How To Repair an AP 110 Series Snackshop Vending Machine

One of my locations called me yesterday and told me that they put an out of order sign.  When you press the keypad it shows you different characters and numbers.

Here is a You Tube Video showing you that problem.

How to solve the problem on AP 110 Series Snackshop vending machine?out of order ap 110 series snackshop vending machine

The first step is to turn off the power supply and disconnect the coin mech.

location of power supply and coin mech attachment inside vending machine

Look for the smaller board that is connecting to the keypad membrane

location of the smaller board with keypad cable connected

This is the front view of the keypad on the AP 113 Snackshop vending machine 

front view of the keypad of AP 113 Snackshop vending machine

Remove the Keypad from the AP 113 Snackshop vending machine

keypad removed from AP 113 snackshop vending machine

Front view of the Keypad membrane AP 113 SnackShop vending machine

front view of the keypad membrane of the AP 113 Snackshop vending machine

Clean the keyapd membrane of the AP 113 Snackshop vending machine

Normally the keypad membrane is very dirty from years of use but most of the time it is still working, sometimes some of the plastic parts are stuck on the keypad membrance, try to press all the keys on the membrance and clean all the plastic pegs which is connected the keypad membrane.

Normally this works and you do not have to spend $125 for a service call anymore doing this DIY maintenance easy fix.

This takes about 15 minutes of your time in order to save $125 service call.

clean and reinstall the keypad AP 113 Snackshop vending machine

See the you tube video that it is working again!


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