How Does Endless Chocolate Work?


How Does Endless Chocolate Work?

The internet has been swooning over this mysterious video that has people scrambling to find out how it works. The gif shows a seemingly infinite bar of chocolate produced from thin air after it has been cut up into sections and shuffled around.

However, it turns out that the trick is a clever illusion and that you actually don’t end up with more chocolate after rearranging it. It’s a simple geometric illusion that uses the same logic as a missing square puzzle.

In order to explain how this works, we’ll use a very popular mathematical paradox called the Banach-Tarski paradox, which defies our common sense of spatial concepts such as volume and density. The paradox explains how it is possible to divide a solid 3D sphere into five pieces and rearrange them to form two identical copies of the sphere.

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When you re-arrange the bar, it’s smaller and contains less chocolate than the original one. This is because a diagonal cut has been performed on the bar, which makes it slightly shorter and therefore the piece of chocolate that appears is not really an extra block of chocolate but rather a segment of the bar that’s been adjusted to fit the new arrangement.

The entire process seems to be an incredibly well-timed geometric illusion and the animations are actually just covering up that small gap in the re-arrangement. It’s really not much of a problem, though, and once you have the hang of it you can repeat it countless times to get an endless supply of chocolate.

how is the infinite chocolate bar trick possible

How is the Infinite Chocolate Bar Trick Possible?

If you have been on the internet recently, chances are that you have come across an infinite chocolate bar trick. The trick involves cutting a chocolate bar in a certain way, shifting the pieces around and getting an extra piece of chocolate.

But how is this possible?

The infinite chocolate bar trick has people all over the internet scratching their heads. In fact, it has been viewed more than 25 million times on Facebook and had many people wondering how the bar could be made to ‘infinitely’ produce an extra square of chocolate.

SoFlo posted a video on Saturday which sparked a lot of questions and speculation. The video, which shows an extra square of chocolate appearing out of thin air after the chocolate bar is cut into sections and shuffled around, has been the subject of a great deal of debate online.

But it’s not actually magic at all!

How it works is that the re-arranged bar is slightly smaller than the original one. That’s because a small amount of chocolate goes missing every time the pieces are rearranged.

That small amount of chocolate is distributed so well that it is hard to see it and yet it accounts for the missing piece of chocolate in the final bar.

This is a crude representation of the Banach-Tarsky paradox, which deals with the concept of infinity and has always puzzled mathematicians. As a result, it’s not just a wacky idea but also something that could change our understanding of infinity itself!

how is the chocolate trick possible

What Is The Infinite Chocolate Paradox?

The phenomenon called the endless chocolate paradox spread like plagues and caused anger among social networks.

  • It’s easy: Give chocolate bars made from five-pack chocolate.
  • Cut diagonally down slightly below the two blocks at the bottom on vertical side and slightly below the third blocks at the top.
  • Diagonally cut along the top corner of third block on one side
  • When the diagonal cut is made from the second bar on the left side up to the third bar on the right, it allows the person moving the chocolate to sneakily take out an extra layer along the width of the bar, making the third from bottom row smaller.
  • Slice the newly amputated piece vertically outward from the 3rd block (from the right) at the upper edge of its rim.
  • We will call it a piece B and what remains as a piece c. Cut off the chocolate block containing the first two pieces B.
  • The last part of the partition is F.
  • Endless chocolate | How is it possible? - YouTube

What is the trick behind infinite chocolate?

Can someone explain chocolate paradoxes? Extrablocks are simple tricks or geometric illusions. When I just counted the chocolate bars I’d be able find a similar number after the experiment. The chocolate bars look almost the same after taking off the blocks.

How does the extra chocolate square trick work?

This optical illusion appears to create an infinite amount of chocolate.

Tricks to work with spacing out volumes. By separating the bars and rearranging the bars a bit of chocolate will be removed from the bar. Unfortunately although it seems to be sourced by thin air, additional chocolate is still a good amount so there is still plenty of chocolate.

Infinite Chocolate Bar Paradox - Smore Science Magazine
Unlimited' chocolate bar riddle is solved in a mind-bending video | Daily  Mail Online
How to Get an Infinite Chocolate Bar Supply! (Sort of...)

Is it possible to get a endless chocolate?

But if it doesn’t seem like it, we must remember it’s not possible. The chocolate that has been removed gets smaller.

How is the Chocolate Trick Possible?

One of the most popular mind games online involves taking a chocolate bar, cutting it into pieces and shifting it around. It looks like a magic trick but it can be done by anyone.

The chocolate bar has been viewed over 25 million times on social media and many people have been confused by the trick and were left wondering how it could be achieved. But it has now been revealed that the mystery is actually nothing more than a clever illusion, and you can get unlimited chocolate by following this simple trick!

Infinite chocolate bar trick - Chocolate magic - Chocolate trick - YouTube

It’s a maths illusion

The infinite chocolate paradox is a crude representation of a well-known mathematical problem. It is based on the Banach-Tarski paradox, which allows a solid 3D sphere to decay into two identical spheres, albeit by painful simplification.

It works by displacing a small amount of chocolate every time the pieces are rearranged, which leads to the “extra” block being smaller than the original. This doesn’t mean that the extra block is really there, but it does make it a bit harder to spot.

What’s more, the extra block isn’t even that large, so it doesn’t appear that the bar has been sized up.

It’s a pretty skewed example, and there’s no way to prove that it’s actually possible, but the video does show that the problem is a logical one that can be solved! It just takes a little bit of maths!

Unlimited' chocolate bar riddle is solved in a mind-bending video | Daily  Mail Online

How is it Possible For a Chocolate Bar to Get Smaller After Each Cut?

How the Infinite Chocolate Trick Works

How is it possible for a chocolate bar to get smaller after each time you cut it up? The trick is gaining popularity online and has people scratching their heads.

The trick involves cutting a bar of chocolate into pieces and shifting them around to make it look like a full bar again! However, it is actually quite tricky and there are a few things that could be wrong with it.

This trick was first shared on Facebook by SoFlo and has since gone viral. The video shows a man cut a chocolate bar into sections and then shifts them around to make it look like an extra piece of chocolate has been created from thin air!

Infinite Chocolate Bar Trick - YouTube

It has been shown that the trick isn’t a simple optical illusion, but instead it uses geometry.

What happens is that the person cuts the chocolate bar in a diagonal way, which creates a little gap that they sneakily cover when they move it from one place to another. The trick is then repeated and the resulting bar becomes a slightly smaller version of the original one, making it seem as though there was an infinite amount of chocolate.

It’s a clever and very deceptive trick and it isn’t the end of the world, but it can be a fun challenge for anyone who wants to have an extra piece of chocolate!


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