My Storage Was Robbed Of Pop

My blue Monday.

It is the first day of the week and i have to kick start everything into working momentum again. Sometimes it is extra tiring to work on Mondays when you are accustomed to being laid back on a weekend.

I headed towards downtown were most of my business is located.

I was surprised that one of my locations had some missing pop at the bottom of my combo machine.

I use the bottom of my combo machine which is a LCM4 as a storage for pop. I visit the location every week and they like to gulp a lot of pop.

It is my first time that someone had the time to lie down underneath the machine and spend time. Trying to figure out how to break in the machine.

Instead i found out that the screen underneath the machine is ripped off.

And all the pop that i placed there for temporary storage are all gone.

I couldn’t believe that some people have to spend so much time to figure out ways on vending machines.

Would you be better off in spending your time in learning new skills instead ? Maybe make your time more productive ?

Today i have to learn yet another lesson from many years of doing the vending business.

I should never even leave anything under the pop machine since people are trying to get anything that is free. Will even go to a point in destroying your combo machine just to have some freebies.

In the vending business sometimes you think you know it all after a few months.

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This is not the case since all locations are different and there is a learning curve. Even if the business is very simple there is still some things to learn the ropes properly.

I have been servicing this location for the longest time already. This location has been very good. This place is a weekly gig for me.

I have learned that you should not be too comfortable on any location. There will still be some unforeseen problem no matter how minuscule it is.

For the pop that were gone, i didn’t even complain to the management anymore. I’m used to these kinds of incidents. The more problems that goes to the management your stay in that location will be a ticking time bomb.

According to my experience such problems will be kept to yourself.

Loosing a few dollars is negligible than losing the location due to complaints from both vendor and customers.

The way to look at your business is a long term approach.

I went to another public location of mine today and i have around 4 machines in that hotel. The machines are converted into cashless meaning that they can only accept debit and credit card.

Even if they are cashless the machines are still being vandalized.

At first i was very eager and go fix it immediately. But even thou i always fix it, it’s always gets broken into. I just left some empty pop cans on the machines. I hope this time they will not steal the empty pop cans.

Here are the pictures to show it to you.

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