How To Open Vending Machine With Broken T Handle Lock

I have a Seaga Combo vending machine which was recently transferred to a new location with a lot of 24/7 customers using the facilities.

seaga combo machine

Everything was working great and it happens that when I was servicing it 2 weeks ago, I cannot seem to open the bottom section of the Seaga Combo vending machine

When I open it the whole T Handle Lock just gets pulled out and a big steel shaft rod was left in between the door the frame of the vending machine which was impossible to open.

The only solution I can think of is to bring a large CrowBar, Hammer and Drill so that I can destroy it and buy another T Handle Lock set.

I did not fix the problem immediately because prior to the broken T Handle Lock, I filled the bottom Pop section of the Seaga Combo vending machine full of Pepsi, Nestea, Coke and Gingerale.

Since this is a new location, I was thinking that it is still slow and needs about 2 to 3 months to get the momentum when everyone knows that there are vending machines that are exisiting on the lounge and tiny lunch room.

Last Week was in a lot of stress thinking because I have 2 problems:

1.  Lost the key to open a large circular padlock for a snack machine

2.  How to open the Seaga Combo Vending machine with a broken T Handle Lock

Both locations was in Downtown Vancouver where most of my income generates, it makes sense since even when there is Pandemic it is always Downtown that will always have lots of people at any given time and day.


How to quickly open a vending machine without a key on a circular heavy duty lock

Bill of Materials: Dremel, Hammer, Big Screw Driver, Safety Googles.

  • While using the dremel be sure to wear safety googles when grinding
  • Gently use the dremer steel adaptor cutter to slowly grind the side the exposed steel rod exposed on the protective jacket
  • Once the grinder cut about 3/4 of the circular key, use Hammer to bang it hard for the lock to loosen up
  • It process just took me around 10 minutes of concentration

Warning : If you do not have experience in using a dremel and waering safety googles then you might have a chance in accidentally cut your finger and flying debris of metal getting into your eyes or debris hitting your face.

When im using the Dremel i set the RPM at 10,000

Down below are the pictures I took:

side of the circular lock
Dremel 4200

How To Open Vending Machine With Broken T Handle Lock

Bill of Materials: Power Screwdriver

When I was trying to open the Seaga Combo Vending Machine the whole T Handle just pulled out and I cannot seem to open the Seaga Combo Machine.

T Handle was broken and not connected to the assembly

As you can see the above picture, the T Handle which i pulled just came out and the metal rod got stuck inside the Seaga Combo Vending Machine, see picture below:

T Handle assembly got stuck inside the vending machine

As you can see the picture above part of the assembly got stuck inside the Seaga Combo vending machine and I was thinking on how to open the lower potion of the pop door???

  • What you can do with this type of T Handle Lock is to remove the 2 Screws which is located on the Top and Bottom of the T Handle Lock.
  • Use a power Screwdriver to remove it quickly
  • And Simply Turn Counter Clockwise to remove the whole T Handle Lock Assembly
  • Now the door is unlocked! and just do the refill service on the POP
  • When you are done with the service of refilling the POP
  • Simply Turn Clockwise to put back the T Handle Lock Assembly
  • Put back the T Handle Portion and Lock the Lower Portion
  • The T Handle Lock will still be secured even with a broken T Handle Lock Assembly
  • Just follow the instructions above when servicing the Seaga Combo Vending Machine

See the pictures below:

tunn counterclockwise to open the T Handle Lock part 1
tunn counterclockwise to open the T Handle Lock part 2
vending machine door can now be opened for service

The Door of the vending machine can now be opened and close, just by following the instructions above.

You would have saved : $125 callout technician and $85 New T Handle Lock Assembly which you do not need.

I only collect around $25 to $30 when visiting this location every week, so it is not worth calling a technician and spending a new T Handle Lock.

Put back the T handle Lock Assembly after servicing the vending machine! and thats it! And just plug back the Other Part of the T Handle Lock

put back the T Handle after servicing the machine

Put this back to the vending machine after servicing

Note : Do not forget to put back the 2 screws so that the handle cannot be turned

T Handle Lock Broken


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