Vending Machine Supplies -Review On Suppliers

As i mentioned already before where i get my supplies for the machines, here are the rundown on the pros and cons of the particular vending machine supplies.



We have a variety of products and everything is in bulk which we vendors buy for our inventory.? The items are always checked and fresh.? There was an instance at costco richmond branch i was buying the GT’s Kombucha and they are already expired and i told the staff and they told care of it immediately.? It was because i bought some GT’sKombucha and thinking it was on a good date but upon reaching the check out counter i have to turn back.

Every year you get a rebate and cash back from Costco, they send you a check, they have a rebate program the more you spend the more you have cash back.


Before you become a member you have to pay $100 if you have retail store and $50 for a regular member.? But this will be cancelled out if you buy regularly since the prices are already competitive and you get a cash rebate every year.

You cannot pay Visa Credit Card which most people carry.



They have a lot of fresh stock of food and most of them are organic and specialty items for grocers.? They carry the good stuff where you cannot find it in Costco or Wholesale Club or Vending Products of Canada.? They have a lot of varieties of Kombucha and special chips like : Kettle and Hard Bites for the vending machine,


The initial problem is that you have the fill in a bunch of forms and fax and email to them and have to wait for approval which takes a long time ( for me 2 to 5 days is too long for vending guys ), it is not an instant approval and when you palce your order, you have to wait for 1 day before they send out an email for you to pick up your order at their designated warehouse which is located in Richmond.

You see people don’t have a clue that you have to go all these process in order for you to get their Kettle or Hard Bite Chips! and they are always asking for Freebies!

WholeSale Club In Burnaby?


You actually go to a warehouse and you don’t even have to become a member, anyone can go there and buy in bulk which is preferred by most vendors.? You park, pick up your stuff and get out with a wholesale price even thou it is 1 ot 2 pieces!? Most people are lazy ( like me especially on mondays or weekends ) to drive all the way to Wholesale Club in Burnaby and it is not advisable if you are just buying a few pieces.

You get to buy more variety in chips and they come in all different size and shape.? When it comes to vending supplies this store carries more products than Costco and you don’t have to pay $50 or $100 on annual membership.


You get more variety of items but you don’t get cash back and rebates like Costco, that’s why there are still more people going to Costco than anywhere else. You cannot?pay visa credit card.


Sometimes when i run out of chocolate bars i just go to any dollarama, they cost around $0.82 a piece + gst, this is expensive compared to Costco or Wholesale Club but you ran out, you have a choice.

And also if you ran out of cash , they accept Visa Credit Card.

Vending Products of Canada


This is a large warehouse that all the vendors go to and buy chocolate and candies and you dont have to be a member and buy all the goodies you want.? This is the only place i go to buy some specialty products for vending, like Jelly Beans, JJubes, Specialty Cookies, Coffee consumables for the coffee machines, all the chips for the vending machines that you can think of.? What they don’t have is the : Kettle and Hard Bite chips that i mentioned before.

If you establish a good relationship with them, they are willing to give you 30 days credit terms and also if you pay Visa Credti Card you can collect Air Miles.


They are open only from monday to friday and limited times from 8am to 5pm and they are located in the northern side of burnaby which is quite far for me, but the good thing is that they are near burnaby Costco which you can swing by after visiting them.

Other Places That I Visit

  • Dollar Tree
  • Dollar Smart
  • Of course if i have to time to go with my family for an inexpensive buffet on weekends, i’d go to Bellingham?USA! sometimes to get off from vancouver out of my mind once in a while!

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