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Why would you opt for Francis Vancouver Vending Service ?

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Francis Vending Service Vancouver offers a variety of vending machines to discerning customers. There are basically three ( 3 ) types of vending machine used for servicing.

  • Combo vending machine
  • Snack vending machine
  • Soda Pop vending machine

Are you concerned on your space ? If the vending machines can fit well ?

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There are some offices that have limited space like the picture above.

Even how tight and limiting the space that you have in your facility, we will find the most suitable vending machine that can fill the spot.

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Present there are a lot of offices that are happy to have a combo vending machine.

What if you have a large available space ?

There is no problem since we have machines that are full sized. A full sized pop machine and snack machine would best fit your location.

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Would be a good choice if a smaller mid sized vancouver vending service company can service your location ?

There are concerns especially if you are the manager of a company and wanted to make sure which vancouver vending service company is suited best. Many opt for a large very well-established vancouver vending service company which is the normal thing to do.

It is a fact that here in the vancouver lower mainland there are hundreds of vancouver vending service companies ran by individuals since there are so many businesses out there that need immediate attention and very quick response.

When i was starting the vancouver vending service industry here in Vancouver, BC, i thought anyone can just join the foray and just have to perform excellent refilling and vancouver vending servicing.

The accounts come and go. Sometimes a big vendor account was taken over by a smaller vendor because the response time of a big vendor is very slow and takes time to service.

Big vancouver vending service companies normally has inside politics and procedure in order to execute a task and has to go through a process.

No wonder here in Vancouver, BC there are hundreds of vending machine operators that runs the show.

This only shows that there can be no one monopolizing and controlling the vending service machine industry.

Is your location very busy and have voracious appetite for pop and snacks ?

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Normally an experienced vancouver vending service company will inherently know how frequent to refill the snack and soda pop vending machines.

If the vending service company comes in too early and too frequent then the vending company is not being profitable since refilling a couple of empty columns will not justify the sweat, energy and gasoline. Such vending service company in the long run is a recipe for disaster on not knowing to compute its expenses.

We will surely give a very good service to your location according to the consumption of the machine which is remotely monitored at our end.

When a new machine is installed at your premises, it will take a few visits from us in order to know the frequency of visits in re stocking the vending machines. Most of our locations is visited every three ( 3 ) weeks.

But if your location deserves more frequent visits then we will go there accordingly.

Do You have a consistent favorite craving for a specific chocolate bar or pop ?

Not to worry since we will make sure that if you like Kit Kat, Oh Henry or Mars bar more than anything else then we can put it into two ( 2) rows.

Everyone likes Coke Regular so most of the location we suggest to put two columns ( 2 ) of coke as well on the soda pop vending machine.

We have been here long enough but not being the beginning of Dawn of the vending service industry, to know what customers like here in the lower mainland.

We are very keen on what type of demographics that we are offering. In offices we might be offering more fig bars and nature valley bars for instance then kit kat. It is normally a mix and match of all sorts. Aren’t we all unique and have varied wants and needs after all ?

I got just the right vending machine for you !

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We here at Francis Vending Service Vancouver knows what is best for your location. We move fast in securing the correct vending machine that can give great vending service at your location.

Rest assured that the proper measurements is taken and ensuring the right machine to be placed at your location.

We wanted you to be happy customers. So the correct vending machine can be installed accordingly to your suggestion.

Here are sample pictures of various vending machines at are presently available for placement.

Are the machines at your location being watched and monitored ?

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If a vending service machine is equipped with a debit credit card reader which is USA technologies or nayax ( the only ones available here in the lower mainland ), then we can easily monitor the sales of the vending machine.

Normally there is a certain threshold amount on the machine that is reported to us via email, let’s say if the sales has reached around $50 to $90 for the week then it is time to have your vending machine due for refilling service.

I have to tell your something which is according to my experience, some big time vendors who claims to have 200 to 500 machines just appear at your location if the sales in monitored to be around $200.

But we would like to give outstanding service so even if the sales is just 80 to $100, we will be there checking out the vending machines as not to leave it too empty for your employees and customers.

Not to worry about all this these things since im always alerted on such scenarios that we will be there at your location in no time refilling the vending machines.

Are the Vending machines comes to your location absolutely free of charge ?

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Yes absolutely since this is the cost of doing vending service business. It is up to us to obtain the proper vending machine for your location.

Normally it takes around two ( 2 ) years for us to pay off a vending machine at your location.

For new locations and new accounts, the vending service company tackles on terms and conditions which machine for lease and need to pay insurance as well until the lease of two ( 2 ) years is paid.

Francis Vancouver Vending service company normally do not make money for the first couple of years, it is after then we would enjoy some earnings.

There are also plenty of sad stories out there that after happily obtaining a vending service location and spending a new machine the manager of the location suddenly change hands and had the vending machines to be homeless.

In my experience of the vending service industry there are countless stories that i also hear when meeting up other vending service operators, this is all part of the business.

Locations comes and goes. Reason is endless.

What type of vending service machines do you presently have on locations ?

Is i have mentioned before basically, we at Francis Vending service vancouver are offering you the following kinds of machines.

Soda Pop Vending Machine

vending service vancouver

We normally offer different types of soda pop and drinks. In order to stay hydrated and to quest your thirst we offer a variety of drinks. Some people like coke products, juice, energy drinks, coffee and bottled water.

Snack Vending Machine

vending service vancouver

Do not let your employees leaving out of the building and coming back late for a few minutes. Satisfy your cravings of hunger without going out and drive to seven eleven or the nearest convenience store.

Combo Vending Machine

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This is a space-saving vending machine that offers both chocolate bars, chips and soda pop. Since this machine is smaller compared to a standalone or dedicated snack and soda pop vending machine, it might be wiser to go for the full size vending machines.

Healthy Combo Machine

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This machine is great for offices especially the health conscious individual. We got some of these machines at the gym and health centers and they normally prefer protein bars, protein drinks, Gatorade and bottles water.


At Francis Vending we take vending servicing seriously since in a short span of time we are able to accumulate around two hundred machines under our belt and servicing them with very happy customers.

Of course there are occasional customer problems but we resolve it quickly and swiftly.

We are not stingy on customer complaints and refunds.

Sometimes we just keep on our eyes closed if there is a customer refund complain even though we inherently know from the remote monitoring that no such incident happened on the computer generated reports which happens on some locations.

You see in order to keep everyone happy, we do not discriminate on all kinds of locations.

Benefit of the doubt sometimes machines mis communicate and we always leave some room for error.

Customer is always right !


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