How to fix exact change on vending machine?

How to fix exact change on vending machine?

use exact change problem on vending machine

I have some locations that whenever I check the coin mechanism there are always change inside. Just wondering why there is that annoying message on the vending machine intermittently.

On some of the older vending machines some older (3) tube coin mechanism made by coinco on occasions have that dreaded use correct change only indicator.

I have solved the problem on the older vending machines by following steps below:

1. clean the older coin mechanism by using a damp cloth

try to remove the all the coins and put all of them back again, if it works then it is just some cleaning that has to be done

2. If cleaning does not work then it is time to change the coin mech. Here in Canada it is about $225 for an older type of coin mech, if it is the newer type like 5 or 6 tubes then it is around $850 for new ones. But a used one will be around $450

Im sure it is cheaper in the US, I heard that it costs only a couple of 100.

The Canadian version has to be re calibrated to accept Canadian coins so maybe the programming will cost a bit which explains the cost of the Canadian coin mechanism

For the newer type of coin mechanism then please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure that coins are filled properly

2. Simply remove the cradle and put it back again and it should solve the problem!

See how simple it is? You do not need to call your vending machine technician since this problem is very simple can be done by yourself. This will take only around 2 minutes to solve the problem.

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Sometimes it is best that you have a backup coin mechanism tagging along with you in your work van just in case you need a quick swap.

Below are the pictures that I have taken to show you graphically and it speaks to you in a thousand words to solve this simple problem!

Step 1 : Locate the notch where you can move the bottom portion of the coin mechlocation of the coin mech

Step 2: Just pull the bottom part of the coin mech towards you and count 1 to 10 and then put it back

just remove the top portion and put it back again to solve the problem

Step 3: Put the bottom part of the coin mech and wait for 1 minute

put back the bottom portion again

Step 4: Problem is solved!

problem solved

Sometimes you have to turn off the vending machine and turn it back on for the vending machine to reboot and the program will initialize and run its start up cycle and 90% of the problems will be solved.

switch on vending machine

The picture above is a switch inside the vending machine which you can just switch ON and OFF to reboot the vending machine.

Here is a helpful link for you to purchase a used coin mech that is very essential for you to save time and a much-needed spare part on how to run your vending machine business successfully.

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