How to Upgrade Wall Mounted CT48 Pop Machine

During these Pandemic times, the vending machine business is struggling.

Here are several reasons why the vending machine business is down:

  • High Traffic Schools with restricted times, the mindset of the children have drastically changed on the new normal. Parents are not allowed to stay in the school parks
  • High Traffic Foreign students have drastically reduced here in Vancouver, BC. Most ESL ( English as a secondary language ) schools are virtually hanging on thread financially
  • Factories are not working in full capacities with reduced hours
  • Private Downtown Offices are reduced to only 25% staff and 75% are working from home
  • Federal Employees are all working from home and offices are just left with security guards and some maintenance crews

Rent, Leasing on Machines, Mortgages, and bills still continue to pile up.

As vendors we are all reluctant to buy new equipment, leasing on new machines and always trying to find a good deal.

I accidentally stumbled a batch of Wall Mounted CT48 Pop Machines which are quite popular in the 1990’s. I got this for about $80 each from a guy who is disposing it.

It is a perfect time to buy these kinds of machines especially if you can salvage and repair to make work in the present time.

The old machines can only accept $1 and nothing else and dispenses Pop. All the other denominations are rejected even 5c, 10c, 25c.

The new Twoonies will not even fit the hole on the coin slot which is clearly written to accept only $1 Loonies.

See Pictures on the before and after the conversion

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I got about 9 wall mounted CT 48 Pop machines which can handle about 48 cans of pop.

As shown on the picture above the original slot of the CT48 Pop Machine only accepts Loonies or $1 Coins.

The solution is get a drill and shave off some plastic on the top and bottom part of the opening of the coin slot

Here is the result after shaving the old slot opening of the coin opening and i have modified it to perfectly accept a $2 Twoonie coin.

Below the picture of the coin slot after the modification

The old CT48 houses an old coin mechanism which is 9 Pins 117 Volts and since it was made in the 1990’s by COINCO, you simply have to Swap it out with a Upgraded 9 Pins 117 Volts coin mechanism which can accept all kinds of denomination.

If you only use it for $1 without upgrading the CT 48 then you will :

Wasting your time on tiny profits

Not worth even time to fix it if it cannot accept different deniminations

Luckily, I have 4 pieces COINCO 9 pins 117Volts Upgraded Coin mechanism which can accept all kinds of coins, I have tested it and it works great.

Now during the Pandemic, you can still find great locations that has tiny room and space for these kinds of vending machine.

The only problem with the CT 48 Pop machine is that if you place it on a high risk location then the machine will be vandalize since it is very tiny and the plastic delivery bin can easily be ripped out if there are attempts to destroy it.

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This CT 48 pop vending machine is suitable for locations inside the Office with responsible staff and personnel.

You see during the Pandemic, there are still opportunities where you can can great deals for a steal.

With the capacity of only 48 Cans per CT 48 Pop Machine, it would be wise to deploy in locations that are truly within the vicinity of your service locations. Going out of your service area would not be profitable considering the parking, travel time, loading and unloading and how much profit can you really get with just 48 cans on a pop machine?

For some people it is not worth the time and energy to do this.

By the way the only location for a CT 48 Pop machine is inside the manager’s office and it is absolutely not advisable to place it in a public location.

Check out the pictures below and try to ponder your own thoughts why it is not safe for this machine to be located outside an office room.

The picture above show the old type coin mechanism which is 9 Pins 117 Volts made by Coinco.

You have to set the DIP switches on the Coin mechanism to accept $1.25 Vends. The picture above shows that it was set to accept only $1 Loonies which was profitable way back during the 1990’s.

In order to accept $1.25, you have to Enable .40 .80 and .05 switches and Disable the .10, .20, .160, .320 and .640 switches.

I currently found locations for 3 of these CT 48 Pop Machines near my vicinity of service area.

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So even a collection of $40 to $50 every week on these machines can add up on your income especially on these Pandemic period which is not going away.

I have talked to a lot of people and there was concensus of about 75% reluctant to take the vaccine in fear of allergy reaction.

  • A lot of people are waiting for a version 2 or version 3 vaccine
  • Do you remember the Lubeck Disaster on Vaccine of Tuberculosis?

Excerpt from the link below:

A disaster caused by use of Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) for tuberculosis vaccination struck the German city of Lübeck. During 1929 and 1930, 72 babies died from tuberculosis out of 252 vaccinated. Many other infants were made ill as a result of vaccination. The vaccine used was later found to have been contaminated with a human tuberculosis strain being studied in same lab where the vaccine was produced.Related Media

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