Why Do Vending Machines Get Stuck

Call the Number on the Vending Machine If it Causes Problems on Stuck Product

There are many ways in which to resolve the problem of a stuck product on the vending machine, but one of the simplest ways to call the vendor or operator number on the vending machine.

All vending machines have a phone number in case there is a dispensing problem.

The vendor will normally take your phone and information when you call and then the vendor will put the refund in a small envelope and gives it to the reception when he comes there again for the refilling service schedule on the vending machine.

If you are operating 200 + vending machines you will eventually get calls at least every week from a disgruntled customer.

Below is a picture on one of my vending machines with my phone number.

There is sticker on top of the price display on the vending machine with my information number in case it causes problems when a customer is using it.

Most vendor operators do not like being called since they are either driving loading or unloading products on the Van. It is best to test, email or leave a voicemail for the vendor.

But I myself as a vendor will normally answer the call especially if it is a local Vancouver Phone number or any number is it Local.

Is is already very stress full getting calls from Banks, Credit Card Companies, Insurance, Spam Calls, Solicitations and Recently a lot of calls from call centers trying to fish your personal information to SCAM you. This evident especially during the Pandemic.

Push Down the Flap and Push Up On the Bottom Of the Vending Machine

Normally when you do this there is air flow inside the vending machine causing the product to dislodge. The vending machine is almost air tight so if you move up and down on the bottom flap delivery bin it will create an air current.

Moving it faster will eventually cause the Chip or Chocolate bar to drop on the delivery bin.

But in some cases it does not work as shown on the picture below where a bunch of products just got stuck on the side of the delivery bin.

products stuck on top of delivery bin

Refund For a Snack Machine – Is it Better to Shake the Machine or to Call the Vendor For a Refund?

  • The last thing that I want to tell you about the machine that I just mentioned in the context of this article is that calling the vendor for a refund for the snack machine is much better than shaking the machine.
  • You can get really upset if the snack machine rips you off, and it may be an honest mistake or even an error, but you will have to feel some kind of way when it comes to getting the machine repaired because sometimes the vending machine is a property of the owner and they are not going to let you get your money back unless you call them first.
  • It is better to call the vendor first because you will get your money back.
  • It may be hard to hear but it is really better to be calling the vendor for a refund for the snack machine than to just shake the vending machine.
  • The reason why I say it is better to be calling the vendor for a refund for the snack machine is because there are many small things that go into vending machines that a lot of people do not realize.
  • If the vending machine is broken you are not going to have the ability to just run your ice cream out and buy another one, which means that the machine will be sitting there and you are not going to be able to get your money back.
  • You are going to have to call the vendor and then you will know for sure that they will let you take your money back.
  • I hope that this will help you make the right decision when it comes to a refund for a vending machine.

Will Rock the Vending Machine smash the Glass?

If you are thinking of starting a business selling soda, snacks or other things in your local malls or airports then I have an idea that you might want to consider; Rocking the Vending Machine.

It will surely be unwise to rock the vending machine. The vendor invested thousands of dollars to secure a nice vending machine and on top of that, the vendor has to pay a hefty price to secure a high performing location.

When I was starting out as a vendor, I had to pay Vending Locators for Locations! and many of those locations are not profitable!

Will Shake The Vending Machine Will Overtime Cause Death Or Injury?

There is a common myth out there that shaking the vending machine will eventually topple over. This myth is mostly created by the owners of the vending machines themselves, because they are the ones that allow people to place their products inside of them.

They do this in order to increase their own profits. But the truth of the matter is that if you are placing your product inside of one of these vending machines, then there is no way that it will topple over or even move at all.shaking the vending machine will eventually toppling over and cause death or injuryOne of the worst myths about shaking the machine is that it can cause injury or death to you, the owner of the vending machine.

For example, if you are using a very strong shaking motion, then you can actually cause a crush injury on somebody, especially if you are using your arm in the shaking motion.

So this does not have anything to do with the actual shaking motion. In fact, you are better off to stop shaking the vending machine altogether, because it can cause an accident.

The only real danger is from people who are not using proper etiquette when shaking the machine.

There are vending locations that require insurance in case someone when shaking and rocking the vending machine caused accidental injury or even death!

Here in Vancouver, BC some big locations especially high security bonded warehouses requires vendors to insure 1M liability, the insurance will be costing another $60 per month for the vendor. If the vendor does not make enought money then this will be another loosing business proposition.

You see, 99% of problems stems from customer and people who uses the vending machine such as Jams, Breakage, Coil Motors etc.

Will Shake the Vending Machine Destroys the Coils and Motors in the Vending Machine?

When you are looking to replace your old vending machines with new ones, you need to understand that shaking the vending machine will destroy the coils inside the machine.shaking the vending machine will destroy the coils inside the machineOne of the things I want to point out when I talk about shaking the vending machine is that it can actually void any warranty you had for the vending machine.

In other words, if you got a specific warranty on your vending machine, if you started shaking it and the device began to vibrate and the vending machine started to fall down, you could be out the money you paid for the warranty.

They can break and since most people shake the vending machine to get change, it can actually pull the items from the machine.

New Vending Machine Have Sensors and Dispense Stuck Products

new vending machine have sensors and will dispense stuck product

A new vending machine will have sensors built in that will prevent the product from becoming stuck again.

The product will go into the hopper where it will be paid for by consumers.

However, the product may become stuck again if there is an open door in the machine. When this happens, it will take the product that has become stuck and deposit it into the hopper.

This will prevent the product from being stuck again and will allow consumers to pay for their product without any type of issue.

New Vending Machines Has Sensors That Detect If There Is No Product In Front Of It

new vending machines have sensors that detect if there are no product in front

There are new vending machines that use a sensor located just on top of the delivery bin using infrared technology, if the product did not dispense within a few seconds it will communicate with the mainboard computer on the vending machine to spin again to dispense the product.

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