Loosing Sales On Moldy Vending Machine

I have a particular location that normally calls me at least around once a month on my combo vending machine,

it is prestigious public location and lots of foot traffic and the machines have to be presentable and always cleaned.

I never encountered a machine of mine having molds,

as i could remember i visited this location after receiving a call from the location and i was surprised that there was a coffee bean inside the delivery bin and i also realized that there is a new combo vending machine located on the 5th floor, mine was situated on the 3rd floor of the establishment.

Maybe this was a sabotage that the other vendor did to me ?

Because a coffee bean will really mess up your combo refrigerated vending machine, it will cause some molds and eventually your machine will have lot of mold everywhere that your customers will find it so unsanitary and will lead to the management on reprimanding you to clean it or maybe it is a crappy machine that needs to be replaced.

This location i have kept for years and years without any problem until that particular coffee bean which i don’t know who placed it.

From that time on the manager just keeps on calling me to have the machine cleaned all the time, i used water, Windex and towels to clean it every time i visit the location and i have to remove all the products from the machine and had to clean it one by one, do you know how much time is wasted on cleaning this machine ?

Anyway there is a breaking point where the manager called and told me that the machine needs to be cleaned immediately and was upset why this is happening all the time even thou i cleaned it thoroughly every time is visited the location.

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I was thinking that maybe i used the wrong liquid or chemicals when cleaning the machine, i headed out immediately to Walmart and got Lysol wipes and rushed my way to downtown where the vending machine is located. I tried to use the Lysol Wipes and placed it inside the vending machine so that next time it would be more convenient for me clean the combo machine.

After using the Lysol Wipes i never saw the molds inside the vending machine anymore

and until now i never have any more issues and calls from the location. It is a simple solution whenever you have a machine that is farming molds all the time when it started from a single coffee bean.



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