How Many Drinks Can A Vending Machine Hold?

Typical Pop Up Soda Vending Machines Can Hold 12 Cases ( 1 case = 24 Cans ) or 300 Cans

A typical pop up soda machine can hold 12 cases ( 1 case = 24 Cans ) of your favorite type of soda or up to 300 cans of it.

You may be able to find used soda machines for sale if you look hard enough, but they will still work just as well as new ones.

Here is a Table that shows you the most common soda pop drink vending machine

ModelSelectionsCapacity 12 Oz Cans 20 Oz Bottles
Dixie Narco 276E7 selections of 12oz Cans336 Cans or 196 Bottles
Dixie Narco 501E9 selections471 Cans or 278 Bottles
Dixie Narco 600 E9 selections481 Cans or 300 Bottles
Royal 650 Live10 selections648 Cans or 288 Bottles
Dixie Narco 3688 selections360 Cans
Dixie Narco BevMax 559130 to 45 selections200 Products of Various Sizes
AMS Bev 30 Drink Machine30 selections180 Products of Various Sizes
AMS Bev 40 Drink Machine40 selections250 Products of Various Sizes
Vendo 721 HVV12 selections480 Cans or 300 Bottles
Vendo 480 Drink8 selections360 Cans
Vendo 720 Drink10 selections480 Cans or 300 Bottles

Below is a Soda Pop Machine Picture Gallery on my various locations

I hope this answer your questions why there is a need for different configurations, specifications on the pop machine. It really boils down to the demand of the location.

  • Some small location has about 5 people but consumes pop like there is no tomorrow, hence i put an 8 selections pop machine.
  • Some large locations where most people are sitting on their chairs the whole day do not consume soda pop hence a small machine or even just a snack machine.
  • Some large locations with hundreds of people moving in and out and consumes all the soda pop that they can get their hands on.
  • Some residential location which is accessible 24 7 and soda pop machine is always empty.

I have been doing this business for years and years, I’m not a seller of vending machines but a vendor who places soda pop machine in different locations hence I know first hand what is the true demand and real deal on what kind of soda pop vending machine that you need to put on a location.

Some Smaller Soda Machines That Hold Less Than 300 Cans Designed For Specific Purpose

The reason why these particular drinks dispensers are important is because of the fact that most people prefer to purchase them for the offices.

There are different types of holders based on the type of products that they are made for, but one thing in common among all of them is that they can hold less than 300 cans.

Are Smaller Pop Up Machines Better Than Bigger Pop Soda Vending Machines?

A smaller pop up machine may make sense in certain situations, but in others it can mean sacrificing profits. The main reason why a smaller pop is required is because of several factors involved:

  • Demographics
  • Average Vends per day
  • Location

It all depends on why you are looking to buy the smaller pop up machines.

If your business is on the small side but you want to capitalize on the holiday season then a smaller pop up machine may not be the way to go.

A larger pop up machine will cost more up front because of installation, and if your business depends on steady sales during the busy season then a smaller pop up machine may mean that you will have fewer sales during that time.

soda pop vending machine

Some Pop Vending Machine Hold About 500 Cans

Yet there are other varieties of these machines out there with more capacity. The capacity that a vending machine can hold directly relates to how many people can be served through an average period.


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