Bus Ticket Inside My Vending Machine

It is amazing on what people tend to imagine to put inside the vending machine.

I have a location that called me on the weekend and taken down some notes to fix the snack machine.? I always encounter simple problems which I know that all the vendors tend to fix by themselves which is relatively easy even for a newbie in this business.

I just turned the power off and remove the coin mechanism assembly and remove the jammed coins

I included some pictures on the coin jam.

This is a classic problem that everyone in the business is always facing

and it is imperative that you should know how to fix it yourself or else you get charged by a taxi meter if you opt it to be fixed by a service technician which you don’t ever need one.

To my surprise after having many years in servicing vending machines for a full time living as a self-employed person.? It is my first time that I found a bus ticket inside my vending machine.

Keeping Composure at all times is the key.

People wanted to get free stuff.

Location on the east side of the town likes free stuff with the exception of schools and universities.

Young customers likes to cheat and try to get their hand on how to get free stuff by trying all sorts.? ?Keypad random sequence to dispense free stuff.

I just hope that they think about the situation of vendors on making an honest living and trying to keep up.? Always putting up a show for everyone to provide a mutual and beneficial relationship.

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Some customers that think maybe the machines are crappy and need to be changed.? Actually it is the customer’s fault not knowing on how to use the vending machine properly.

It just needs a simple cleaning with water and tissue paper on the coin path.

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