High Security Vending Machine Setup

i have mentioned on my previous posts that i have some locations that people likes to visit every week and see if they can try to steal a few bucks and get some free chips and chocolate bars.? They actually succeeded on my machine is not properly secured. The snack machine that was vandalized was connected with a simple hasp and a regular padlock, they simply used a bolt cutter to cut the hasp and took all the products inside including the coin mech + coins inside coin mech + and the cash box with lock.

I was almost thinking of giving up this location but it is a very lucrative location for me which i visit 2X a week! so since im a business guy im willing to take another chance and have a custom order on a high security snack vending machine.? Here are the pictures.

Sometimes in business you have to take chances since you already know that if you have a particular location in a public area and with tons of traffic even if it is vandalized you just have to improve its security setup.? If you spend an additional $500 to $1,000 but your location can cover that expense in 2 to 3 months then it would be advisable to have it secured and custom made.? Of course, do not forget that the vandalized equipment or snack vending machine can always be traded in for a few hundred dollars, this is the most best method that works for me.

But if you are also selling vending machine then you have it repaired and sell it back to the market again since there are always buyers for inexpensive snack vending machine as a backup machine.? I’m used to these kinds of incidents already, the more locations you have then statistically you have to be prepared with more problems since there will be more people using the machines.

But in due time with the same locations that you are maintaining, after solving the problem the people who are using it will be aware and be cautious the next time when they use your equipment because it will cuase inconvenience for the others.? Normally it is the same person in the building who just keeps in destroying and trying to get freebies.? There are always these kinds of people.? This not happens only in the eastside of the neighborhood but i happen to have a west end location inside in a very nice office and it is always the same person complaining the same problem, there are always people who simply doesn’t know how to use a vending machine or is unlucky when using a vending machine. Some people are very attracted to a series of unfortunate incidents that always happens in their daily lives.


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