How to Buy a Vending Machine Route

How to Buy a Vending Machine Route

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A vending machine route is an interesting way to create small businesses and enhance their income and financial independence.

First of all, remember that the vending machine path is a business.

Like all businesses, success is not guaranteed.

Before you go into the way of success as a vending machine operator, you have to think about exactly what the business will look like and how to operate it. Here are some tips to help you buy a vending machine route and start a new short-selling machine that lets you easily enter the industry.

Start by setting goals

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Effective vending machines have a predefined purpose at the beginning of each year, month and day. Success is a plan and plan that starts with goals. If you are looking for ways to increase your fixed income and consider buying a vending machine route for your current vending machine business, think twice about it because fraudsters might be there to deliver you.

How and where to buy vending machine route?

Vending machine routes are not the business opportunities that you will get in your way suddenly, if you are planning to enter one of these shoes, then you need to look carefully for the sales record that can provided to you with these business opportunities.

Newspapers, magazines, and the Internet are very common sources where you can see the availability of vending routes and whether any company is open such opportunities or not.

At any time, you can take advantage of business opportunities under the supervision of experts in business training.

According to my experience, there are several places that you can buy an existing vending machine route:

Carry out market research

market research

This is an important task if done effortlessly, you and your company can be assisted excellently. Through market research, we understand that you should go to the market in nearby areas and check out the different places where the machines are located.

This will help you understand how large companies produce high-traffic machines and what real demand is. After the calculation, you will be able to make a better decision.

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When you find about potential vendors that is selling, ask the owners if you can accompany him during the route service to check the places and see if the machines are placed in good places with high traffic.

You can see closely whether a lot of people are buying products on the vending machines.

Narrow your selection to Vendors, then check your seller’s financial records.

It may be difficult to review the financial documents of a sales company because they are mainly cash-based. Let your accountant check the books. The seller can have two books, one for picking him up and the other for real profits.

They will want to show they earn a lot. First, think about what the seller is telling you about profits that are supposed to be incorrect. This may be true or not, but if you make a purchase decision, it does not matter.

When considering buying a vending machine route business, the only thing you have to pay is based on the sales of the locations. For example: If the vending machine route business total sales per month is $10,000 then the value of the vending machine route will be valued to be around 12 months x $10,000 = $120,000.00

Approximate take home profit will be around $50,000 to $60,000 per year basing on the sales of $120,000 since you are assuming that you earn around 100 percent.

Yes, accounts have some tangible value, but they should not be taken into account when submitting the offer.

Why is that? First of all, most sellers will not be able to give you any indication of how much money they are making, so they want you to pay in addition to the profits earned. This is great for them, not good for the buyer.

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Does that mean they are lying?

scam artist

Of course not, but it’s like buying a used car without running it or believing what you’re reading in online dating advertising.

Before you buy vending machine route, you must check the vending machines on the locations while accompanying the owner on a vending machine route.

Find out if the machines still have spare parts on the market.

If the vending machines are working it should be fine. Most of the problems on the vending machine can be fixed by the operator.

I have very helpful articles that shows you how to fix your vending machine, how to fix a soda pop machine and other problems that you can do it yourself which is very straightforward and easy.

What is your buying offer?

The purchase price should be based on the total sales of the vending route. Ask the seller to provide a list of sites to check machines and locations. Often, if vendors sell the route, the route might be neglected. The machines might be dirty and full of expired products.

If the route is seriously neglected, the establishment may ask you to remove the machines.

Check to see if the seller have rapport with the establishment that he is servicing so that you are sure that he is always on top of business.

Do not underestimate the time and costs associated with replacing many vending machines. Even the small route of about 20 candy machines costs about $ 15.00 a piece to fill fresh products worth up to $ 300.00. It product acquisition cost and does not even take into account the hassle of replacing all the machines and cleaning them.

Another thing to think about when you want to buy vending machine route are the overall quality of machines, plus the number of brands on the route.

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The quality of the machines is reasonable, but the concern about the different brands of machines seems to be inappropriate for some people.

Through a long-term plan to build a successful vending business opportunities, you should also consider the availability of the vending machine parts.

The most common part of the used vending machine which fails are the coin mechanism. I also have an excellent article to how to fix common problems on coin mechanism.

coin mechanism

There’s something else related to the many brands of devices that are a huge number of keys you’ll get. Even if you are well organized, having 50 different keys becomes annoying and slows you down in the long term.

In the future you may consider changing the locks of the vending machines to a single lock which will speed up your servicing.

To make sure that the scammer will not contact your lawyer, accountant or another business adviser before signing any contract or making any advance payments. Your lawyer will first have to verify each contract will be considered necessary, then advise you on how best to proceed. Taking risks is part of every business opportunity.

Be sure to take the following precautions to protect yourself against dishonest suppliers or the ability to sell vending machine routes. Many people have already signed false statements about profits and support services.

A vending machine route has many possibilities

You may include buying one item, such as candy, drinks and so on. The main tasks of the vending machine route include storing machinery and collecting money from the machine. There. After buying the route, the business became easy to operate


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