How Often Do Vending Machines Break Down

Maintenance Is Minimal Except When Parts Fail

One of the biggest issues that you will encounter with vending machines is that they tend to break down often and with little or no warning.

This can be very devastating especially if you have put a lot of money into it and you have put a lot of effort into it.

However, like everything else in life, vending machines also need to be maintained in order to function well and ensure that you are able to earn a good profit while at the same time making sure that your customers remain satisfied.

Of course, in order for you to be able to do so, you need to know how vending machine maintenance works and how you can maximize the efforts that you put into it. It is important to note that even though it is minimal, it is still very much there so that you will know how to deal with the situation should it arise.

vending machine maintenance is minimal except when parts breaks or fail

The first thing that you need to know about vending machine maintenance is that you will only need to take care of small problems.

For example, if your vending machine has breaks, then all you have to do is replace the part. It may take you some time before you get it right but as long as you are diligent, it will eventually get fixed and your machines will work as good as new again.

In this instance, you will be loosing money everyday until it is fixed.

If your vending machine is a very old one, then it might be best if you consider taking it to a professional to have it looked at. Even though it would cost you more, it will ensure that your machines continue to work in the long run.

If by chance your machines stop working, then the first thing that you should do is check the source of power. Make sure that it is not damaged or plugged since this might just stop your machines from functioning.

Common Problem With Free Loaders Mentality In A Vending Machine Business

Common Problem That some vending locations people trying to vandalize: By shaking, By Inserting A Wire, By Inserting Trying to Destroy the Delivery Bin

There are two common problems people are having with vending machines and these are usually the type of things you can do to prevent from being broken into.

If you have a machine that is not secured properly then you may find that someone is trying to break in.

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You want to find ways to keep the people trying to break into your vending machines out so you will be able to get your product for the amount of money that you are selling it for. Here are a couple of ways to prevent this type of thing from happening to you.

vending machine common problem people trying to break in

Common Problem With Vending Machines On Vandalism Attempts

A vending machine is like a double vending machine; you get paid for the products that are bought from it, and then you also get a slot to let the product through.

The problem with these machines, and all types of vending machines in general, is that there are always going to be people trying to do some damage to them in order to put them out of business. It seems like the more money that is spent on the vending machine, the more likely that someone is going to try to take advantage of that.

vending machine common problem people trying to vandalize

People also have the tendency to place counterfeit money inside, so that if they get caught, they can simply claim that it was just a trick.

How to Solve a Vending Machine Problem – Find Out What is the Most Common Problem With Vending Machines

vending machine common problem is compressor motor fan
  • One of the things you should try to look for in this kind of situation is poor wiring somewhere.
  • One common problem with these kinds of units is a common problem with the compressors.
  • One thing you should look for is a worn out or damaged fan housing.
  • If you do not know where the fan housing is you could just check the sticker inside of it to see if it is still in good shape.
  • If it is then you may need to replace it with a new one to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Common Problem: Vending Machine Expense Compressor

One of the most common problems for any type of vending machine is an inability to produce enough money from the sale of the product.

This problem is especially common for those that are new in business and have little or no experience with the operation of these types of machines.

vending machine common problem is expense compressor failure

The other common problem with these types of vending machines is that they are very difficult to maintain and can become very expensive over time.

  • The most common factor involved in this area is that the parts used in the vending machine are typically very expensive and require regular replacement in order for them to work properly and at the highest level possible.
  • Failure to keep these parts updated can result in your vending machine not being in operation for very long and can cost you an incredible amount of money due to the operating costs.
  • Failure to keep any vending machine updated can also result in additional costs due to repairs that you will incur once these vending machine parts wear out and are no longer effective.
  • One common problem with vending machines is an inability to maintain them due to the poor maintenance practices of the owner.
  • A vending machine owner can often times refuse to repair certain aspects of the vending machine because they feel that they should be able to repair them on their own.
  • This attitude can result in your vending machine becoming very outdated very quickly if it is allowed to remain operational without being fixed.
  • This type of attitude should not be tolerated when it comes to your vending machines.
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There are vending machine repair specialists that will gladly come in and fix any issues that you may have with your vending machine without charging you an outrageous amount of money.

By taking advantage of these services, you can help to keep your vending machine up and running and allowing you to make a little money off the pieces that you have to sell.

Common Problem: Coin Jams

One of the most common problems that owners of vending machines encounter is a coin jam.

Coin jams can be very frustrating and sometimes can be more harmful than helpful, especially if vending operator do not know how to get the machine fixed or are not willing to pay for the costly repair.

Coin jams are caused by too many coins being dispensed from the vending machine at one time.

The only way to prevent them is to closely monitor the coins that are being dispelled from the machine and make sure only the change is being given out.

Too many people are willing to give out coins in hopes of getting a discount or a free beverage, but do not realize that they could be causing a coin jam.

Another common problem with vending machines is when the change from the coins is not enough to cover the bills that have been purchased.

It is recommended that owners of vending machines only allow customers to cash in their change using a plastic card or bill acceptor.

Doing this will ensure that every dollar a customer spends using the machine will be accounted for and there will be no issue regarding having too many bills or having to pay for change.

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Being able to identify common problems with vending machines is important for both owners and operators. By knowing which types of issues are common with your vending machine, you will know which types of changes to implement to prevent problems.

You may also want to learn about common problems that you will encounter as a result of the way you are operating your vending machines and what you are doing to fix the problem.

This will make you more efficient and increase the amount of money that is being made by your business.

A Common Problem Is Jammed Bill

A common problem that happens with vending machines is a jam.

If you are using a vending machine and this happens to you, make sure to do the following. Check your manual that came with your machine.

Make sure that you know how to troubleshoot the problems on your Vending machine before calling a repairman.

This might cost you some extra money but you will know exactly what to do in case you need it. There are certain things you can do to prevent the jam from occurring with your vending machine.

vending machine common problem is jammed bill

Either way, you might find that fixing the vending machine is more trouble than it’s worth. Just make sure that you do whatever it takes to fix the vending machine problem and you should be fine.

Common Maintenance Issues With Vending Machine is the Coin Mechanism

One of the most common maintenance issues with vending machines is the coin mechanism.

If you have a coin mechanism, then chances are it was installed incorrectly and is causing you problems.

Common maintenance issues with coin mechanism replacements include but aren’t limited to:

Some other common maintenance issues with vending machines includes issues with the glass fronts being cracked, the doors coming up on your machine or the glass breaking on them.

When any of these issues occur you need to call a qualified technician immediately to ensure everything is running smoothly and safely.

One thing to keep in mind is that the worst vending machine repair problems are usually the ones that require a little more work.

Since they are the easiest to repair you can afford to take care of them first and get a service contract from them to fix the problems as needed.

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