Vending Machine Business Profits? In Times of Pandemic

Small Businesses Are Very Slow Even Thou We Are In The Second Phase Of Reopening

businesses are very slow even thou we are in the second phase or reopening

Now, some of the small businesses are very slow even thou we are in the second phase or reopening.

People go into business because they really believe that it is a good investment and that they will be benefited in the future.

They cannot afford to wait any longer and they need to get their business done and move on.

  • Many small businesses do this and then get stuck waiting for the business to open up again.?
  • For some of these people it is time to pull the plug on their business or sell it.
  • Most of the people who run small businesses are too busy with their daily lives and they are not sure what to do with their business.
  • They have invested all the money that they could afford and now they are having problems opening the doors of their business.
  • Many of these people will stop looking for new business opportunities and will just go back to what they had been doing before they were laid off.

This is just how things are and how they have always been. However, the world is changing and many of these people are getting a better understanding of what the big picture is.

These are the people who are ready to do something about their small businesses and the fact that they are trying to open up their own businesses shows that they have a lot of motivation.

They want to see their businesses succeed and they do not want to wait around any longer.

Many of the entrepreneurs who are in the second phase or reopening are just starting out and are looking for what the next steps are going to be in order to take their business to the next level.

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Well in my vending machine business here in Vancovuer, BC, things are improving but most of the high earners such as :

  • Downtown Offices are staffed with just 10 people out from 200 to 300 people
  • Airport Facilities are almost almost empty
  • Tourists Destination Hotels are almost empty
  • Community Centers are still closed
  • Schools are on vacation till September

So virtually there is no business for the vending machine vendor.

Corona Virus – Prolonged and Intermittent shutdowns in Businesses

The Corona Virus is responsible for a variety of diseases that have no cure in common.

It is a highly infectious virus, which causes the human papilloma virus.

corona virus prolonged and intermittent shutdowns in businesses

The Corona Virus causes many different types of symptoms in humans. Some of the most common include severe headaches, fever, fatigue, and chills.

In addition, it can cause many other symptoms such as sore throat, swollen glands in the neck and throat, and a painful cough.

For people who have an ongoing case of this virus, it can cause a lot of complications, such as prolonged and intermittent shutdowns in businesses, and other complications, such as pneumonia and even death.

For small businesses, like myself this would be another scenario where about 50% to 70% of the small shops will begin to close this year.? Real estate will drop, movies, events, gatherings and air travel.

The situation will not go away soon.

Some people will go into default.

Micro Market Vending services will eventually shutdown

Ever wondered what the micro market vending services are greatly affected by due to perishable items?

  • Most of us believe that the vending business is a recession proof business.
  • I was introduced to micro market but never got hold of it simply because of the labor effort in running the business, most of the items are fresh and needs a lot of people to sustain the business.
  • Since all the downtown offices are less than half empty then these micro market setups will eventually close.
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It is still better to put a vending machine with 2 months expiration dates on products: chips, chocolate bars and pop, chances of surviving is far greater then micro market operations.

Businesses That Are Looking to Cut Routing Distances and Costs

Businesses that are looking to cut routing distances and costs

Many of the smaller business owners do not understand that businesses that are looking to cut costs, and routes that are less than ideal can be used to save a lot of money, as well as keep costs from increasing any further.

This means that business owners who have a less than perfect routing strategy can also save money and reduce costs by simply improving on their current routing plan.

  • This can be done simply by using the internet to find a company that offers routing software and service plans that can be used to improve the routing plan of a business.
  • The company will then be able to offer businesses the best routing plan possible, and the service of choosing a good routing service will be included in the package.
  • Businesses that are looking to cut routing distances and costs can simply add new routes to their current routing plans, and use the software to get them set up.

The software will then be able to provide businesses with the best possible route plans, and will be able to keep track of how much fuel they are using, and how much time it has taken for their trucks to reach their destinations.

This is important to businesses that have trucks, and drivers that have to travel long distances.

By using routing software, the business can increase the amount of time that it takes for the trucks to reach their destinations and save money while doing so.

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WAZE App Optimizes Routes and Services And Saves Money on Vending Route

Lately, I have been using Waze a mobile app on finding the best possible route when im servicing vending machine locations, it saves time, gasoline and even detects:

  • Police
  • Speed Trap
  • Potholes
  • Accidents
  • Traffic

The Waze App will re-route if you in doing these kind of scenarios while servicing your vending machine business.

The Waze App is Free forever to use in tandem with your vending machine business!

  • Many delivery services claim to provide on time delivery, but what does WAZE optimize routes for?
  • When you first create your WAZE route and the delivery services that you have selected, then how does WAZE help to optimize the route?
  • Of course the best way to optimize a route is by making it as efficient as possible.
  • If a certain route is not optimized, the customer has a higher chance of being late or not delivered at all. This has been proven time again, and has even been used in areas where there are few delivery services available to serve customers.
  • The best way to optimize a route is to make sure that the delivery services available to you are reliable.

A good way to assure reliability is to ensure that you use only the most dependable delivery services available.

If you do not use the best delivery services available, you run the risk of having the unreliable time and vending services.

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