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About Francis Vending Service Business

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Running a vending service business is like running multiple convenience stores.

Came to Vancouver, BC and hoping that it is a greener pasture in the vending service industry.

My hometown is in Makati City, Philippines.

Tried my luck on an existing grocery store in Kitsilano and was cheated ( history ).

I initially thought that converting printers and refilling would duplicate my success in the Philippines.  Sold the convenience store at a loss.

I worked at Staples as a computer technician and resigned.  I’m fixing computer at my grocery shop in Kitsilano in which both locations have different customer base.

engineering graduateWay back in the Philippines after graduating from Industrial Management Engineering Minor in Mechanical ( which i never applied to my businesses ).

My original business was importing motherboards, microchips, i/o cards, graphics cards by the bulk from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

This only lasted for a few years and moved on after attending numerous Computex Shows in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

I brought a prototype that converts printers into a continuous ink supply system.continuous ink supply system

It was an era were everyone wanted to save money and save ink.

Opened numerous brick and mortar retail stores specializing in TONER Refill saving people about 60 to 70% on toner refills and toner re-manufacturing.

Vending Service Business is my full time job.



My purpose of the website is that i wanted to give the best service possible to my customers on snacks, chips and pop selections by offering various types of vending machines.

I like to blog and let people understand what vending service business is all about.

I’m going to populate the website on how to articles on diagnose and repairs on various vending machines that i come across.

Why choosing Francis Vending Service in their location.

All the best,

Francis W Bangayan

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