Troubleshooting Vending Machine Problems – 90% Can Be Fixed !

When you are running your daily vending machine business, its very irritating for people to constantly call you while you are driving or filling up machines. Almost all vendors just don’t like people calling and interrupting while they are working and especially driving, it creates tremendous stress.? Sometimes i get cranky on the phone when people calls me since you are always on the move and beating the time to your next location.

There are some common issues when people call you and this is the list i made according to my experience.

  1. Coins just goes through the exit slot and doesn’t even register on the LED Display
  2. Coins at times gets eaten by the machine and doesn’t even register a credit display
  3. Bills taken by machine without any credit
  4. Can or Bottle gets stuck on the Glass Front Display Pop Machine
  5. Chips especially the longer packed Smart Popcorn gets stuck on the delivery bin
  6. Bowl Noodles gets stuck on the delivery bin
  7. Kit Kat ( the rectangular size ) gets stuck on the coils partially hanging

Around 80% of the problems are caused by customers that do not know how to use the vending machine, several reasons would be listed below :

  1. ?Insert foreign coins or tokens or slugs , the size of these coins are larger in size and diameter thereby a tendency in jamming the coin mechanism?

2.? Bent Coins

3.? Inserting coins too fast thereby jamming the coin mech

4.? Nudging the glass front vending machine while dispensing thereby causing the other bottle or can to get stuck on the glass front, probably was trying to get a second free drink

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5.? The Smart Popcorn is just too long and the delivery bin is too narrow, the solution is to remove this Smart PopCorn completely from the machine or moving the Smart Popcorn coil to the last bottom row

6.? Bowl Noodle Spiral must also be placed on the last bottom row to avoid incidents

7.? Kit Kat ( Red Rectangular ) getting stuck, simply just remove this product for people to avoid texting or calling you

If you can prevent these problems then you will not be getting annoying calls or text and real problem calls will be occasional.

The most common problem that you can solve when coin goes through the slot without any credit on the display is the make a cold reset on the vending machine, when the location calls you on this problem, just tell them to switch the breaker off and wait a few seconds and turn on the breaker switch on again. This will avoid your gasoline and time to reach there especially when you are interrupted servicing a location that is like for example : Surrey then someone calls you from downtown or east vancouver.

For locations that are not very secure, it would be best to secure and install security locks on your vending machine.

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