Genius Way to Steal on Top of the Vending Machine

i have a good location which i visit every 2 weeks and was talking to some people why there are missing chips on the top shelf and told me that probably the method used was a clothes hanger to obtain free chips.

and today was the day i returned to have to refill the location after 2 weeks then the person in charge told me they caught the person stealing the chips and was fired.? I replied and responded that if the person have the capability to steal $1 chips with so much effort then do you think the company would entrust this person to work in your company??? Surely there would be missing expensive parts at the expense of the company.? It was good that the person was fired, but i just don’t get it, if i enjoy tinkering and maintaining vehicles and get paid for $25 to $30 an hour, why bother stealing $1 product from me and without the thought that i have to drive there all the way from richmond for 30 minutes with my time, gasoline and traffic and just earn a meager $40 to $50 from the total sales from 2 machines ( pop and snack machines ) which it accumulated for 2 weeks?

I thought the clothes hanger was from under the delivery bin to obtain free chips but my god, believe it or not the person who was doing this had the time to drill several holes on the top of the snack machine and from there was stealing the chips from above and not from the delivery bin according to my assumption.? what an ingenious way to steal $1 free product each time.

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