How To Remove Mold On A Vending Machine?

How to remove mold on a vending machine?


I had a combo vending machine at one of my locations in downtown hotel. This was a location I obtained when a few years ago from a seller that wanted out of the vending machine business.

Everything was running normal and usual business. This location is not that great since I just visit every 3 weeks as majority of my locations.

hurrying to finish business

I remember one time when I visited this location everything is normal and I never clean it since it is an all glass refrigerated combo vending machine and it does not need regular cleaning like most of my vending machines.

There was one day that my refrigerated combo vending machine as a lot of white spots sticking on the glass when I visited the hotel location. I noticed that someone placed 2 or 3 coffee beans on the delivery bin!

There was heavy moisture in my combo vending machine and I noticed that there are areas inside my vending machine that are forming molds!

I did not know that after cleaning the vending machine, the mold just returns to my vending machine maybe around once a year! You know that I am run at least 7 to 10 locations every day and I have to hurry up or else ill be loosing out on sales, gasoline, time and income.

There was an instance that the manager got so upset and it happened to me on several occasions that my vending machine’s mold issue just recurs just like the analogy of a lingering illness!

repeating incidents

It all happened with a coffee bean!

This was an easy solution for me. Everytime I go to the location I just to make sure that I have a fresh box of Lysol Wipes.

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See the pictures below on How to get rid of moldy vending machine.

i keep lysol inside the vending machine when i visit the location

( I keep a Lysol Wipes inside the vending machine every time I service the location to make sure that the molds are keep at bay )

lysol or clorox wipes is all that you need

just need to inspect carefully and clean everytime on the spirals

spirals on my vending machine

Did you notice that there are some white spots on the spirals?

You have to make sure to wipe everything so that there will be no problem from the management.

I used to service this location for the longest time and it was only me that I have a combo vending machine in this location. When I noticed that I had a coffee bean on the delivery bin of this vending machine, I was suspecting that there might be some foul play involved.

There was a new vending machine on another floor and you never know that this can be a form of a sabotage when other vendors are out to get you in a subtle way!

If you wanted to sabotage refrigerated vending machine then you already know that planting a coffee bean on the delivery bin will do the trick and pretty soon it will spread like cancer.

This is very annoying for the part of a small self employed business owner that relies on income mainly from just doing the vending machine business.

If you do not clean your vending machines on a routine basis then it might a recipe for disaster and will be loosing another location in the making.

Simple Solution

Be sure to bring the essential disinfectant wipes and materials every time you go to your vending machine locations.

Here is the article that I wrote long time ago regarding how can a coffee bean sabotage your vending machine.

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