How To Fix Soda Vending Machine Sold Out Error For $1 Dollar

Update on the correct fuse and costs only $1!

This summer is very busy for all vending machine operators and there was location that the soda pop vending machine is always Sold Out every week.

Normally after filling the soda vending machine it is better to test them by inserting coins and actually ordering a Pop randomly.

The Royal Vendors 376-8 Selections ( Single Price Pop Machine ) detected my coins but when I depressed all the pop selections it says “SOLD OUT”.

Do not panic and worry here is a simple fix that only costs you $1 dollar.

Here are the following steps:

Test soda pop machine if the coin mechanism is reading coins

Insert coin to see if the soda pop machine reads the denomination correctly

Press randomly on the 8 selections soda pop machine

If it says on display “SOLD OUT” error and the soda pop are still full in the soda pop vending machine, it only means that there is no communication on the Button and the Motherboard which controls the all the motors in the soda pop vending machine.

Now, we for sure that the problem is just the fuse.

Unplug the soda pop vending machine just the be sure that you do not inadvertly move the harness or connections by mistake

Open the soda pop vending machine door

Locate the type of fuse that is connected to the soda pop vending machine

See Picture below:

My soda pop machine is with 4AMP type 313 Glass Fast Blow Fuse
location of the fuse box
fuse installed on the pop machine

Make sure that you get the same type of fuse, if you use Slow Blow Fuse even thou it is 4AMP, if there is a power surge, your motherboard or control board inside the soda pop vending machine will get shorted and destroyed!

The problem is that my soda pop vending machine i serviced is on the weekend and all electroncis shops are closed, so I went to my local Canadian Tire to buy an assorted fuse.

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I connected the wrong type of fuse which is 20AMP Slow Blow fuse! This is the wrong type of fuse and if there is a power surge it will destroy the control board!

I will come back to this location on Monday afternoon to replace it with the correct type of fuse which is 4AMP Glass Type Fast Blow Type 313 Fuse.

But normally the wrong type of fuse is OK if you do not have the correct type of fuse for a couple of days. Be sure to put the correct type when you are servicing your soda pop vending machine!

Here is a You Tube Video on my fix:

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