How to Add Freon / Gas On Soda Pop Coke Vending Machine

If you think that there is a problem with your Soda Pop vending machine then there could be several factors.

  • Low Freon / Gas
  • Bad Fan Motor
  • Compressor
  • Defective Thermostat

How do you know if the Thermostat is working?

You have to locate the thermostat at the bottom of the Soda Pop Machine on the extreme right when you open the pop machine.

thermostat adjustment

You have to turn all the way to ZERO on the thermostat and wait for 5 seconds.

Slowly Turn the thermostat to 3 position and listen carefully if there is a clicking sound on the compressor, if the compressor works and both fans are working then you probably just need to Add Freon / Gas since it is not cooling anymore.

You will be needing to buy the following parts to add freon / gas on your soda pop machine:

  • Bullet Pierching valve
  • Multi Bit Screw Driver
  • Freon Recharge Hose with Freon Gauge
  • Adaptor Valve from R12 to R134A
  • Freon Cans 134A

Here are the pictures of parts needed:

Supco Bullet Piercing Valve

Supco Bullet Piercing Valve

Virtually all the Soda Pop vending machine either it is manufactured by Coke or Pepsi, you will be using the smaller diameter clamp.

The smaller clamp will be in the outmost followed by the larger clamp as shown on the picture above.

When i installed the bullet piercing valve it has be to calmp tightly by turning all the screws except for the Middle Screw, which i will be explaining how I installed the bullet piercing valve later after explaining the parts that you automotive section

I got the R134 with Gauge and adaptor from R12 to R134A at my local Walmart store for $58.? In case it does not work then you can have it refunded.

sandpaper is also needed among the parts for adding freon on soda pop machine

You will be needing sand paper too to clean the copper pipe on the soda pop machine so that it is clean when you are installing the bullet piercing valve.

assembled and ready to install on pop machine

  • Assemble the R134 Can into the Walmart Gas Freon Kit, by following the instructions on the manual provided.? You have to make sure that the R134 Can is hand tight on the connector.
  • Do not puncture the R134 can yet since you have to connect everything on the soda pop vending machine.

  • Here is the comphrehensive video Step By Step on how to add gas freon on the soda pop vending machine.
  • You have to absolutely follow safety procedures and please view the videos several times before attempting to DIY How to add freon gas to your soda pop vending machine.

I just spent around $75 for all the parts.

If you call a Soda Pop vending machine service technician then it would cost you around $250 minimum plus other parts that are broken such as relay, thermostat switch and fan in case they are broken.

It is safe to call your local Soda Pop Vending machine technician in case you do not know what you are doing since this is involves : Gas, Freon and Pressure.

  • But there are no known cases of compressor exploding due to overcharge of freon.
  • Be sure to always check your guages in case there is too much pressure, when in doubt, you should release some gas freon, it is better to be under pressure than over pressure!
  • Pease always remember the Pressure PSI reading! 25 PSI is the normal range for the R134A.

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