How to Change Price on Old Vending Machine

The old vending machine uses the Non MDB or MDB configuration.

How to change price on Non MDB Coin Mechanism

The coin mechanism are the Non MDB Type and normally the old vending machine just accepts a single price for all the products.

Steps on how to change price on Non MDB coin mechanism on old vending machine

You have to unplug the power from the vending machine or soda pop machine just to be sure that you do not fry or damage the electrical components inside your coin mechanism.

Make sure to unplug the vending machine before taking out the coin mechanism

You can take out the coin mechanism from the vending machine ( make sure again that you unplug the power! )

This is the coin mechanism that was taken out on your vending machine. This coin mechanism is Non MDB Type usually found on older vending type machines.

On the coin mechanism, there is the top portion which you can flip the locks and flip out the door, which will show you the DIP switches.

You Can access the DIP Switches to change the selling price on the vending machine, by flipping the top portion ( see the picture )

Once you opened the top portion of the coin mechanism.

For the Esc Sel, Lo 25c, $ Accept, just leave them on default switch which is Down ( Off position ) and the $ ACPT and USA/CAN switches are always Up ( On Position )

You can select what kind of prices to sell.

If you want to price $1 then just flip the switch Up ( On position ) on Switches 80 and 20 and the rest of the switch are Down ( Off position ). Switches 80 and 20 adds up to 1 ( Your selling price ).

If $1.25 Switch Up On = 80 40 5, rest switches are Down Off position which are 10 20 160 320 640

If $1.50 Switch Up On = 80 20 40 10, rest switches are Down Off position which are 5 160 320

If you are lucky and people can accept $2 per pop then Switch Up On = 160 40, rest switches are Down Off position which are 5 10 20 80 320

Once you are done changing the price you wanted to sell on your single price vending machine then plug the power back on the vending machine and everything should work fine.

How to change price on MDB Coin Mechanism

There are also some vending machine which are very old but is already using the MDB technology and the vending machine is normally multi price

Steps on how to change price on MDB coin mechanism on old vending machine

You do not need to unplug the vending machine and remove the coin mechanism. You just have to access the Mode Button on your vending machine and adjust the prices on the machine keyboard panel.

Here is a YouTube showing you how to change prices on various vending machines accessing the control board when you open the vending machine.


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