How to Fix An AP C Series Vending Machine : KeyPad Freeze

How To Fix an AP C Series vending machine keypad freeze and does not function when pressing any button

I recently have an AP C Series snack vending machine moved to a recycling factory in Surrey which was extremely busy even with the Pandemic crises.

I have not been to the location for a month and was just there yesterday and very excited to service it since I’m sure that it will be quite empty.

How to Fix an AP C Series Vending Machine : If you’ve found the KeyPad to be stuck, you may be wondering how to fix it. The first step is to remove the control pan from the machine. This can be done with a few small pieces of tape. Next, clean the buttons and display lens with a soft cloth. Finally, install the keypad harnesses into the sliding panel and reconnect them to the keypad.

Vending machine key pad supplier

If the keypad on your vending machine freezes up, you need to check the controls of the machine. The dispenser needs to be in “ICE” mode. If it is not, you may need to replace the control board. Otherwise, you can try to restart the machine. If the problem persists, you can call a technician to fix it.

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If the keypad on your AP C series vending machine freezes while you’re trying to process a transaction, you’ll want to first check to make sure the keypad is actually functioning. Sometimes, this can be as simple as swapping out the keypad. Then, you’ll want to test the buttons to make sure that they work properly.

Sales tax

If your AP C series vending machine has frozen during sales tax season, there are a few things you can do to fix this problem. First of all, you should report all sales that are made through your vending machine to the state sales tax. Then, you must pay the sales tax that is applied to these sales. If you are unable to get this certificate, you must notify the board of your business and send back the tax that is measured by retail sale receipts.

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If your AP C series vending machine’s KeyPad freezes and does not respond to input, you should troubleshoot the problem. First, check the harness. Sometimes the male and female parts of the harness are mismatched. If this is the case, the keypad needs to be replaced. Afterward, test the keypad buttons to make sure they work correctly. You should also test the validator. If the keypad still freezes, try turning off the machine. If the KeyPad is connected to the coin return button, the connector may become loose.


To fix an AP C series vending machine, the first thing you need to do is to unplug the keypad from the machine. Then, you need to wipe off the buttons and wipe the display lens with a soft cloth. If the buttons are still frozen, you need to install the validator and install the keys again. After you have done this, you can test the machine to see if it is working again. If not, you should turn off the machine and try to fix the problem. It may be the case that the keypad connector is loose.


The first step to fix a KeyPad freeze on an AP C series machine is to find the cause. The cause of KeyPad freeze is not always obvious. It may be a result of a hardware malfunction such as a loose connection. In this case, you must open the control panel carefully. Then, you should unscrew the female connector near the coin return button and remove the display lens. Then, you should clean the display lens and replace the keypad with a soft cloth.

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To my surprise, the AP C Series Vending machine keypad display just shows the number 8 and still full of products.AP C Series snack machine display just freezes

It just freezes and no matter what button i press it simply just shows 8.

This comes to mind that there are several factors to be considered.

Here are some of the problems which might be causing the Keypad Freeze:

  • Not enough power to the mainboard
  • Mainboard component nearing the end of life
  • Defective Keypad
  • Defective Coin Mechanism

According to my experience, I used to have an AP SnackShop American Products Snack Machine Model 113 which is non MDB and when i changed the coin mech everything works great.

I also used to have another AP SnackShop american products model 112 showing erratic prices when the keypad is pressed, I found out that some components inside the power supply is nearing its life.

This location was giving me problems ever since, I have already changed 3 snack machines on this location.? The 1st snack machine was there was no mainboard available so I have to throw it away, since the mainboard here in Canada costs around $550.? With $550 I can buy a used snack machine at Craigslist.

The 2nd machine I remembered was the door was partially vandalized on the side.? I had the have it moved to my garage and repaired it for another location.

The 3rd machine is the recent AP C Series Snack machine were it was perfectly working fine and after a month the dispplay just freezes with the number 8.

This was my first time I encountered a keypad number freezes.

So How did i fix the AP C Series Snack machine keypad freeze?

Remember I got vandalized before with 3 AP C Series vending machines and luckily I did not toss the spare C Series machines which I was able to salvage for some parts.

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If I called a vending machine repair technician it would have cost me:

1.? Call out fee just to the inspect $125!

2.? The technician will go back and buy keypad parts which will cost around $60 ( Technicians normally multiply the cost of the parts by 3 to 4X times, the real price of the keypad if you buy it online is around $15 to $35 at the most )

3.? Technician go back to the location and install parts, will cost another whopping $85!

You would have lost $125+$60+85=$270!

How many chips and chocolate bars are needed just to cover the $270?!?

I suggest for all electrical servicing, you have to do everything by yourself.

Most problems with snack vending machines are just:

1.? Coin Mech – MDB or Non-MDB

2.? Keypad

3.? Mainboard Component using visual inspection for burnt out parts.? A resistor is just $0.50 at your local electronic stores

4.? Power Supply.? You can buy a transformer at your local electronic store and simply swap it out.

Here are the materials needed:

  • Extra Keypad
  • Extra Mainboard

Spare C Series machine for parts at garage

c series keypad and mainboard parts

Steps in fixing the problem:

turn off power

unplug the cable of the keypad connecting to the mainboard

keypad cable connecting to the mainboard

swap out the extra keypad

turn on the power to see if it works

I turned on the power and the extra keypad I brought it with me works fine!

removing the keypad part 1

removing the keypad part 2

putting back everything

putting back everything part 2

putting back everything part 3 Final

Here is the YouTube to show you that everything is working now.

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