What To Do If There Is A Change Of Management ?

I have a vending location which i faithfully servicing it for almost 2 years something. This is a location which i go twice a week during my early days. On a strong location you have to service it every 3 days to fill some spots on the vending machine.? Then here comes the new management.

But sometimes it doesn’t make sense if you service it after 3 days.

The chips are all sold out but still left with a lot of chocolate bars. The time and gasoline will not be economical for me. I just then decided to do it once a week making sure its all filled up 100%.

The said location i had before required me to pay commission every month which i did.

Suddenly sometime last month i was caught unaware and as i mentioned i don’t answer calls when im driving.

I listened to my voicemail and there was the old management then and left a message. He said the remove the machines by the end of the month. I got worried again and thoughts racing in my mind where to put the 2 machines in such a short notice.

You see every time you loose a location, you have to spend.

Moving for each machine is about $120. Finding a location through a locator ranges from $500 to $2,000 depending on which kind of location.

It’s not all the time that you have an instant location. Sometimes it takes weeks or months to have a replacement. So actually you are loosing money in the process.

Such process is also time in removing products on the machines. And also all other expenses mentioned previously.

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Going back to the voicemail i received.

I immediately called the manager and he told was jokingly telling me to calm down.

He told reassuringly that i should try my best to talk to the new management and properly introduce myself as the vendor,

I immediately stop what im doing that day and went to see the new replacement manager from the new management.

At first i called and talked to the new manager and had a negative reaction.

Since i was a new face unfamiliar, but i was very calm. I left my business card and desperately went to the head office of the new management.

I requested to have a 5 minutes meeting which was very fruitful.

Since then i when i got back to the location with the new management i tried to be very diplomatic. Introduced myself and voluntarily offered commissions to the new management.

It is the new management after all and i hope and pray that it will work out.

The present manager is great. Whenever i visit the location it seems to be working out as i expected.

New management thinks that you have money of you have a new van.

I got mine because the old van breaks down. I have the pay 7 years for this new van which i don’t need if the old van is still working. I look more professional i guess.

Maybe im destined to go through this process so that my customers will see me a bit more professional.

I reminisce doing business back home in Manila selling computer parts. I used to have scooters and motorcycles for 7 years without touching a car. People in Manila likewise has the same look as the people here. It doesn’t have that much difference.

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The strong humid smell of perspiration and mixed with the smog of carbon monoxide fumes from jeepneys and cars in the Philippines. I get home with oily face from pollution.

When you are using a run down vehicle doing business, the impression is that you are not professional.

I also was able to hire motorcycle deliveries and stopped scootering myself and saw the impression of people towards me when i ditched the motorcycles and bought myself a professional delivery van doing business.

As they always say good impressions with good tools and nice delivery transportation.

I again was able to save this account.

You just have to try your best. If you are a small business person you try to be very humble at all costs. Always try to communicate and just hope for the best.

I have several accounts that have some form of agreement and both parties signed. But sometimes when you secure a location it is done via handshake.

During the early days of vending, i had a machine at a film school in downtown. I don’t have a professional looking van and only 10 locations that i started. The film school changed management.

The new guy in charge wanted to change into just 1 vendor from existing 3 vendors.

Even when i submitted a nice proposal. The impression was not good for a guy with 10 locations to a guy with hundreds or if i dare to say thousands of machines.

I sincerely hope that people here see the sincerity of the vendor be it big or small.

I will always give a new person a fighting chance and prove oneself.

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