How To Clean Vending Bill Acceptor: Free and Easiest Way

How to Clean Vending Machine Bill Acceptor

Are you looking for some tips on how to clean vending machine bill acceptor?

Here is the easiest way to do it without spending a dime!

These devices are used to accept bills and money from people, to be able to receive payment when they leave their purchases. Here are some cleaning tips to keep your bill acceptor free of dirt, stains, dust and other stains.

how to clean vending machine bill acceptor

For regular cleaning of the bill acceptor it will ensure:

  • Proper capture of the Bills
  • Ensure more acceptance rate of the Bill
  • Here is a simple step by step on cleaning and maintaining your bill acceptor and make sure that it will last for many many years!
  • All my bill acceptors are still working and without any problem even when people are inserting and pulling it trying to trick the machine.
  • Open the vending machine door
  • Turn Off The Vending Machine to be on the safe side
  • Remove the Bill Acceptor Stacker
  • Try to Push to see if the spring is still functional
  • Remove the Bottom Portion of the Scanning Bills Portion
  • When removing the bottom portion there is a button below to pull it out gently
  • If there is no button then there would have a small lever and gently pull it to unlatch the bottom part of the vending machine bill acceptor

Please see the You Tube Video Below with me using a soft paper towel and a Dab of Water which costs almost nothing!

Please come back on this website for more How To’s for almost no money!

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