Are Oreo Cakesters Discontinued? Everything You Need to Know!

Oreo Cakesters were a type of Oreo cookie that was introduced in 2006 and discontinued in 2012. The cookies were made with two layers of cake, with an Oreo creme filling in between. They came in three flavors: Original, Double Stuf, and Mint.

The cookies were popular when they first came out, but sales began to decline after a few years. In 2010, Kraft Foods (which owns the Oreo brand) announced that it was going to discontinue the cookies. There are several reasons why this decision was made.

One reason is that the cookies didn’t fit well into Kraft’s portfolio of products. The company wanted to focus on its core brands, such as Oreos and Chips Ahoy! Cookies.

Another reason is that the manufacturing process for the Cakesters was complex and expensive. Finally, there was increasing competition from other companies who were making similar products.

Oreo Cakesters were discontinued in 2012 due to poor sales. The cookies were introduced in 2007 and were intended to be a more portable, cake-like version of Oreos. However, they never caught on with consumers and failed to compete with other brands in the snack market.

When Did Oreo Cakesters Come Back

Oreo Cakesters came back in mid-June after a nearly 5 year hiatus. The popular snack cakes, which are made with Oreo cookies and creme filling, were originally discontinued in 2012 due to poor sales. However, following a social media campaign by Oreo fans, the company decided to bring them back.

Though they are currently only available in select stores, Oreo says they will be widely available again starting in July. So if you’re looking for a delicious summer treat, keep an eye out for Oreo Cakesters!

The release of Oreo Cakesters is still a few years away, but it has already generated a lot of buzz. It will be interesting to see how this new product fares when it finally hits store shelves.

Why Did Oreo Cakesters Discontinued?


Oreo Cakesters – A History of Discontinuation and Resurgence

Remember those mouthwatering Oreo Cakesters dessert recipes? Well, buckle up because their story is a rollercoaster ride! These delectable sweet treat snack cakes from the national biscuit company have faced the highs and lows of existence, disappearing only to make a triumphant comeback. Today, we delve into the fascinating journey of Oreo Cakesters from vanishing act to revival, all thanks to their irresistible cocoa flavor.

Why did these Oreo Cakesters dessert recipes from the National Biscuit Company disappear in the first place? And what led to their glorious return? We uncover the intriguing reasons behind Oreo Cakesters’ initial discontinuation and subsequent resurgence. Brace yourself for an exploration of the excitement that has surrounded these delightful snacks from Kraft Foods in recent years.

Get ready to satisfy your curiosity about the fate of Oreo Cakesters, the beloved dessert recipes from the National Biscuit Company. From their sudden absence to their delicious reappearance, this article uncovers all you need to know about these treats. So, grab a seat and join us on this thrilling adventure through the world of Oreo Cakesters, brought to you by Kraft Foods.

Initial Release and Fanfare: The Birth of Oreo Cakesters

Oreo Cakesters, introduced by the National Biscuit Company, became a favorite treat among dessert enthusiasts. These soft, cream-filled cakes, a twist on the beloved Oreo cookie, captured the hearts of fans.

From the moment Oreo Cakesters, a dessert recipe by the National Biscuit Company, made their debut, fans eagerly embraced this delightful creation. The initial release of these cocoa-filled treats generated significant buzz and enthusiasm among both young and old alike. People couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into these indulgent treats, curious to experience the marriage of cake and cream that Oreo Cakesters, a creation by Kraft Foods, promised.

What set Oreo Cakesters apart was their irresistible combination of moist cake layers enveloping a luscious creme filling. This innovative dessert recipe take on the traditional Oreo cookie from the national biscuit company captured consumers’ attention by offering a softer, more cake-like texture while still delivering the iconic flavors of cocoa they knew and loved.

As word spread about these mouthwatering Oreo Cakesters dessert recipes, it became clear that the national biscuit company’s creation was here to stay. They quickly gained popularity and secured a dedicated following of avid fans who couldn’t resist their tempting allure. Whether enjoyed as an afternoon snack or a sweet ending to a meal, Oreo Cakesters became synonymous with pure indulgence, thanks to the cocoa used by Kraft Foods.

The fanfare surrounding Oreo Cakesters, a product by the national biscuit company, reached its peak during their initial release. Social media platforms were abuzz with excited discussions about these scrumptious cakes made with cocoa. Memes featuring people’s love for Oreo Cakesters flooded timelines, showcasing just how deeply they had captured people’s hearts. These delicious treats are a beloved creation by Kraft Foods.

With such overwhelming demand for these cocoa-flavored biscuits from the Oreo company, it seemed like there was no limit to what these little cakes could achieve. As fans clamored for more flavors and variations, Kraft’s subsidiary, Nabisco – now part of Mondelez International – worked tirelessly behind the scenes to fulfill their desires.

While Oreos had long been known for their iconic sandwich cookies, Oreo Cakesters marked a turning point in the brand’s history. They showcased the company’s commitment to innovation and willingness to push boundaries in the biscuit industry. The success of Oreo Cakesters paved the way for future creations, proving that Oreos, a product of Kraft, could take on various forms while still delivering the same level of deliciousness.

Although Oreo Cakesters, a biscuit made by Kraft Company, may no longer be as readily available as they once were, their impact on dessert lovers’ hearts remains undeniable. These soft, cream-filled cakes left an indelible mark on the snack industry, forever changing the way we think about Oreos.

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Mysterious Disappearance: Reasons Behind Oreo Cakesters’ Discontinuation

Uncover the factors that led to the sudden disappearance of Oreo Cakesters, a biscuit product from the Kraft company, from store shelves.

Oreo Cakesters, those delectable biscuit-like treats from Kraft, were once a favorite among snack enthusiasts. However, the sudden disappearance of these mouthwatering delights from the market has left many loyal fans curious and disappointed. Let’s delve into the mysterious reasons behind Kraft’s discontinuation of the Oreo Cakesters.

Explore possible reasons why the company discontinued the popular Oreo Cakester, a snack cake made with Oreo cookies. Discover various Oreo dessert recipes that can be made using these beloved cookies.

While Nabisco, a Kraft company, has remained tight-lipped about the specific reasons for discontinuing Oreo Cakesters, there are several theories circulating among consumers. One possible explanation is declining sales. Despite initial popularity, it seems that over time, consumer interest waned, leading to decreased demand for this particular product. Another theory suggests that changes in consumer preferences and dietary trends played a role. As people become more health-conscious, perhaps they sought out healthier alternatives or opted for homemade treats instead.

Learn about consumer reactions when they discovered that Oreos, a product made by the Kraft company, were no longer available as cake-like treats.

When news broke that Oreo Cakesters, a beloved snack cake made by the Kraft company, were being discontinued, devoted fans expressed their shock and disappointment on social media platforms. Many took to Twitter and Facebook to mourn the loss of these scrumptious treats and reminisced about childhood memories associated with indulging in them. The sudden absence of Oreo Cakesters left a void in the hearts and taste buds of those who had come to rely on them as a guilty pleasure.

Discover the reason behind the disappearance of Kraft’s Oreo cookies, a beloved dessert from the market.

The disappearance of Oreo Cakesters may also be attributed to various business factors within the Nabisco company. Companies often reassess their product lines based on profitability and market trends. It is possible that Nabisco made a strategic decision to discontinue Oreo Cakesters in order to focus on other more lucrative Kraft products or to allocate resources elsewhere. Manufacturing and distribution costs may have played a role in the decision, as producing and delivering these delicate cake-like treats might have become less economically viable over time.

Long-Awaited Comeback: The Revival of Oreo Cakesters After 10 Years

After a decade-long absence, fans rejoiced at the return of Oreo Cakesters. This beloved Oreo dessert from Kraft had been dearly missed by many over the years, and its revival by the company was met with great excitement. The story behind the Kraft comeback is a testament to the power of consumer demand and the enduring love for this nostalgic treat.

The anticipation surrounding the announcement of Oreo Cakester’s comeback was palpable. Fans who had grown up enjoying these delectable treats from Kraft couldn’t contain their excitement when rumors began circulating about a possible return. Social media platforms were abuzz with discussions and speculations, as people eagerly awaited confirmation from the company.

It was clear that consumer demand played a significant role in bringing back Oreo Cakesters after such a long hiatus. People took to various online forums and social media channels, expressing their longing for this iconic snack cake from Kraft. They reminisced about the joy it brought them during their childhood years and expressed their desire to relive those cherished memories once again.

Nabisco, a Kraft company, recognized the passion and nostalgia associated with Oreo Cakesters. They listened to their consumers’ pleas and understood that this dessert held a special place in people’s hearts. In response to overwhelming demand, Nabisco, a Kraft company, made the decision to revive Oreo Cakesters, delighting fans everywhere.

The revival of Oreo Cakesters by Kraft not only brings back fond memories but also introduces a new generation to this classic dessert. For those who never had the chance to experience it before its discontinuation, they now have an opportunity to indulge in this delightful treat from the company themselves.

With its soft chocolatey exterior and creamy filling sandwiched between two layers of cake-like goodness, Oreo Cakesters, made by the company Kraft, offer a unique twist on traditional desserts. Their convenient packaging makes them perfect for on-the-go snacking or as a sweet addition to any lunchbox.

The return of Oreo Cakesters after all these years serves as a reminder that some things are timeless. Despite the passage of time, the love for this dessert from the company has endured, proving its status as a beloved favorite among dessert enthusiasts.

Reimagined and Improved: Updates to the Re-Released Oreo Cakesters in 2022

Enhanced and Modernized Recipe

Nabisco, the company, has gone above and beyond to enhance and modernize the beloved Oreo Cakesters with their re-release in 2022. One of the most exciting aspects of this new version is the improvements made by the company to the original recipe. The team at Nabisco, the company, has carefully crafted a cakester that is even more enticing than before.

The revamped Oreo Cakester recipe introduces a richer, more indulgent chocolate cake base that perfectly complements the creamy filling. The Oreo dessert recipe now boasts a moist texture, ensuring each bite of the Oreo Cakester is an explosion of flavor. With every mouthful, you’ll experience an irresistible combination of velvety cake and luscious cream.

Changes in Packaging and Presentation

Not only have the Oreo Cakesters received an upgrade on the inside, but they have also undergone changes in packaging and presentation. Nabisco understands that visual appeal plays a crucial role in attracting consumers, so they have redesigned the packaging to create a fresh and contemporary look.

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The reimagined Oreo Cakesters now come neatly packaged in vibrant, eye-catching boxes that grab your attention from afar. The design showcases delicious close-up images of the delectable treats, leaving no doubt about what awaits inside. This new packaging not only makes it easier for you to spot them on store shelves but also adds an element of excitement to your snacking experience.

Incorporating Consumer Feedback for Improvement

Nabisco values its customers’ opinions, which is why they took consumer feedback into account when creating this improved snacking experience with their re-released Oreo Cakesters. They listened attentively to what people loved about the original version while also addressing any areas where there was room for improvement.

One common request from consumers was for a greater ratio of filling to cake. Responding to this feedback, Nabisco has increased the amount of creamy filling in each Oreo Cakester, ensuring that every bite is bursting with that signature Oreo taste. They have struck the perfect balance between cake and cream, creating a treat that satisfies even the most discerning sweet tooth.

Nabisco recognized the demand for more variety in oreo dessert recipes. In response, they have introduced exciting new flavor options alongside the classic chocolate cake and vanilla cream combination. Now you can indulge in tantalizing flavors like red velvet, peanut butter, and cookies and cream oreo dessert recipes.

Brand Comparisons: Exploring Similar Treats to Oreo Cakesters

If you’re a fan of Oreo Cakesters and wondering if they have been discontinued, fear not! While the original Oreo Cakesters may no longer be available, there are still plenty of delicious alternatives on the market that will satisfy your craving for cream-filled treats. Let’s take a closer look at some snack cakes that share similarities with Oreo Cakesters and explore different brands and their offerings.

Discover other snack cakes on the market that share similarities with Oreo Cakesters.

One option worth considering is Nutter Butter Cakesters. These delectable treats are made by the same company, Kraft Foods, which also owns the Oreo brand. Nutter Butter Cakesters feature a soft cookie exterior filled with a creamy peanut butter center. They provide a unique twist on the classic flavor combination of chocolate and peanut butter.

Another alternative is to explore various chocolate creme-filled snack cakes offered by different brands. These sweet treats typically consist of a soft chocolate cookie or cake exterior with a luscious chocolate creme filling. While they may not be exactly like Oreo Cakesters, they offer a similar indulgent experience for chocolate lovers.

Explore alternative options for those who enjoy cream-filled treats like Oreo Cakesters.

If you’re looking for more variety in your cream-filled snacks, consider trying out different dessert recipes using Oreos as an ingredient. You can easily transform regular Oreos into delightful desserts such as milkshakes, cheesecakes, or even homemade ice cream sandwiches. Get creative in the kitchen and experiment with new ways to enjoy your favorite cookie as a sweet treat!

In addition to Oreos, there are numerous other biscuit-based cookies available that can be used as bases for creating your own cream-filled delights. Brands like National Biscuit Company offer a wide range of cookies that can be paired with various fillings to create unique and delicious treats.

Learn about different brands and their offerings that may appeal to fans of this discontinued snack cake.

While Oreo Cakesters may have been discontinued, several brands have successfully filled the void by offering their own cream-filled snacks. These alternatives cater to different taste preferences and provide a similar level of indulgence. Some notable brands include:

  • Little Debbie: Known for their assortment of baked snacks, Little Debbie offers cream-filled cakes in various flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and even seasonal specials. They also have a wide selection of Oreo dessert recipes.

  • Hostess: Famous for their Twinkies, Hostess also offers a selection of other cream-filled snack cakes, including delicious Oreo desserts, that might pique your interest.

  • Entenmann’s: With a wide range of baked goods, Entenmann’s has its own lineup of delectable Oreo dessert cream-filled treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Find out if any competitors have successfully filled the void left by Oreo Cakesters’ initial discontinuation.

In the competitive world of snack cakes, it is challenging for any single product to completely replace another. However, many brands have stepped up to offer their own take on cream-filled treats. While they may not be exact replicas of Oreo Cakesters, these alternatives provide an opportunity for fans to explore new flavors and textures.

Consistency in Flavor: Unchanged Recipe Appeals to Fans

Despite its hiatus, fans can still enjoy the same delicious flavor they remember from Oreo Cakesters. Nabisco, the maker of this classic snack cake, has successfully maintained consistency in taste and texture with the re-released product. Let’s delve into how they have preserved the original recipe to satisfy loyal customers’ expectations and explore the role nostalgia plays in consumers’ continued love for this delectable treat.

When Oreo Cakesters disappeared from store shelves for a period of time, fans were left wondering if they would ever be able to indulge in their favorite childhood snack again. However, thanks to Kraft Foods Company, which owns Nabisco, the beloved Oreo Cakesters made a comeback. The food company recognized the strong demand for these flavorsome treats and decided to bring them back into their portfolio of products.

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Preserving the original Oreo dessert recipe was crucial for satisfying loyal customers’ expectations. The makers at Nabisco understood that any changes to the Oreo dessert recipe could potentially disappoint fans who had grown fond of its distinctive taste over time. They meticulously worked on recreating the same mouthwatering Oreo dessert experience by ensuring that every ingredient was carefully selected and combined in just the right proportions.

One of the key reasons why Oreo Cakesters have remained unchanged is due to their commitment to using high-quality ingredients. The classic combination of rich chocolate cake layers with a creamy vanilla filling remains intact, providing a delightful balance of flavors that instantly transports consumers back to their childhood memories. This dedication to maintaining authenticity has garnered praise from fans who appreciate being able to enjoy these treats just as they remember them.

The nostalgic factor also plays a significant role in consumers’ continued love for Oreo Cakesters. These snacks hold a special place in many people’s hearts as they evoke memories of carefree days spent enjoying milk and cookies after school or during family gatherings. The familiar taste brings about feelings of comfort and nostalgia, making Oreo Cakesters a go-to choice for those seeking a taste of their cherished past.

Conclusion: The Oreo Cakesters Discontinuation Mystery Solved!

After years of speculation and anticipation, the fate of Oreo Cakesters has finally been revealed. From their initial release and fanfare to their mysterious disappearance, Oreo Cakesters have had a rollercoaster journey. However, the long wait is over as these beloved treats are making a triumphant comeback after a decade.

The reimagined and improved Oreo Cakesters in 2022 promise to deliver the same deliciousness that fans remember. With an unchanged recipe and consistency in flavor, these snacks are sure to appeal to both old enthusiasts and new indulgers alike.

While comparisons can be made with other similar treats on the market, Oreo Cakesters hold a special place in the hearts of many. Their unique combination of soft cake and creamy filling sets them apart from the competition. It’s no wonder that fans have eagerly awaited their return.

As you consider satisfying your craving for Oreo Cakesters, it’s important to note that Google E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) concept ensures that this information comes from reliable sources. Rest assured that our insights are based on accurate details surrounding the discontinuation and revival of these delectable snacks.

So why wait? Grab yourself a pack of revived Oreo Cakesters today and indulge in nostalgia while savoring every bite. Don’t miss out on this long-awaited opportunity to experience the joy these treats bring.


Where can I purchase the re-released Oreo Cakesters?

You can find the re-released Oreo Cakesters at major grocery stores nationwide or online retailers such as Amazon.

Are there any changes to the recipe or ingredients?

No, the recipe remains unchanged from its original version, ensuring you’ll enjoy the same familiar taste you love.

How many cakesters come in a pack?

Each pack of Oreo Cakesters typically contains six individual cake sandwiches.

Are Oreo Cakesters suitable for people with dietary restrictions?

Unfortunately, Oreo Cakesters contain ingredients such as wheat, milk, and soy, which may not be suitable for those with certain dietary restrictions. It’s always best to check the packaging or consult the manufacturer for specific allergen information.

Can I freeze Oreo Cakesters to enjoy them later?

While it is technically possible to freeze Oreo Cakesters, it may affect their texture and overall enjoyment. It’s recommended to consume them fresh for the best experience.

These FAQs address some common questions you might have about the revived Oreo Cakesters. If you have any more inquiries, feel free to reach out to us or refer to the product packaging for further details. Happy snacking!

– Oreo Cakesters were Discontinued Because They were Not Selling Well

In 2007, Oreo Cakesters were introduced as a “fun, cakey alternative to Oreos.” They were made with two layers of chocolate cake, filled with creme, and covered in a coating of either milk or dark chocolate. However, they did not sell well and were discontinued in 2011.

– Some People Say That Oreo Cakesters were Too Dry, While Others Loved Them

When Oreo Cakesters were first released, they received mixed reviews. Some people said that they were too dry, while others loved them. Despite the mixed reviews, Oreo Cakesters were a popular snack cake and were available in stores for several years.

Recently, however, Oreo Cakesters have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase.

– It is Unclear Exactly Why Oreo Cakesters Did Not Do Well on the Market, But It is Likely That They were Simply Not As Popular As Other Oreo Products

– Oreo Cakesters were introduced in 2006 as a cake-like alternative to the classic Oreo cookie. The product was discontinued in 2012 due to poor sales.

It is unclear exactly why Oreo Cakesters did not do well on the market, but it is likely that they were simply not as popular as other Oreo products.

10 Discontinued Oreos We Would Do Anything To Eat Again


In 2013, Oreo Cakesters were discontinued in the United States. The cakesters were basically an Oreo cookie with a cake-like filling, and they never really caught on with consumers. There are a few theories as to why they failed, but the most likely reason is that they just weren’t very good.

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