How to Remove A Jammed Can From Soda Pop Machine?

How to Remove A Jammed Can From Soda Pop Machine?

jammed pop can inside soda pop machine

The picture above shows that there is a jammed pop can on one of the columns of the soda pop vending machine.

It is one of those days that I’m in downtown Vancouver, BC. Time is not on my side because I have to hurry up and finish my locations on time. It is very normal for me to do at least around 8 to 10 locations per day as a full time vending machine candy man.

How Much Do you Make on A 100 Residents Apartment?

I only visit this location every 3 weeks even thou there are 100+ residential tenants in this downtown location.?

Here in Vancouver, BC you may expect around $300 gross sales on every visit.

I mentioned before that when you are vetting a location that there are a lot of 7 11 and small convenience stores within walking distance then the sales will surely be low.

But there in Vancouver, BC since this is a small city, vending business may not be as profitable as compared to many gigantic US cities, Toronto or Montreal or Japan.

Here in Vancouver, BC even if you have 100 hundreds of vending machine locations you have to visits the locations frequently and rotate the products which may be very physically exhausting.? This is the reality here.

I have noticed that one of the selection is ‘sold out light’ but there are still soda pop cans on the column. The picture above I took with the soda can pop removed already and placed it on the floor to see what is wrong with the soda pop vending machine.

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Did you see that the soda can left there is on an angle?

When I closed the door of the soda pop vending machine there is a noticeable whirling buzzing clicking sound, of course I opened the door and I tried to reach out the can by pulling it out slowly but it is too tight! I’m afraid that I may puncture the can and will be leaking all over the floor or might damaged the soda pop vending machine!

Here are the steps on how to successfully remove the jammed stuck soda pop can on the vending machine:

1. Common sense tells us that you have to unplug the soda pop machine on the picture below

soda pop machine unplugged

2. When the power is out. It will be safe for you to remove the large aluminum that cover the motors, shims and parts of the soda pop vending machine.

You will be needing a simple set of tools which available cheap in amazon as shown on the picture below.

set of screwdriver

3. Remove the aluminum cover on the soda pop vending machine.

aluminum ocver removed on the soda pop vending machine

4. Remove the clip on the column where the jammed soda can is in question. See the picture below.

did you see the screwdriver there?

5. Remove the cylindrical plastic components on that is attached on the motor and remove the shim to loosen up the jammed soda can under the column.did you see the shims taken out and the plastic parts?

6. Simply just take out the jammed soda can under the column of the soda pop vending machine.

The solution to your problems is easy and straightforward. Here are some you tube videos that will help you visualize on how I did it!

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By the way if you can solve these simple problems that you do not need to call a service technician that may cause you around $85! And if you call a service technician to do it immediately it may cost you even $150 for emergency repairs!

I sincerely hope that you will be able to solve this problem on your own since you just have to spend an extra 10 to 15 minutes on the location before moving ahead to your next location.

Here is a video that show you that the jammed soda can on a Coke Soda Pop vending machine.

After fixing the problem, you have to test the Coke soda pop machine to ensure that everything is working properly so that you do not get unwanted phone calls while you are driving which may cause some distractions!

Below is a video that shows you:

How to make a test vend on a Coke Soda Pop vending machine

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