How to Convert Very Old Vending Machine to MDB (12 Pins and 15 Pins Non MDB to MDB )

If you are stuck with a lot of older type vending machines that are Non Mdb then we are on the same boat!

When I was just starting doing the vending machine, the seller never disclosed me that the vending machines are the older type Non Mdb which are more than 10 years old!

And I have inherited a lot of Non-MDB vending machines! When I started the vending machine business I felt like I was scammed, a lot of sellers did not disclose in detail how the business works.

But everyday is a learning experience.

Right now during the Pandemic you have to identify the last of the mohicans ( analogy ) vending machines that are still generating income since more than 50% are super slow and closing down again due to the Pandemic crises getting worst.

Identify all the remaining vending machine locations which are generating money and upgrade to:

  • Accept Bill Acceptors
  • Accept Credit Debit Readers
  • Convert Non MDB to MDB ( all my Non MDB only accepts Coins so sales are consistently super low )

I have a bunch of AP 110 Series vending machines which are all Non MDB and I found a way to convert them for only $159.99!

Most of the vendors will swap it out to MDB Machines which will cost them serious monetary expenditures:

  • Moving Charges $120 per machine
  • Old Machine value if recycled and thrown away otherwise you can convert it
  • Spending another $500 to $1,200 to change to a used MDB Vending Machine
  • Changing Control Board Conversion $350 to $550!

I found (3) vendors in the USA which are selling a contraption on converting vending machines from Non MDB to MDB.

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Capital Vending of Maryland ( $199.99 US ) ( $129.99 ) ( $150 )

For a Canadian based vending machine operator the vendor that can accept Paypal is

I tested this on an old Crane GPL 474 Non MDB Combo Vending Machine using 12 PINS 24 Volts Connected to the Non MDB Coin Mech.

Update Also On Non MDB AP 110 Series Snack Vending Machine 15 PINS 24 Volts Connected to the Non MDB Coin Mech

Here is a Step By Step:

  • I switched off the power of the Crane GPL 474 Non MDB Vending Machine
  • Took out the 12 PINS or 15 PINS Connection of Non MDB Coin Mechanism
  • Installed the MDB Converter 12 PINS to the existing 12 PINS Connector on the Crane GPL 474 or 15 PINS Connector to Any AP 110 Series
  • Installed the MDB Converter Kit Red and Black Wires to a Transformer ( Input : 110V Output : 24VAC 1.6Amps )
  • Connected the MDB Converter to a Coinco 6 Tube Coin Mech and Coinco Bill Acceptor. ( You can also use MEI Bill Acceptor )
  • Switch On the Power to the Vending Machine
  • Switch On the Power of the Transformer ( Input : 110V Output : 24VAC )
  • The whole thing works fine at my garage

I will install this on site by tomorrow on an AP 110 Series Vending Machine and will again make a video to help you out on exactly how to do it by yourself.

Here is the You Tube on the successful conversion of Very old 15 PINS Non MDB AP 110 Series Vending Machine which works great!

This saved me a ton of money and this will also save your older Non MDB vending machines and update or upgrade to accept Bills which will definitely boost your sales!


In this Pandemic times, it is essential for you to make use of all your spare parts such as MDB Bill Acceptor, MDB Coin Mechanism and Purchase a NON MDB to MDB Converter!

I will try to connect a Payrange, Nayax Reader or USA Technologies ePort Reader and will make a video as well in the future to see if they will all work in synergy.

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