How to Fix a Pop Machine Caused by Coin Jam : Easy DIY

How to Fix a Pop Machine Caused by Coin Jam – Easy DIY Save Money By Not Calling A Technician

How to fix a pop machine caused by coin jam

If you have ever been in a situation where you could not get into your coin slot due to a coin jam then this is how to fix a pop machine caused by coin jam.

A coin jam occurs when the coin slot is opened only to have a coin fall out of it, this will make the machine stop working until the coin mechanism is cleared for other coins to enter.

Coin jams can occur when coins are being moved from one coin slots to another, or due to a poor quality coin tray.

The key to fixing this problem is to ensure that the machine is cleaned properly, and that it is always turned off, this will prevent the machine from working.

Here are the easy steps on how to remove coin jam from the pop vending machine:

Unplugging the Pop Machine to Be Safe

Unplugging the pop machine is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself!

Although you are probably wondering what the big deal is about unplugging the pop machine, I am going to tell you what the big deal is. You see, in the past several years there have been countless cases where accidents have been seriously injured and even killed because of these machines by electrocution!

  • Unplug the pop machine
  • Open the Pop machine
  • Locate the coin mechanism
  • Remove the coins inside the coin mechanism

If it is hard to remove the coins then you have to remove the whole coin mechanism assembly and manually remove the slugs, foreign coins, bent coins. And re assemble back the coin mechanism on the pop vending machine.

  • Plug the pop machine
  • Test the pop machine
  • Properly close the pop machine

Test to See If Pop Machine Is Working – How to Check and See the Pop Machine Working by Inserting Coins

test to see if pop machine is working by inserting coins

To test to see if the pop machine is working is not hard but you need to follow some simple steps. You can do this by placing coins into the machine and see if the coin has been dropped. In case, then you need to replace the coin in the machine with the other one.

You need to test the pop machine or else when you come back after a week, there might be Zero Sales!

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