How Much for Vending Machine

How much for vending machine

vending machine price research

How much is it to buy a vending machine?

It really depends on what kind of vending machine that you wanted to buy. Some locations needs (2) Two full size vending machines: Pop and Snack vending machines. Some locations just need a combination or they say it as combo vending machine which inlcudes the chips and soda pop integrated into a single vending machine.

Generally there are two conditions of a vending machine

I have to explain first what is MDB?

In order for you to get the most value from your hard-earned money than there are several options on the used vending machines either it is: soda pop, snack or combo vending machines.

MDB is the abbreviation of multi-drop bus protocol.


The MDB is actually a computing language that is used the by the newer standardized protocol that all vending machines must use so that the most common vending machine parts such as the coin mechanism, bill validator and card reader can be easily adopted to the vending machine.

mdb type plug on vending machine add on devices

The picture above shows that the plug is of MDB type plug. The coin mechanism, bill validator and card readers can all be interconnected if they are all MDB compatible.

The older type vending machines which is NON-MDB complaint have their own proprietary computing language and not standardized and this makes it so problematic when you are upgrading the vending machines.

non mdb type plug on vending machine coin mechanism device

The picture above shows that the coin mechanism is a non mdb type plug

So when the older non mdb type vending machine parts go haywire than it will be very difficult to get obsolete parts and sometimes it would be a waste to throw it to the recycling facility.


Used Soda Pop Vending Machines

I used vending machine can generally be the common types: soda pop vending machine, snack machine and a combo vending machine.

A soda pop vending machine price ranges from $300 to $1,200 depending on the year, model and the condition of the soda pop vending machine.

$200 to $500 would be the very old type non mdb soda pop machine.

older type non mdb soda pop vending machine

$300 to $800 would be an older type mdb capable soda pop vending machine which looks like the picture below.

older type soda pop vending machine

$800 to $1,200 would be a newer type mdb capable soda pop vending machine which looks like the picture below.

newer soda pop vending machines

Used Snack Vending Machines

$200 to $800 would be the older type non mdb snack machines as shown on the picture below.

older type non mdb snack vending machine

$500 to $2,500 will be price of a newer model MDB complaint snack vending machine that is shown below.

newer type mdb complaint snack vending machine

What is a combo vending machine?

A combo type vending machine is a compact vending machine that accommodates everything: chips, chocolates and soda pop products.

Used Combo Vending Machines

$1,000 to $2,500 will be an older type combo vending machine as shown below.

older type non mdb combo vending machine

$2,500 to $3,500 will be newer type combo vending machine that is MDB capable and normally it comes with a card reader and bill validator, see the picture below.

newer type mbd complaint combo vending machine

Why is it better to by used vending machine?

When you buy a used vending machine the price is already depreciated and you do not need to shell out a full priced vending machine which can cost as high as $5,000 to $8,000!

A used vending machine is a smarter choice when you are starting out on the vending machine business. Of course it would be advisable to buy a used vending machine that is common is your area.

The common types of used vending machine here in Vancouver, BC are the:

  1. American Products
  2. USI
  3. Healthy Max
  4. Seaga
  5. AMS


If you are based in the United States where the vending machine business is more prevalent than it would be wise to browse this link below:


The site even sells vending route so that you can start your business immediately and start earning right away!

Here in Vancouver, BC where I reside the vending machine business is extremely expensive to get into, everything here is very expensive in this city: gasoline, insurance, leasing on vending machine equipment, vending parts.

Vending machine maintenance


is also extremely expensive here in Canada. Sometimes im scratching my head why I landed here in Vancouver, BC where I would be happily in a better alternative city in the United States.

What do you need to succeed in the business with vending machines?

This article is all about how much for vending machine, what they are, what type of vending machine you can own and how you can start your successful business with them.

Vending machines are automated machines that provides customers with snacks, beverages, cigarettes, lottery tickets and so much more.

They can be placed anywhere as long as you have what it takes.

my new school location with a newer type vending machine

The picture above is a recent location which I secured during the weekend in a learning school with around 100 students. Locations like this is very desirable.

The vending machines are everywhere and are very useful to people when they need something but can’t go to the local shop or supermarket.

There are multiple types of machines that are related to the vending machines such as: coffee machine, parking machines and automated machine.

The difference between those and the vending machine is the products.

The coffee machine is focused only on one product and that’s beverages such as coffee, cappuccino, milk, tea etc.

The parking machine is focused only on helping customers get ticket for a parking spot.

The automated machine can contain things such as pills and medicine.

The vending machines focus on various things such as foods and beverages, which is one of the reasons it’s known to be a successful investment.

In order for you to start earning money with the vending machines you need to have a certain amount of money that will help you start.

You need to start with your financial plan


Everything has to be planned so you know that you will invest your money into something that will help you win more and more.

Next step is to pick your market or a spot where you think will be the perfect place for a vending machine.

Spot where there are a lot of people that are always nearby or spot that is filled with tourists or a lot of people who work there.

For example, if you place your vending machine in a shopping mall or nearby a bus or train station that guarantees that it will be around people all the time.

If your prices are good and not as cheap as in the nearby stores than your customers are guaranteed to buy from you.

It is also important that if you choose a specific type of food or beverages in your vending machine to choose the right spot.

The shopping mall and stations can be the perfect destination for everyday snacks and beverages.

However, if you are planning to have diet or fitness products in your vending machine then the best place would be nearby fitness or any other sport buildings.

combo vending machine in a fitness center

Picture above is placed in a fitness center.

It’s easy as long as you plan everything ahead and make sure that it’s related to the location.

The location is one of the most important things when it comes to working with vending machines and wanting to succeed in this business.

You can’t expect someone from fitness to buy a snack with high volume of fats and someone in the shopping mall to buy a fitness drink just when they are looking for a cool beverage. It has to be connected.

Last important step is to be realistic about this business. Don’t get yourself into some high expectations because that can bring you down very quickly. If you expect too much, you might not like the reality even if you are somewhat successful.

There are many benefits of starting this type of business with vending machines.

Some of the pros are that you can be your own boss and not rely on someone to tell you what to do and when to do it.

You’re not stuck in an office, you don’t have to meet certain criteria or always make sure you’re on time.

You don’t have to work on shifts.

The best pros about this business is that you don’t have to spend a certain amount of time to try to figure out how you can succeed.

You can start with just a few thousand dollars and invest in it.

As long as you have the money than it will be easier. But just like everything else there are both pros and cons.

The cons in this business are not more than the pros.

There could be some physical work that you will have to do such as fill in the vending machine, carry out the products etc.

You must pay attention to the location because you don’t want to compete with someone in the same place.

It turns out that the location is not only one of the most important things about the business but also one of the most complex as well.

Finding a good location can also be very hard.

The rest of the cons are that you won’t have great profit unless you finally have a sizable operation, you will have a lot of time for stocking and servicing machines.

It will also take you about a year on a good location but here in Vancouver it normally takes 3 to 5 years to return the initial investment per machine. So with the pros and cons you can have an idea of what to expect before you start this business.

If you are planning to work in this business than one of the crucial rules is that you must not rely on this as your only job.

If you have another job that you’re dealing with and you’re planning to start a vending machine as a second job, than that’s great.

However, if you have the money and invest in the vending machine business, with the expectations that you can make a living only off of this job than that’s not going to work.

The main reason why is because this business can help you earn a lot of money but it’s not going to be that much.

There has to be another job otherwise you will have very hard times.

This, of course, can change if you plan to own more than just one vending machine. The more machines you own, the more income you will receive and that could very well become your only one job.

The vending machines are a great way to earn money and a very profitable business.

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