Vending Machine Ethics

Whenever you go to your locations, most people are excited to see you and this makes me in a happy mood, Generally the people are expecting free chips, pop and candies.? I remember way back about 3 years ago when i was still acquiring the locations and a big vendor that was retiring sold some of his locations to me and i asked him the question, what if there are people asking freebies from you all the time when you are at the location, which is very annoying to all the vendors.

Since at that time im still new to the business, i really don’t know how to face this situation.? The vendor who sold me his locations told me that it annoys him so much that he always retorts back : ” Do you work for Free ? ” this question will stop in most cases to all people who are aksing freebies all the time form you.

Actually i tried it myself to say to people who are asking freebies from me, and suddenly those people stopped talking to me and just minds me my own business whenever im at the location.? I have noticed that this is not a good way to answer back to people because i think i almost lost a location since the empolyee told his boss about it and the way the people at that particular location doesn’t see me the way that they are as welcoming to me as before.

Right now i have a lot of locations and when people are asking freebies from me all the time, i’d just smile and say that i’d give you if there are some left and would jokingly say that i wish that my time is free that i could give you something in return.? Most people who ask for freebies doesn’t know a clue that you need to spend money, gasoline and time in organizing all your itsy bitsy products and how detailed it has to be inside the cargo van for easy extraction and access to provide outstanding service.

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By the way i normally give to people who don’t ask for freebies, it’s like karma, just don’t expet anything in your daily life, just work hard and pretty soon abundance will come along.

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