Speeding Up Vending On A Location

If you are visiting your location for let’s say around 2 to 3 months, you would inherently know what items and products that you put. If instance you go to loading zone in Downtown at Burrard St Vancouver, BC and the office is located at 20th floor for hypothetical purposes.? Normally if you put put 6 kinds of chips, 2 boxes or chocolates, 2 kinds of old english cookies, 2 fridge pack of pop then it would be wise not go visit the location and check it and go back down the the loading zone to pick the goods.

It would be good if you parked at loading bay and have 1 bin for chips and chocolate bars and another bin for a variety of drinks and a small dolly.? this method will save you about 15 minutes of time, especially if you are doing 10 to 15 locations per day.

The arrangement of chips and pop also plays a very important role on how quickly you can extract the product to your bins, ill show you some pictures on my van on the product configuration.

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