How to Brine a Turkey

How to Brine a Turkey

can you brine a pre basted turkey

If you’re thinking about brining a turkey this Thanksgiving, you might be wondering how to go about it. Here are some basics. First, you’ll need a container for the brine. You can use salt and water to create a brine, or you can use a mix of salt, brown sugar, spices, herbs, or a combination of ingredients. The key is to choose a brine that is neutral or mildly acidic. A too-acidic brine will start cooking the turkey too early and will also dry out the meat.

Is It Better To Buy Fresh or Frozen Turkey?

Basted turkey

When you brine a turkey, the main goal is to retain the moisture of the meat without altering the taste. The brining liquid should be less than 40 degrees F, as this will prevent the meat from spoiling and absorbing too much salt.

A brining solution may contain anything from salt and water to spices or herbs. However, the brining solution should not contain any acidic ingredients, as these can start the cooking process too early and destroy the proteins. It is also important to rinse the turkey thoroughly after brining, and to keep it refrigerated to keep it fresh.

How to Dry Brine a Turkey, Step by Step | Epicurious

The reason why brining is important for cooking a turkey is that it helps it stay moist, which helps it to be less dry and bland. The salt in the brine also breaks down the proteins in the meat, making it more tender. In addition, brining helps the turkey stay juicy, even when it is overcooked.

Can you brine a pre basted turkey breast

If you’re looking for a convenient brining solution, consider buying a pre-basted turkey breast. This will make the process much easier because you’ll have no need to haul the turkey to the fridge! To make a brine, mix one-half cup sugar with one bunch of fresh thyme, five bay leaves, and 45 black peppercorns in three quarts of water. Place the turkey in the brine for at least three hours. Make sure to keep the brine cold, at least 40 degrees F, to prevent contamination.

Can you brine a frozen basted turkey

There are two methods of brining a turkey, wet and dry. Both require a large container and can be flavored with herbs and spices. Regardless of which method you choose, the brine solution will consist of roughly the same ratio of salt to water: 50g coarse salt for every litre of water. To prevent the meat from becoming overly salty, you should not brine the turkey for longer than is absolutely necessary. Ideally, you should brine the turkey for no more than one hour per 500 grams of meat.

Alternatively, you can purchase a frozen basted turkey, which has already been brined. The advantage to pre-basted turkeys is that they will require less time and effort during the cooking process. However, you should note that pre-basted turkeys often contain excessive sodium. In addition to sodium, the basting liquid may also artificially boost the weight of the turkey.

While self-basting turkeys are popular, many people prefer to brine a turkey of their own. These turkeys are easier to prepare and cost less than a frozen one. You can also try brining a boneless turkey breast to add more flavor and moisture to the next meal.

Wet brining is a more time-consuming method. The moist brine will add more moisture and prevent the meat from drying out during cooking. Dry brining works just as well but results in a less moist turkey. This method requires the turkey to sit for 12 to 24 hours in a cool place before cooking. During the brining process, the salt helps break down the muscle protein and makes the turkey moist. This makes the meat more tender and flavorful.

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Once the brine is ready, place the turkey in a large Ziploc bag or large stock pan. Pour the brine over the turkey and let it cool to room temperature. If the turkey is floaty, put a plate on top to weight it down. Once the brine has cooled down, rub the turkey with your preferred seasoning.

How do I make a Turkey Brine?

1. Combine 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup kosher salt.

2. Mix lemon juice with lemon zest.

3. Add aromatic ingredients like lemons, sage, nutmeg.

4. Make Maple syrup. Put the pot in the oven then bake. Keep it completely dissolved.

If the birds are big you can cook your turkey in your stockpot, as I have done here – you can use brine bags or a 5-to-10 gallon jar.

Whatever place you brine your birds must stay at a temperature of at least 40 degrees.

You pick up what container you want and place a bird inside.

I’m gonna put breasts in and then flip them halfway through brining.

Smoke The Turkey

When coal is covered with grey ash put two fist-strength slices of dried apple wood.

Set up the cooker with turkey roasted breasts on the grate.

Put 3 lower vents half full.

Open all vents and keep them in this manner for all to see.

Adjusting top vents as needed during cooking will keep temperatures at 325-350 degrees measured on the lid.

Cook a chicken until the temperature is 160-165F at breast temperature and 170-174F at thigh using a rapid reading thermometer.

Cook time is between 2-3 hours. It isn’t necessary to roast the turkey and turn it on at the same time.

About Bastings

A pre basted turkey is also known as a self basting turkey.

Many people responsible for Thanksgiving turkey know bastling as an important part of their lives. Are these steps necessary? While we believe basting turkey helps add moisture to the meat, it is neither important nor necessary for the meat. The product does however keep skin dry and provides birds with beautiful copper hues. When cooking turkey in a griddle with your grater, you may skip the basting as it won’t be easy for you to get it into the juice. If you opt out for roasting pans in the barbecue, you can fry the birds for 30-30 mins or longer or even longer.

Rub The Turkey

Take the turkey out of the brine before you start the stove. Dry turkeys off with paper towel and apply thinly applied vegetable oils over their skin. Sprinkle the rub on top. Leave the turkey to cool before going into the oven. I used the Slap Yo Dad Grill Allpurpose Champion Rub on this Turkey. You can create a unique version using Harry Soo recipe. SYD rub. Make sure to mix the ingredients together. For better display tie the drumstick ends together using Kitchen Tape to avoid any smudges while cooking. It is not necessary to use complex trusses.

Let’s chat thermometers

In terms of heating thermometers – thermowork is the best. I have discarded many cheap thermometers which are unreliable and of poor quality. There are thermometers for every budget. It includes Myrmo pop Thermapen, Cook alarm, as well. It all works well for turkeys, but Chef Alarm eliminates all the guesswork. Tell me the best method to prepare turkey? It’s best reheated to 450. Just before you take out your bird, lower it to 350 degrees. Bake for fifteen minutes per pound. The bird’s internal temperatures must be at 160 degrees Celsius.

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Turpreparation ingredients

Add 1qt water, salt, lemon, orange, rosemary, thyme, peppercorns and syrup in a saucepan. Take it off the heat and mix apples. Bring to a cooling point. Place the turkey clean in an empty container and pour the brine into the bird’s mouth. If bird doesn’t get underwater, add water. During flight, the animal should be taken down by hand to the bowl. During the winter months, place birds in salt water with a temperature of 40 F for 4-6 hours, turning once. After brine is over wash and dry turkey and prepare to cook.

Brine The Turkey

For preparations for brining see All About Brining and Food grade plastic containers for brining to learn more about selecting a suitable container. These photos are 18-quart polycarbonate containers that I found in a restaurant supplies shop for my restaurant supplies. The recipes are simple brine solutions that we used for frying a turkey. Brine for turkey substitute 2 tonne Morton kosher or 2 tonne Diamond crystalkosher salt for table salt. Mix ingredients and stir until salt and sugar dissolve. Put the turkeys in brine solution.

Rest then carve The Turkey

Take turkey out of the oven and let rest for 15 minutes before carving. Don’t wrap in a cloth as it will make your skin soft. Alternately, wrap the turkey tightly with multiple layers of thick, heavy aluminum sheeting and place its breasts in a clean cooler for 90 to 90 minutes prior to carving. Afterwards, you can chop your favorite turkey. Find some carving tips for Turkish art selection and preparation. Typically I remove the breasts from their pieces and slice them in slices by removing the breasts with electric knives.

Classic Brined and Roasted Turkey Recipe | Martha Stewart

Which is better?

Turkey has its advantages. This is extremely juicy, a delicate quality that is often hard in its first place. So these toys are popular amongst beginners too. As you can guess from the name, the prebasted status also means there’s not an inclination to baste the bird while cooking. Hence cooking is more relaxed thereby keeping oven (and grill) temperatures constant. However, we prefer a natural path as much as we can. It helps control the seasoning and allows us the choice to bring the birds to us.

About Pre Basted Turkey

The word “prestated” in a turkey means injected with seasoning liquid before shipment. Most of the times the mixed ingredients are nothing other than salt. Sugar or broth are also commonly added. Self-basting turkeys is the same thing. When you get turkeys marked this way you get a pre-breated aviary. It should also list a certain percentage which indicates how often basting liquid is being used during injections. The percentage varies depending on the brand.

Do not brine kosher turkey are self-basting turkeys like Butterball.

Select & Prepare The Turkey

Pick one of a range of self-basting butterball and turkey products. Griddle as instructed in packaging instructions. Remove leg shacks and remove giblets from neck shacks. Cut off excess skin and fat around the abdomen, wash thoroughly inside and outside, pat dry with paper towel. Turkey will be brought in. These images show the butterballs deluxe frozen turkey I made in the recipe. Butterballs are a commonly found turkey in grocery stores around the country.

How Long Should You Brine Turkey? You should wet brine a whole turkey for at least 24 hours but not more than 48 hours. If you add vinegar or citrus juices to your wet brine, do not brine for more than 24 hours, or the meat may become spongy. Dry brining takes 12 to 24 hours.

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Cooking a Brined Turkey

So you can brine turkey and then cook it. When frying the turkey with salt water or dry water you can use any method you want including: Because brined turkeys cook quicker than normal turkeys, check its temperature a half hour before the estimated cooking time. Last, before putting in the turkey, rest the piece for a minute. When you carve a turkey without allowing it to rest, its delicious flavor evaporates and leaves a dried meat.

The internal temperature of the bird needs to reach 165 degrees for safe consumption.

Do Brined Turkeys Cook Faster? Brined turkeys cook slightly faster than unbrined turkeys. However, due to the extra moisture in a wet brined turkey, your meat won’t dry out if you overcook it for a few extra minutes.

How to Dry Brine Turkey for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving - OMG! Yummy

Should I Brine a Turkey that’s pre-basted?

We do not recommend doing this with a prebaked turkey. The meat has already been sprayed with salt and so has already started brining inside. If it is put into the salt water brine the meat might smell very salty. The texture may have an odd mushy consistency after cooking. In some cases, overbrinching may add a salty taste. It’s no problem for grilling roasted turkeys, but they can be a huge roadblock when you intend to roast them.

Garlic Herb Compound Butter

The best way to take the brined birds into the best position is to use the compound butter to smear the bird. Compound butters are simple. It’s time to get some salted butter. Skip uncooked or salted meat that gives your hen a lot of flavor. Fresh herb – Common Butter. Choose fresh herbs preferably.

Why this recipe works?

Those turkey recipes are amazingly delicious. This dish transforms dry turkey into a moist and tasty poultry. These basic ingredients and the process make them the perfect holiday companions. These are truly amazing brined turkey recipes.

About The Ingredients

There are two things you should consider when buying this product. I find that this dissolves better when used as brines. My favorite Redmond salt is kosher salt. Maple Syrup: Select genuine Maple Syrup.

Foil The Water Pan

Cover the interior and the exterior with thick aluminum foil. Put the pan in top of the cooker.

There are three common ways to collect pan drippings when smoking a turkey: Cook the turkey in a shallow, disposable foil pan.

Cook the turkey on the top cooking grate.

Place an empty foil pan on the bottom grate to catch the drippings.

Cook the turkey on the top cooking grate.

Bonus Tip : For extra moist dry brined turkey, rub some butter between the turkey skin and meat before brining the bird.

Alton Brown's Turkey Brine and Roasting Recipe | Bon Appétit


The most frequent questions on the Turkey Talk Forum’s virtual web bulletin board are whether or not to brine turkeys in a liquid form. In the past, I’ve been very strongly against brining natural turkey because you can control what flavor is added into your food. Nevertheless, people may want to try brining an improved turkey because this is an affordable option. You’ve managed to brine your turkey as long as your injected ham is kept in a clean container and cured with a sterilised salt solution.

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