How to Repair Troubleshoot Vending Machine

Introduction To Basic Vending Machine Troubleshooting and Repair

I think i have been doing this vending machine business for quite a bit of time already.

I would like to share with you the basics on repair and troubleshooting vending machine basics. Its pretty straightforward and simple. This simple tutorial will cover the essential and basic repair skills that you need in order to operate you’re vending machine business without any setback and problems.

This is for all the folks that are not electronically and mechanically inclined in fixing vending machines.

I will categorize into several things that you are targeting since 95% of the problems can be solved just by following the steps and procedures.

You will have noticed that you have several common types of machines :

  • Standalone Snack Machine
  • Standalone Pop Machine
  • Combination Snack and Pop Machine
  • Glass Front Pop Machine

Basic components inside the vending machines

For the longest time that you have been refilling, opening and closing you’re vending machines. There are basically basic components that is obvious which are as follows :

Mainboard or Control Board

This is the motherboard of the vending machine where there is a CPU and EEPROM that contains all the necessary programs and algorithms that in which it essentially controls the motors, counts, vends, transactions, temperature and all the necessary functions of the vending machine


This is a very obvious component that is attached to the main board wherein a user inputs the product selection. This keypad is also used for diagnosis and tests procedures for the vending operator.

This can be compared to the keyboard of the laptop or computer

Coin Mechanism or Coin Mech for short

This is an essential component that needs to be cleaned all the time, because this is the component that captures all the coins inserted into the vending machine. This is actually the guy who is accepting all those coins and sorts it inside and decides if it is a real or fake coin.

Most of the problems that happens is when the customer inserts a coin that is not Canadian it will jam and render the vending machine out of order or unable to accept coins.

The coin mech is basically the same of all vending machines and same for all countries.

The only difference between a foreign coin mech and Canadian coin is that difference countries have different design in the coin chute where it takes certain size, weight and dimensions.

For the coin mechs in Canada, the coin chute is designed in a way that it only accepts Canadian coins and there is a small magnetic sensor that will detect the correct metallic composition of the coin and verifies it and will make a handshake with the control board and says it received a toonie or loonie for instance.

The coin mech is a critical component.

Make sure that you always use a damp cloth to clean the coin path every month making sure it is clean.

Make sure that you have plenty of change so that the machine can accept dollar bills ensuring that you have consistent sales.

Always test the coin mech with coins before leaving the location and press coin return to ensure that everything is in order.

By the way there is a very helpful you tube video on how the coin mechanism works.

Bill Validator

This is the component that accepts the bills form of payments.

Make sure the path of the bill acceptor is clean especially the optic sensors where it detects the different bill denominations.

You can buy a small air can spray from Canadian tire store and just to blow out small debris, lint and dirt that may have accumulated on the bill validator path.

You will notice that the bill validator has some rubber on the sides that looks like a battle tank wrap around tire, at times you can buy acetone and just make a dab and rub it off with a lint free cloth so that it will retain its sticky properties in order to accept the bill properly.

As long as you regularly clean the rubber sides on the dollar validator you will have a long service life.

Here is a You Tube Link on how to clean your dollar bill validator

Priming POP Beverage Vending Machine

Sometimes you will encounter that some of your pop vending machine columns are empty. You need to prime it to make sure that it dispenses properly each time a customer depresses the selection.

Priming means that you need to keep on test vend the pop machine until the product is ready to be vended. You have to do this every time the column is out. Because sometimes when you fill an empty column, when customer depresses the selection it will not come out.

By the way sometimes the floor is not level, get a wrench and adjust the height of the legs of the pop machine accordingly.

Cleaning the Refrigeration Unit

If you do not want to buy an expensive air compressor or a portable vacuum cleaner, then you can buy a couple of compressed air cans.

When you are servicing your pop machine or combo machine, you will notice that there are aluminum fins that is partially covered with dirt, debris and sometimes paper.

You can use the compressed air cans to spray a couple of bursts to remove the dirt on the aluminum fins. Or the easiest method is to use a damp cloth and use wipe it off every time you go service the pop and combo machines with refrigeration unit.

If the refrigeration units is clogged all the time then you may have to spend $ 1,000 for a new compressor because it is burned out from not cleaning the vents.

Glass Front Machine

You have to make sure that the prices are correct. There is a manual included with the machine that was sold to you, if not then ask it from the seller or download a PDF from the manufacturers’ website which is normally available.

If you have enough time then try to test vend everything at least maybe 1 every 2 months to make sure that all the selections are working good.

Sometimes the whole top or middle or bottom shelf is not working ? Then normally according to my experience it is just a molex plug that i loose.

Turn off the power of the unit or unplug it from the wall if you are not sure where the power switch is located.

Look for the loose cable or molex plug and re attach it and make sure it is secure and turn back the power.

If the shelf in question still doesn’t work then the main board maybe the culprit.

The glass front machine is very expensive piece of equipment, if there is a 1 800 number, by all means call them for a guided assistance while you are at the location.

In the future in planning to develop this website to be more comprehensive to include all the vending machine repair and troubleshooting manuals uploaded and links to you tube tutorials on basic vending machine repairs.

How to Repair Troubleshoot Vending Machines Yourself

How to Repair Troubleshoot Vending Machine

If you’ve been struggling with a broken vending machine for a while, you may be wondering how to fix it yourself. These machines are complex devices with several parts, including dollar bill slots, coin mechanisms, and a control board. To operate properly, these machines must have power. However, your machine could be unplugged, circuit-tripped, or its connections may have become loose over time.

Crane vending machine troubleshooting

If your crane vending machine is not working, you may be wondering how to repair it. There are a number of problems that can occur with these machines, and the first step to fixing them is to find the source of the problem. While modern vending machines are much more dependable than they were a few years ago, they are still susceptible to a variety of problems, so you need to pay attention to even the smallest issues. New and refurbished crane vending machines are often covered by a warranty, which is typically valid for 90 days or longer.

If you can’t find a local repairman, there are several online resources you can use to learn how to fix your crane vending machine yourself. Some websites include videos and step-by-step instructions. Other websites contain more detailed instructions and links to you tube tutorials. You can also purchase parts at local vendors. These places may have instructions on how to repair the machine, but for more complex problems, you may need to hire a professional. If you don’t have a technician nearby, you can try a few YouTube tutorials on how to repair your machine.

Vending machine broken

If your vending machine is not giving change, you might want to consider hiring a technician to fix it. While it may seem simple, it may require special skills and knowledge to fix a vending machine. Nevertheless, if your vending machine is causing trouble, it may scare off paying customers and even influence the site owner to remove it from the property. Here are some tips to fix a broken vending machine.

Before attempting to fix a broken vending machine, make sure that it is clean and dry. If you notice any dirt or grime, you can wipe the entire machine down using a soft cloth and food grade detergent. Ensure that it is located in an area that gets plenty of airflow. An overheated vending machine may malfunction unexpectedly. Avoid placing the vending machine near direct sunlight, as this can lead to unexpected breakdowns.

The inner mechanism of a vending machine may break down, or it may simply stop accepting coins. A good way to avoid this issue is to clean the coin and dollar paths as thoroughly as possible. Even if you maintain your vending machine properly, it is likely to experience problems over time. In such cases, you should consider investing in a repair or refurbishment service. You will be glad you did. If you have a malfunctioning vending machine, you should consider hiring a technician to repair it.

Vending machine maintenance near me

You may be wondering how to repair a vending machine. You’re probably a business owner and want to minimize the inconvenience. But what if your machine isn’t working right? Here are a few simple steps you can take to troubleshoot problems and repair them yourself. Then you’ll be saving money that you wouldn’t have spent on hiring a vending machine repair guy.

First, try positioning the machine on an even surface. If the machine is too high, it will disrupt the vending process and give the wrong change. Then, make sure to keep the machine out of direct sunlight. Alternatively, you can clean it with a food-grade detergent, soft cloth, and warm water. Make sure the machine is in an area where air flow is optimal. Avoid placing the machine in direct sunlight as too much heat can lead to unexpected malfunctions.

Check the temperature of the vending machine. Usually, it is located at the back of the cabinet, under the can chute. Adjust the thermostat so that the temperature is cooler than normal. If the temperature is too high, you can turn the thermostat clockwise. If the temperature is too low, you should make it colder. Otherwise, replace the entire thermostat. This should fix the problem and make the vending process much smoother.

Vending machine mechanics

It is possible to fix many different types of vending machines. Some machines only have a few parts, while others have several. To be able to repair a vending machine properly, you must first know what exactly is wrong with it. The mechanics of vending machines are fairly simple, but if you are unfamiliar with these components, it may be beneficial to seek a professional’s assistance.

The door may have become faulty over time. The door may not open smoothly or may not even open at all. In either case, the issue is likely related to a faulty part, and the only way to solve it is to replace it. This may involve spending a little time to troubleshoot the mechanics of the door and how it functions. Once you’ve pinpointed the problem, it’s easy to determine what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Most problems with soda machines are related to these three common problems. The problem may be caused by a misloaded soda machine, an internal gate that isn’t closing, or using the wrong size bottles. The good news is that there’s a way to test suspected motors easily. Fortunately, most new vending machines feature a selection mode for testing all motors. You can also perform simple diagnostics yourself to determine what caused the malfunction.

Vending machine repairs near me

The good news is that vending machine repairs are often not hard to find near you. Even though these machines are usually reliable, you should not ignore small issues. There are many things you can do to make sure your vending machine stays in good working order, including keeping a detailed maintenance and repair schedule. To ensure that you never experience a broken machine, here are some helpful tips. You should also keep your machine under warranty if possible.

First, ensure that your vending machine is equipped with a card reader. Most of these machines require a card reader so that customers can use their credit card to purchase items. Moreover, you should know that vending machine repairs include both general maintenance and specific repairs. You can check with your local authorities to see if there are any regulations for these machines. It is important to be aware of the requirements in your area before you start looking for a repair shop.

Evaporator fan motor

If the evaporator fan in your vending machine is whirring, it may be time to replace the evaporator motor. The motor is usually connected to the control board and should run on the specified voltage. If the fan is spinning, you can check its motor by using an ohmmeter. If the fan is spinning, it may be too noisy or it may be out of balance.

Crane merchandising systems

If you’ve run into problems with your Crane Merchandising Systems machine, you can contact the manufacturer for assistance. You can download a manual online or contact Crane Merchandising Systems. The manuals generally contain troubleshooting and maintenance instructions for your machine, as well as information about its internal parts and components. Below are some tips to troubleshoot your system. Hopefully, these tips will help you get back to vending in no time.

Before you call a crane technician, make sure you have all of the necessary equipment and information to get the job done right. Your first step should always be to take some measurements. Make sure your product is calibrated properly to avoid unnecessary problems. Once you have checked that, it is time to consult a crane repair technician to see if the machine is broken or needs to be replaced. If you’ve used the wrong crane, make sure you have an accurate schematic. Then, you can proceed with troubleshooting your system.

Service manuals Facebook sign

Vending machines are great for distributing beverages and snacks at locations and are often subject to malfunction. The most common problem is a malfunctioning motor, though you can also face problems with the rest of the machine. To troubleshoot your vending machine, consider the following steps. Check the coin acceptor: It can be the cause of malfunctions. Replace it with a new one if necessary.

Ensure your machines work well: While it can be frustrating to deal with a broken vending machine, it is crucial for your business. Even though vending machines are much more reliable today than they were a few decades ago, they still can be subject to a wide range of problems. If you can perform simple maintenance on your own, you can avoid paying a technician hundreds of dollars for labor, and you can even save a lot of money by doing it yourself.


The steps above are by no means comprehensive. It covers the basic necessary maintenance procedures in order to make sure all you’re vending machines are working properly and efficient.

If you regularly follow the maintenance routine then you will have fewer calls to you’re vending repair guy who normally charges you at times $85 an hour which is very expensive for small vending operators.

I normally get a bill of around $120 to $250 ranging from some spare parts that you can easily fix it yourself.

If you are very careful and have a keen eye on maintenance then a call to you’re vending repair guy will be only once or twice a year when the compressor needs to be changed or if you need to have some Freon charging on your refrigeration unit.

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