How To Test Vending Machine

This is a normal snack vending machine with a coin mechanism and bill acceptor installed.

functional testing

1 Check to see if it is coin inserted
2 Check to see if coin is genuine
3 Reject if fake
4 Check to see if it is 5, 10 or 20 dollar bill inserted
5 Check to see if fake
6 Reject if fake
7 if coin accepted check proper change on coin mechanism
8 if bill accepted check proper change on bill acceptor
9 check improper change

10 if machine do not have enough change then reject coin
11 if machine do not have emough chnage then reject bill

12 user prompt to make selection product
13 vend item is less than 2 seconds
14 if sensor do not sense any dropped item on delivery bin then turn coil again
15 if sensor sense product then end the transaction

16 if sensor did not sense product then pompt user please make another selection
then go back to 12 to 15

instability testing
17 check if vending machine can be inztalled properly with proper connection
check if it is movable

usability testing
18 check if vending machine has proper buttons
19 check if buttons are working
20 if buttons not working prompt machine out of service
21 check if it has 0-9 numbers to select
22 check if it has coin return button
23 dispenser delivery bin for hands to fit in  to take the product
24 buttons are not too rough
25 buttons with braille
26 check for the height of the operationabilty


27 how quickly it drops
28 2 to 3 seconds drops sensor detect
29 test 110 v 
30 test on different denomination loads of coins and keep selecting 
31 keep inserting coins continously for 1 hr then product selection go to 1 to 15


32 shake the machine
33 switch on and off machine alternatingly and select it.
34 in severe cold/hot weather does it work.
35 keep inserting coins continously for 1 hr then select
36 insert nothing and keep pressing buttons


37 check different coins/dollars
38 check takes a 1 dollr 5 dollar 20 dollar
39 can vending machine work properly outside 
capability testing
40 what can vending machine do other than vending solid items 
41 can it be used just for vending coins
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