How To Repair Royal Vision Vendors Upper Clamp for $25 Dollars

I?have a Royal Vision Vendors that is performing extremely well on a forwarding company which is open 7 days a week.

  • The machine has been with me for more than 8 years already I always just try to fix it without ordering parts from Coke or calling a repair technician.
  • Calling a vending machine technician will cause you to loose so much money especially in this Pandemic since everyone is hardly making money.
  • If you can fix it yourself then it is best.

I only spent $25 for the parts needed to fix the royal vision vendors upper clamp.? If i order it from Coke or Royal Vendors then it would be at least $200 for the part since you need to change the whole assembly!

Here is a simple hack which anyone can do to any kind of issue in regards to clamps or assembly wherein you just need to clamp or glue (2) parts together.

parts of fixing royal vision vendors upper clamp

The parts that you need to fix Royal Vision Vendors Upper Clamp are :

  • Epoxy
  • Instant Glue Drop
  • 3M Double Sided Tape
  • Metal Clamp (?which i found out i did not use them ) I thought i can use them to clamp the parts until they are dry

upper clamp diagram picture of royal vision vendors

Did you see the broken plastic upper and lower part of the clamp, the Upper Clamp is virtually broken, that part is extremely expensive and I think you have to change the whole upper clamp assembly and will take 30 minutes to disassemble the whole thing!

upper clamp

If you put epoxy behind the color black plastic and the aluminum metal upper clamp slide then it might not hold and will break since this is a moving part when dispensing drinks.

I was thinking of putting a double sided tape at the back of color black plastic and the aluminum and put large amount of epoxy and instant glue

Just secure it first with a double sided tape!

secure it first with a double sided tape

secured with double sided tape

Final Secured Upper Clamp with Epoxy

Final secured upper clamp with epoxy

I have to ReCalibrate the Royal Vision Vendors for almost 2 hours since everything was not aligned.

I hope that upper clamp is super glued permanently!

wait to let it dry

Here is the You Tube On How To Re Calibrate the Royal Vision Vendors Vending Machine.

( The password default is 3456 )

How to Save Money by Using an Epoxy on Vending Machine Parts

If you are wondering how to save money by using an epoxy on vending machine parts then you might want to give a few examples of how this can be used in your own business.

For instance, I was at the vending machine I work at right now and I was looking through the parts that were still on them.

I noticed one part that I noticed had some small cracks in it and I figured it was time to put the epoxy on it.

After I put the piece on it did look like it would last a little while longer but after I did one more thing to it started to crack again.

I then had to do it again and I had to go out and get another part and I guess I got tired of dealing with the same problem.

I know, but it is so frustrating when your vending machine parts get cracked like that.

I hate to say it but I have to get used to it because it is how I work and I have never had to do it like that before.

How to save money by using an epoxy on vending machine parts

I know for my vending machine, I just have to wait until it is all fixed up and everything works again. Sometimes it’s a little harder to do than it sounds and it’s not always the case.

I guess there is always going to be a problem with vending machine parts but I have to understand that there are things that I can do to make my job easier.

I mean, I know it is frustrating because I am not able to get money out of the machine.

I know that the machines need to run but it seems like I do more work than I have to, so I can’t complain.

lazy sunday

I spent my Sunday fixing a royal vision vendors bottle drop machine which is being used 7 Days a week in a forwarding company facility.

Im fortunate that my locations are diversified into different kinds of locations.? But of course vending machine business is just survival these days and hoping that your collections are enough to pay:

ICBC, Car Loan, Repair, Phone Bills, Rent/Mortgage

There are months that vendors go into negative territory and break even months since March, 2020.

hesitant to call repair technician

I was already hesitant to call vending machine repair technician because it is severly affecting my income coupled with the present COVID19 Pandemic situation here in Vancouver, BC.

Vending machine business which rely on : Community Centers, Downtown Offices, Schools, Hotels and Gymnasiums are actually on a stand still.

I myself hesitate to visit my downtown offices even if it is more than 1 month because it will be a waste of time, parking, energy, going to the elevators with? stuff and just exchanging expired products is a waste of time and it is better just to forget these locations until October or November to see the real picture if it is still viable for the vending machines in these locations.

  • What is the point of collecting $5 dollars and driving all the way to park and pay another $2 dollars on the parking meter? and collect expired products?
  • In case, if the scenario changed to 50% work from home and 50% work in office then it would be better to move these vending machines to other locations instead.

In this pandemic all the businesses are suffering greatly, mostly of them are already in the verge of closing as i can see it when driving around the city.

If my vending machine business is affected by more than 50% then common sense tells us that the other retail sectors are barely making ends meet on rental payments and employees salary.

Personally I really do not know if the health officials realizes that the economy is heavily impacted.? Just by wearing masks can drastically reduce the transmission rates, by moving very slowly on opening up on businesses, by the time health officials gives a Go signal will be too late for most of the retail sector.?

A perfect example is Taiwan where businesses are normal and economy is not affected because they all wear masks.

I think this year is just not about making money projections but how my business will survive this year till second part of next year.

  • If Canada does not allow visitors, events, community interaction then 70% of the businesses is on a Time Bomb and all the federal funds will just dry out and will be useless for another round of loans which in the end all businesses will not be able to pay up.
  • If you ask me honestly as a self employed person which used to service close to 100+ vending machines.? This is uncertain times for me since the Top Performing locations which helps me pay for my rent/mortgage and bills are just earning next to ZERO.
  • If health officials ( they are well paid ) do not put their shoes in self employed single person operators then pretty soon all businesses that are under 10 employees will close shop and will all go into default and if this is the only income from business then even their homes will be gone too, after all it is a Ticking Time Bomb!

Im certain that landowners does not like to see all their for lease to retail stores vacant for a long time!

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