrade Old Vending Machine to Use Card Reader?

debit credit card reader device

What is the benefit on upgrading the old vending machine to accept debit credit readers?

In this era of time there are more and more people who do not carry cash in their wallet. There is a statistical evidence that the cashless method of paying goods and services is trending.

I myself who avidly uses my debit card for lunch, groceries and movies. As you have noticed that everyone is staring all the time on their phones and there is no more social interaction. What I meant is like someone who looks and smiles at you is not as prevalent as it is used to be in the early 2007’s

I had some locations that I have installed debit credit device on the vending machine and according to my experience and collections, the sales did actually increased around 15 to 20%. It is not true that other people are claiming a jump of 50 to 60% sales. People who claims 60% jump in sales are probably the ones that are selling the devices or receiving commissions from recommendations.

There are locations that wanted to have a very good user experience and convenience when there is a debit credit card reader on the vending machine. If you wanted to please everyone then it would be your decision in installing a debit credit card reader.

Sales will definitely increase which I have mentioned above.

How to determine if your vending machine is MDB complaint?

It has to have that 9 pins connector that can connect all current bill acceptor and debit credit card readers. What is MDB?

mdb complaint coin mechanism

MDB stands for Multi Bus Drop. This is the international standard technology that will connect for peripheral devices. There are still a lot of NON MDB vending machines but most of them can be upgraded by changing the control board to become MDB compliant.

How do you know if the vending machine is NON MDB?

Here is a video that shows you that the vending machine is not MDB complaint.

I have an old AP LCM4 combo vending machine and it needed to be upgraded to read debit credit card readers.

Some AP LCM4 combo vending machine have an old e prom on the control board that needs to be upgraded so that it can recognize the debit credit card reader.

Upgrading the E prom is needed to make sure that everything works.

eprom upgrade for ap LCM4

eprom for AP LCM4

Here is picture that shows you where the E prom is located on the control board.

eprom on the control board

You have to follow some steps when upgrading the EPROM which is basically straightforward:

1. Turn Off Power on Vending machine

2. Use a small screwdriver to pry out the EPROM on top and bottom slowly, careful not to bend the PINS of the EPROM

eprom removal

If you are not experienced in removal of EPROM, I suggest for you to buy this cheap E prom Removal tool in Amazon Link which may come in handy when upgrading your vending machine control boards.

Here is a video showing you how to do that.

All the vending machine control board has an EPROM which can be upgraded to the latest firmware and software and may include the latest program to successfully adapt MDB peripherals such as : MDB Bill Validator, MDB Coin Mechanism and Debit Credit Card Readers.

If your vending machine is manufactured by Crane or other vending machine manufacturer then please contact the following companies and send them an email to see if it will work on upgrading your vending machine.

Sometimes you have to change the entire control board so that your old vending machine will be MDB complaint. Please see the following links below to see which part you will be needing.

Vending World

D&S Vending, Inc.

How to Remove A Jammed Can From Soda Pop Machine?

How to Remove A Jammed Can From Soda Pop Machine?

jammed pop can inside soda pop machine

The picture above shows that there is a jammed pop can on one of the columns of the soda pop vending machine.

It is one of those days that I’m in downtown Vancouver, BC. Time is not on my side because I have to hurry up and finish my locations on time. It is very normal for me to do at least around 8 to 10 locations per day as a full time vending machine candy man.

How Much Do you Make on A 100 Residents Apartment?

I only visit this location every 3 weeks even thou there are 100+ residential tenants in this downtown location. 

Here in Vancouver, BC you may expect around $300 gross sales on every visit.

I mentioned before that when you are vetting a location that there are a lot of 7 11 and small convenience stores within walking distance then the sales will surely be low.

But there in Vancouver, BC since this is a small city, vending business may not be as profitable as compared to many gigantic US cities, Toronto or Montreal or Japan.

Here in Vancouver, BC even if you have 100 hundreds of vending machine locations you have to visits the locations frequently and rotate the products which may be very physically exhausting.  This is the reality here.

I have noticed that one of the selection is ‘sold out light’ but there are still soda pop cans on the column. The picture above I took with the soda can pop removed already and placed it on the floor to see what is wrong with the soda pop vending machine.

Did you see that the soda can left there is on an angle?

When I closed the door of the soda pop vending machine there is a noticeable whirling buzzing clicking sound, of course I opened the door and I tried to reach out the can by pulling it out slowly but it is too tight! I’m afraid that I may puncture the can and will be leaking all over the floor or might damaged the soda pop vending machine!

Here are the steps on how to successfully remove the jammed stuck soda pop can on the vending machine:

1. Common sense tells us that you have to unplug the soda pop machine on the picture below

soda pop machine unplugged

2. When the power is out. It will be safe for you to remove the large aluminum that cover the motors, shims and parts of the soda pop vending machine.

You will be needing a simple set of tools which available cheap in amazon as shown on the picture below.

set of screwdriver

3. Remove the aluminum cover on the soda pop vending machine.

aluminum ocver removed on the soda pop vending machine

4. Remove the clip on the column where the jammed soda can is in question. See the picture below.

did you see the screwdriver there?

5. Remove the cylindrical plastic components on that is attached on the motor and remove the shim to loosen up the jammed soda can under the column.did you see the shims taken out and the plastic parts?

6. Simply just take out the jammed soda can under the column of the soda pop vending machine.

The solution to your problems is easy and straightforward. Here are some you tube videos that will help you visualize on how I did it!

By the way if you can solve these simple problems that you do not need to call a service technician that may cause you around $85! And if you call a service technician to do it immediately it may cost you even $150 for emergency repairs!

I sincerely hope that you will be able to solve this problem on your own since you just have to spend an extra 10 to 15 minutes on the location before moving ahead to your next location.

Here is a video that show you that the jammed soda can on a Coke Soda Pop vending machine.

After fixing the problem, you have to test the Coke soda pop machine to ensure that everything is working properly so that you do not get unwanted phone calls while you are driving which may cause some distractions!

Below is a video that shows you:

How to make a test vend on a Coke Soda Pop vending machine

How To Remove Mold On A Vending Machine?

How to remove mold on a vending machine?


I had a combo vending machine at one of my locations in downtown hotel. This was a location I obtained when a few years ago from a seller that wanted out of the vending machine business.

Everything was running normal and usual business. This location is not that great since I just visit every 3 weeks as majority of my locations.

hurrying to finish business

I remember one time when I visited this location everything is normal and I never clean it since it is an all glass refrigerated combo vending machine and it does not need regular cleaning like most of my vending machines.

There was one day that my refrigerated combo vending machine as a lot of white spots sticking on the glass when I visited the hotel location. I noticed that someone placed 2 or 3 coffee beans on the delivery bin!

There was heavy moisture in my combo vending machine and I noticed that there are areas inside my vending machine that are forming molds!

I did not know that after cleaning the vending machine, the mold just returns to my vending machine maybe around once a year! You know that I am run at least 7 to 10 locations every day and I have to hurry up or else ill be loosing out on sales, gasoline, time and income.

There was an instance that the manager got so upset and it happened to me on several occasions that my vending machine’s mold issue just recurs just like the analogy of a lingering illness!

repeating incidents

It all happened with a coffee bean!

This was an easy solution for me. Everytime I go to the location I just to make sure that I have a fresh box of Lysol Wipes.

See the pictures below on How to get rid of moldy vending machine.

i keep lysol inside the vending machine when i visit the location

( I keep a Lysol Wipes inside the vending machine every time I service the location to make sure that the molds are keep at bay )

lysol or clorox wipes is all that you need

just need to inspect carefully and clean everytime on the spirals

spirals on my vending machine

Did you notice that there are some white spots on the spirals?

You have to make sure to wipe everything so that there will be no problem from the management.

I used to service this location for the longest time and it was only me that I have a combo vending machine in this location. When I noticed that I had a coffee bean on the delivery bin of this vending machine, I was suspecting that there might be some foul play involved.

There was a new vending machine on another floor and you never know that this can be a form of a sabotage when other vendors are out to get you in a subtle way!

If you wanted to sabotage refrigerated vending machine then you already know that planting a coffee bean on the delivery bin will do the trick and pretty soon it will spread like cancer.

This is very annoying for the part of a small self employed business owner that relies on income mainly from just doing the vending machine business.

If you do not clean your vending machines on a routine basis then it might a recipe for disaster and will be loosing another location in the making.

Simple Solution

Be sure to bring the essential disinfectant wipes and materials every time you go to your vending machine locations.

Here is the article that I wrote long time ago regarding how can a coffee bean sabotage your vending machine.

How to fix vending machine display problem

How to fix vending machine display problem

testing and troubleshooting motherboard

Last week I have an old vending machine that is located in a pub. I was able to obtain the pub about two years ago when I approach a certain guy named Ming which he was so helpful and agreed to have the vending machine placed.

I was giving monthly commissions to the establishment. My visits is on a monthly basis since this location is not outstanding in performance.

I visited the pub as usual on a monthly basis and there is a problem on the vending machine price display. The vending machine is an AP 112 when I depress the selection A3 the price displayed is not the price that I set.

I normally set the prices of the chips to be $1.25

When I press A5 sometimes it is $66 and when I set it again to $1.25 and tried pressing it again to check the price is not consistent. Sometimes it is 0.95, 1.60, 99, 1.10, 1.05.

I used to sell computer motherboards before when I was living in the Philippines and these are the XT type and every motherboard has a button type of lithium battery that lasts for 5 years. When the battery on the mainboard is out of power, the clock and date of the desktop computer when turned on is always on the default factory mode.

I called my technician and he told me that it is most likely that the battery on the mainboard of the vending machine.

Here are the following steps on how I saved $85 ( labor of technician ) + parts.

Parts could be the following:

  • $225 Replacement coin mechanism
  • $15 Battery Replacement
  • $250 Obsolete Motherboard Replacement

(These are the outrageous prices here in Vancouver, BC. If I search it up on Amazon. Com US or US Based companies the prices below are a fraction.)

Here are some tips on how to avoid excessive charges from your technician especially here in Vancouver, BC or on the west coast.  I find the parts a lot cheaper in the East Coast of Canada on Craigslist but you have to consider the freight costs and lead time.

Do not depend on repairs from local technicians or else you will be loosing money in no time.

Try to do self diagnostics and repair by yourself.

Here are some helpful links:

I found at eBAY that the actual costs of the vending machine parts are found in eBAY, Craigslist or in some instances Amazon.

But the best deal will be at eBAY or CL.

  • $45 Coin mechanism used at eBAY
  • $10 Battery Replacement
  • $50 Refurbished Motherboard Replacement at eBAY ( this is the price for a used and working AP 112 Motherboard )

Step 1.

Brought the old battery to a battery specialty store here in Richmond, BC located in Lansdowne Mall. Vancouver Battery Store tested it be still working and do not need a replacement battery

battery is still working

Step 2.

I have a spare 12 PINS 117Volts Coin Mechanism which I need to bring it along on my work van in case I will be able to swing by the location on the week when im in Vancouver, BC downtown area.

When I was at the location today.

my spare 12 pins 117volts coin mechanism

I did the following procedures in order:

  • Turn Off snack vending machine model AP 112
  • Installed the battery back to the snack vending machine motherboard
  • Connected my spare 12 PINS 117Volts Coin mechanism

I depressed all the price selections and there is no more problem. This is how I potentially saved around $85 + Parts.

turn off machine

reinstalled battery on motherboard

covered back the mainboard on vending machine

ap 112 snack machine is now working great

I’m very sure that this will solve all kinds of vending machines since all the vending machine have the main components inside:

  • Coin mechanism
  • Motherboard with Battery

In any case a RESET might also work, be sure to check your appropriate vending machine RESET CODES or if the technician won’t give it to you because he will potentially loose $85 fee plus parts then just follow the steps that I have mentioned above and it will surely do the trick!

Technicians will not give you the RESET Code.  I’ll let you know how to bypass this without paying $85 visits

How to Reset Your Vending Machine?

  • Turn off the vending machine switch
  • Remove the screws covering the mainboard
  • Look for a battery connected to the mainboard
  • Remove the battery on the mainboard

Note : When you remove the battery on the mainboard all the stored prices, settings will just go to factory default.

  • Unplug the coin mechansim plug on the vending machine
  • Leave your vending machine at least 1 hour just to be sure that the residual battery power will be zero and motherboard will reset

Just follow the steps above and you do not need any special codes to access your vending machine and all values will be back to its factory mode which are stored with the EPROM that came with the mainboard.

What is EPROM?

I had some background in simple electronics and used to have a EEPROM eraser when i was an avid fan in doing DIY electonics projects which until now im still fascinated.

EPROM is a rectangular IC ( integrated electronic chip ) connected with IC socket on the mainboard and it stores all the firmware and programs that is needed to run the mainbaord of the vending machine.

AP 112 vending machine motherboard

Did you see the small eprom on the mainboard? It is a small rectangular IC on the board.

Sometimes the EPROM needed to be updated on vending machines if there are any updates.

Here are some questions that you may want to know on running a vending machine route.

How much do you normally collect on a pub location?

I got this location myself because I have a spare snack machine in a warehouse which I’m paying $30 a month.

It is about $60 to $70 on a pub that is here in Vancouver, BC. The products that sells in a pub are mainly chips, chocolate bars hardly move.

You know that chips goes hand in hand with beer.

How much storage fees do I pay a vending machine in a storage?

There are times that I have 2 or 3 vending machines at a storage and normally the charge is about $30 per month on each machine.

In order for me to avoid paying a monthly storage fee I have to look for a location as soon as possible. In this kind of scenario when a location kicks you out it takes time and effort to find a replacement location.

Sometimes I’m lucky to get a location and but most of the time I need to call a help of a professional vending locator.

If you have been running vending machine business route the bigger you are the more problems that you will be encountering.

Some problems that I have encountered when running the vending machine business:

1. Renovation

  • If it is a major renovation then your vending machines does not stand a chance on going back to the location
  • If it is a minor renovation then a temporary relocation on your vending machine within the premises of the business establishment is normally allowed and after a few weeks or month then the machines will be back to the location

2. Manager or someone in the location does not like how you look or do not have the same wavelength ( I always take this as a joke ).

Here is an analogy, even a popular president or movie actress is disliked by some individuals no matter how you try to project a pleasing personality.

3. Did I tell you that there are some people in the management that is fickle minded and no consideration on how business works.

(I do not like to offend people about this statement above, it is my honest observation when I’m running the vending machine business here in Vancouver, BC.)

That self-employed people have to fork out borrowed money or equipment that has 36 months for leasing? Work van on a 5 years term?

4. Technician always trying to overcharge and up sale you and you will be drowning in debt.

( This is the observation also here in Vancouver, BC.  Vending machine technicians will try to scam you and charge you excessively.  Some technicians will go to location several times and will charge you $85 x Number of trips to location )

I suggest that you learn how to diagnose your own vending machine and think of a solution.

The biggest problem is if your compressor dies then you will be spending a lot, at least $800 ( there goes the money to buy products or monthly bills )

5. Location is always approached by actually your locator in some instances.

According to my experience the locations that I lost is always replaced by a stronger location.

Do not buy from a locator that is charging you at a high price and try to pull your leg and tells that this location has hundreds of people.

Try to look around if there are grocery stores, restos, pizza or 7 eleven, tim hortons within 5 kms radius.

If there are establishments mentioned above then your vending machine will just be earning a few dollars and waste money on moving, commissions and your physical efforts.

Here is a link on how to catch a bad vending machine locator.