New Location New Hope Or Another Ticking Time Bomb ?

Well i was very lucky enough that a building was constructed.? I was lucky that i have some rapport with the manager.

The manager was assigned on the other building which i got acquainted before.

Everything was very smooth.? I tried to ask if the new location needed a new vending machine a week back when i visit the new location in Vancouver.

I normally get very persistent if i inherently knew that the location will be performing beyond my expectations.

I have been eyeing this location since late last year when it was newly constructed.

Im very happy that the manager allowed me to place a vending machine.

The manager even asked the tenants on what they wanted and i got an immediate feedback and good thing i was able to setup the new machine quickly.

If you are awarded a new location which you like, you have to move fast.? Because sometimes people change their minds and you don’t want that to happen right ?

I was contemplating that this new location will be another rock star.

A weekly gig for me together with the other locations within the vicinity.? I called this area my golden triangle whenever im in that area.

When you are a vendor you are always giving service to customers.? It would be a good advice not to make any comparisons to other locations located in the west end or if you are in the east side.

For a true vendor that offers good service to its clients, there should be no distinction on one’s perspective if your are dealing with a lawyer or to a regular working guy.

Of course the tone of your language and approach if you are in the west end.? Any maybe another persona if you are in the east side of town.? But you absolutely have to be very flexible in everything.

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Lots of times you always have to be very careful on words and actions to anyone.? As a person doing business for the the longest time as self employed.

One should not be sensitive to anything or around with anyone.? But be sensitive to the needs of the customer.

You have to acquire a certain emotional IQ when you are dealing with lots of people on the street and within the vicinity on where the vending machines are located.

The location doesn’t even have a little influence on my well being.? Running your business as a flexible person is the key to sustaining your vending location.

A new location will always be a new hope for me.

Treat it well in the beginning and it will last you for many years to come.? It would not be a ticking time bomb if you are always being flexible.

Give some treats from here and there and not getting annoyed from people wanting freebies all the time.

This is a far contrast when i was still in the Philippines when i was selling high tech items, no one ever requests for freebies.

But i encountered one person who wanted defective CPU Chips before when i was in the Philippines.

Because it contains gold inside the chips which he can sell.

The defective CPU Chips are always swapped out by my suppliers in Hong Kong during that memorable experience.

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