Why Did Oreo Cakesters Discontinued?

Oreo Cakesters were a type of Oreo cookie that was introduced in 2006 and discontinued in 2012. The cookies were made with two layers of cake, with an Oreo creme filling in between. They came in three flavors: Original, Double Stuf, and Mint.

The cookies were popular when they first came out, but sales began to decline after a few years. In 2010, Kraft Foods (which owns the Oreo brand) announced that it was going to discontinue the cookies. There are several reasons why this decision was made.

One reason is that the cookies didn’t fit well into Kraft’s portfolio of products. The company wanted to focus on its core brands, such as Oreos and Chips Ahoy! Cookies.

Another reason is that the manufacturing process for the Cakesters was complex and expensive. Finally, there was increasing competition from other companies who were making similar products.

Oreo Cakesters were discontinued in 2012 due to poor sales. The cookies were introduced in 2007 and were intended to be a more portable, cake-like version of Oreos. However, they never caught on with consumers and failed to compete with other brands in the snack market.


When Did Oreo Cakesters Come Back

Oreo Cakesters came back in mid-June after a nearly 5 year hiatus. The popular snack cakes, which are made with Oreo cookies and creme filling, were originally discontinued in 2012 due to poor sales. However, following a social media campaign by Oreo fans, the company decided to bring them back.

Though they are currently only available in select stores, Oreo says they will be widely available again starting in July. So if you’re looking for a delicious summer treat, keep an eye out for Oreo Cakesters!

When Did Oreo Cakesters Come Out

In 2006, Oreo Cakesters hit store shelves as the newest addition to the Oreo family. These bite-sized cakes were designed for on-the-go snacking and quickly became a favorite among Oreo fans. Made with two soft cookies sandwiching a creamy filling, Oreo Cakesters provided a delicious way to enjoy an Oreo cookie anytime, anywhere.

Sadly,Oreo Cakesters were discontinued in 2012 due to low sales. As oreo lovers mourned the loss of their beloved snack, many speculated as to why the cakesters didn’t make it. Some say that the cakesters simply couldn’t compete with other on-the-go snacks like granola bars or fruit cups.

Others believe that the demise of Oreo Cakesters was due to their lack of portability – it was difficult to eat them without making a mess. Whatever the reason,Oreo Cakesters are no longer available for purchase. But there’s still hope for those who crave these bite-sized treats!

In 2017, Nabisco released Limited Edition Birthday Cake flavorOreos which many say taste just like the originalCakesters . So if you’re looking for a tasty alternative to your favorite discontinued snack, be sure to give Birthday Cake Oreos a try!

Are Oreo Cakesters Back

Yes, Oreo Cakesters are back! And they’re better than ever. These delicious little cakes are perfect for a quick snack or a dessert.

They’re made with real Oreo cookies and have a light, fluffy texture. Plus, they come in four delicious flavors: Original, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Birthday Cake. So whether you’re looking for a classic cookie taste or something new and exciting, Oreo Cakesters have got you covered.

Oreo Cakesters Discontinued Again

The Oreo Cakesters have been discontinued again. This is the second time that they have been taken off the market. The first time was in 2013, and now they are being discontinued again in 2017.

Many people are wondering why Oreo is discontinuing the Cakesters, and there are a few theories. Some believe that it has to do with the fact that Oreo is owned by Nabisco, which is also owned by Mondelez International. Mondelez International has been selling off some of its brands, including Cadbury, so it’s possible that they no longer want to invest in the Oreo Cakesters.

Another theory is that the Cakesters just weren’t selling well. They were introduced in 2006 and didn’t really take off until a few years later. But even then, sales were never great.

So it’s possible that Oreo decided to cut their losses and discontinue the product. Whatever the reason for their discontinuation, Oreo Cakesters will be missed by many fans. They were a unique product that combined two classic snacks – cookies and cake – into one delicious treat.

Hopefully, Oreo will bring them back at some point in the future!

Oreo Cakesters Recipe

Who doesn’t love Oreos? The classic cookie is delicious on its own, but it’s even better in cake form! This Oreo Cakesters recipe is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite cookies in a new and exciting way.

What You’ll Need: 1 package (18.3 ounces) Oreo Cookies, divided 1/2 cup butter, melted

1/4 cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Oreo Cakesters Review

When it comes to Oreo Cakesters, there are a lot of mixed reviews out there. Some people love them, while others find them to be dry and crumbly. Personally, I think they’re just okay.

They’re not my favorite snack cake by any means, but they’re not terrible either. If you’ve never had an Oreo Cakester before, they basically taste like an Oreo cookie that has been turned into a cake. The outside is nice and soft, while the inside is filled with creme filling.

One thing that I don’t like about them is that the creme filling is very sweet and can be a bit overwhelming at times. All in all, I would say that Oreo Cakesters are just okay. If you’re looking for a delicious snack cake, then you might want to try something else.

But if you’re simply looking for something to tide you over until your next meal, then these will do just fine.

Oreo Cakesters Release Date 2022

According to a recent report, Oreo Cakesters will be released in 2022. This news has been met with mixed reactions from the public. Some are excited for the new product, while others are worried about the potential health risks associated with it.

Oreo Cakesters are a type of cookie that is made with Oreo cookies and cream filling. They are marketed as an alternative to traditional cakes and pies. The release date for Oreo Cakesters has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be sometime in 2022.

There are some concerns about the health risks associated with Oreo Cakesters. Some worry that the cookie could contain unhealthy trans fats or other additives that could be harmful to one’s health. However, there is no evidence to suggest that Oreo Cakesters are any more harmful than traditional cookies or cakes.

The release of Oreo Cakesters is still a few years away, but it has already generated a lot of buzz. It will be interesting to see how this new product fares when it finally hits store shelves.

Why Did Oreo Cakesters Discontinued?

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– Oreo Cakesters were Discontinued Because They were Not Selling Well

In 2007, Oreo Cakesters were introduced as a “fun, cakey alternative to Oreos.” They were made with two layers of chocolate cake, filled with creme, and covered in a coating of either milk or dark chocolate. However, they did not sell well and were discontinued in 2011.

– Some People Say That Oreo Cakesters were Too Dry, While Others Loved Them

When Oreo Cakesters were first released, they received mixed reviews. Some people said that they were too dry, while others loved them. Despite the mixed reviews, Oreo Cakesters were a popular snack cake and were available in stores for several years.

Recently, however, Oreo Cakesters have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase.

– It is Unclear Exactly Why Oreo Cakesters Did Not Do Well on the Market, But It is Likely That They were Simply Not As Popular As Other Oreo Products

– Oreo Cakesters were introduced in 2006 as a cake-like alternative to the classic Oreo cookie. The product was discontinued in 2012 due to poor sales.

It is unclear exactly why Oreo Cakesters did not do well on the market, but it is likely that they were simply not as popular as other Oreo products.

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In 2013, Oreo Cakesters were discontinued in the United States. The cakesters were basically an Oreo cookie with a cake-like filling, and they never really caught on with consumers. There are a few theories as to why they failed, but the most likely reason is that they just weren’t very good.


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