Vending Machine Security Measures – Best Lock Review

If you have more then 100+ machines to be taken care of, statistics shows that at least there are machines that are broken into or forcibly opened from the side where the lock is located.

There are unimaginable hundreds of methods in forcibly or breaking into a vending machine when the person has lots of time in his hands when stealing is his livelihood. Here are results on some of my vending machines that have been tampered and broken into.


This man just took some candies and chocolate and chips on my bin when i was unloading in front of a police station.  But i understand his plight, when a person has nothing and in need then its fine to forgive and let go.


My advise is to find a solution so that these problems will not happen anymore or else it will be a recurring problem and when you visit your place everything is loss. Here are some the machines that are fully secured and vandal proof.


i had no more breakins or any vandalism after buying the securing the essentials that are needed to be installed to vending machines that are exposed to the public eye.

  •  Mul-t-lock TR 100 “Hockey Puck” padlock
  • Rank 10 out 10
  • Mul-t-lock is hardened and compared to other Puck Locks it is undrillable
  • Price $ 100
  • Guarantee (YES)

do not forget to buy the COVER HASP to put the puck lock. The cover hasp can be bought at :

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