Vending machine business opportunities

Vending machine business opportunities

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If you?ve been looking for a new business venture that would require no specific training or skills, then vending machine business opportunities is the right business for you.

This is a business that you can do at your own appropriate time and you can involve your entire family in the business.

family members helping in buying products for the business

This is actually very good for me because certain days members of the family goes out with me to do some vending machines route.

Moreover, you can do this business in the comfort of your home.

small office at home

This is a business where you?ll start small and scale up your business, and eventually, you?d find yourself having more vending machines. Before you start vending machine business, you?ll have to ask yourself some questions such as:

1. How will you start a vending machine business?

If you need to succeed in this business, you should mainly focus on planning and market research.

What are your options in this business?

When you?re thinking about starting a vending machine business, you?d think of the usual soda and snack machines. However, this isn?t the case; there are various vending machine business opportunities today. Some vending machines would be so tempting and so it?s good that you?ll start with a single machine that would address to a particular market. These machines include:

Bulk vending machines

If you?ll opt to go for bulk vending machines, you can involve things such as novelties, stock gumballs, stickers, and toys. This machine would involve various strategies and products.

When you compare the bulk vending machine with other types of machines, it?ll be expensive.

However, the good thing about this machine is, if you?ll place it in the best environment, it?d generate a good income that you can rely on for your daily needs. You?d gain more profits for a long time while spending very little for maintaining this machine.

Food and beverage vending machine

Food and beverage vending machines are mostly widespread across the globe.

Over time, food and beverage vending business has continued to grow and today we have more advanced food kiosks with the latest food and beverage vending machines.

Here you?ll be offered well-conditioned services. You can find a machine that would be specifically for snacks, drinks or for both drinks and snacks.

You can opt to buy various machines for a single location or have a single particular machine for several locations. This would highly depend on the amount of money you?ll capitalize on your business.

2. Where will you locate your vending machine business?

After you?ve decided on the particular market to mark and concentrate on, your next step is choosing the right location where you?ll place your vending machine.

If you?d like to drive your business into profitability, choosing the right location is a very important aspect in your vending machine business. You can consider the following locations for your vending machine business:

  • Shopping malls
  • Groceries stores
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Airports
  • City streets
  • Universities and schools
  • Apartment establishments

It?s good to note that you should always put your vending machine in an area where there?s heavy traffic. Before starting this business, you should look at the state laws that have been put in place to regulate vending in your state. You can get these state laws online or you could contact your local municipality and go through them. You?ll find in every state, there are various regulations, limitations, and rules on the specific products that you?d sell on a particular location.

3. How will you find a vending machine?

If you?ll like to look for a specific vending machine, you can simply just do an online search. You?d also speak to local and national dealers so that you?ll get a clue on the various offerings and prices.

It?s also very crucial when you?ll be looking at the various prices of vending machines, you?d also consider your inventory expenses.

These will determine your profit margins as you grow in your business. Today, you can get vending machines with unique features such as:

credit card reader on my vending machine

You?d find some vending machines having exceptional features that are updated with the latest social and technological drifts. If your budget would allow you to for that particular vending machine with these features, it?s obvious that you?ll attract a lot of customers, serve better your population hence more profits.

4. What to stock in your vending machine?

sample products on the vending machine

After getting your ideal vending machine, it?s obvious that you?ll have to stock it so that you can start selling. You should be inventive while choosing the products for your vending machine so that you can edify your sales. Before stocking your vending machine, it?s good that you?d look into economic reports, local, and national drifts.

For example, you?ll find a lot of people going for vending machines which are known to sell well conditioned snacks and beverages rather than the usual fries and sodas.

You?d attract a lot of consumers if you?ll sell granola bars, coconut water, and water. It?s good to note that before stocking your vending machine, you?d put into consideration the needs of the locals.

5. Will you require funding this vending business?

The good thing about the vending machine business is that you won?t require much capital to start up as compared with other business ventures. In this business, you won?t require office space or a building. You?d only require a vehicle for servicing your route nothing more. If you?d need money to fund your business venture and you don?t have, you can consider either equipment funding loans or short term loans. The financial gains that you?d get from starting, owning and running the vending machine business:

  • You?d start with just a single vending machine and over time, your business will scale up and find yourself owning and operating several of them
  • In this business, you?ll sell directly to the customers and in return, you?d get fast cash because they can either pay you cash or will pay using a credit card.
  • It?s a business that doesn?t require a lot of effort because the moment you?ll place the machine in the right location, you?d only require replenishing and maintaining your vending machine.
  • This kind of business is very flexible because you don?t have to be there to run the business. You can train easily your family on how to replenish, purchase and deposit the money in the bank.


The vending machine business opportunities usually drive millions of dollars across the globe every year.

For this reason, don?t be afraid to get into this business venture. Just read this article and you?ll be in a better position to start this business.


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