How To Use Drip Pan to Fix Leaking Soda Pop Vending Machine

Here is the picture of the leaking soda pop vending machine.

puddle of water from the soda pop vending machine

You have to prepare some materials:

  • A 5 to 7 inches ice cream bucket or something similar to catch all the water from the soda pop vending machine.
  • Clean the tube on the soda pop vending machine that goes to the drip pan
  • Make sure that the soda pop vending machine door is closed tight so that there is no air going in which will make the soda pop vending machine leak

Pictures are shown below which will cost you almost nothing to fix it DIY.

location of the tube from the soda pop machine to the drip pan

Here is the ice cream bucket that you need to put on the location of the drip pan inside the soda pop vending machine

ice cream bucket

Pullout the rubber tube inside the soda pop machine and flush it with water to clean the debris inside the rubber tubing after many many years of service since there are some obstruction.

Then simply put an ice cream bucket to catch the water.

This method will surely solve all your problems, the water normally do not overflow and some of it will evaporate assuming that all the fans inside your soda pop vending machine is working.

clean the tube on the soda pop machine

There will always be slight problems when placing vending machine at a new location.

I recently got a new location that was abandoned by an old vendor who was there for the longest time, about 10 years.? He held the location for 10 years.

Problem was if the location is performing extremely well then by all means try to service and fix the vending machines.

If the location is just collecting $10 to $20 every 1 month then, it will not be a priority.

People are not used to your machines and also there is some slight calibration on vending machines on a new location.? This is to be expected after doing vending machine business for many years.

Please always remember that there might be an individual who has constant complains no matter what you do.

You can never have 100% happy customers on vending locations.? There is always a problem.

Here are some of the problems I always encounter:

  • Cannot take some of the coins
  • Eating money
  • Coins get stuck
  • Chips sometimes get stuck which is normal
  • People always asking for freebies
  • People who has nothing else to do but thinking of stealing and destroying
  • Something wrong with the product selection

In a location there is always the same individual who always tells you that he or she looses money and something got stuck on the vending machine, as a vendor you just have to simply give whatever they ask from you.

There is always an individual who curse at the machines or you all the time when he or she sees you, this is very normal since everyone is different.

You just have to take a good composure and no feelings or bad reaction or whatsoever because undue stress will befall on you as a vendor doing this everyday as a livelihood.

Karma will likely to get caught up with the individual sooner or later.

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