Why security camera is necessary for the vending machine?

Why security camera is necessary for the vending machine?

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Instead of loosing money through vending machine vandalism, you can save some cash in hand by installing a proper spy camera.

I have some locations that are high traffic on semi public locations and vending machine broken into and there are also numerous cases where vending machines in the hotels were all vandalized which was way back two to three ago ( 2017 to 2018 ). I had some high security hasps and locks all these problems are solved.

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A lot of people invest into the vending machine business with the intent of making profit but by the time they do reach profit, somebody else comes and breaks into a vending machine and takes the money which you made.

How did I secure my vending machines that are prone to vandalism?

Install Hasps and High Security Lock

When you place a vending machine on a location and there was a history of vandalism then it would be essential for you to install hasps and high security lock.

This is the first step in a simple way to secure your vending machine and would surely deter the thief would be.

But the future problem is securing the vending machine glass front. You have to make a glass measurement taken from the back of the vending machine after opening it.

This is needed in case in the future someone breaks the glass of the vending machine on the sole purpose of stealing food when hungry and not money.

Install Polycarbonate Lexan Sheet

Breaking the glass does not have access for the thief to steal the cash and coin mechanism since it is securely locked.

By taking the measurements of the glass so that you can buy the poly carbonate replacement in case this an unfortunate event happens but of course all vendors are confident that this will not happen.

You can try Amazon Prime which can deliver in a few business days and custom cut poly carbonate sheet

If you cannot find them online then try to google your local city for custom cut poly carbonate sheet or Lexan for vending machines.

Recently I had a breakage on one of my snack machine at a secured warehouse and here is the You Tube.

The vending machine was a AP 123 and luckily I found a local poly carbonate supplier here in Vancouver and have it cut to :

Specifications for Replacement Glass for AP 123 Snack Machine
Front Windows. (44-5/8 x 26-7/8 x 1/8)
NOTE: Replacement Glass Must Be Hard
Tempered or Lexan Only

It costs me around $350 Canadian to have it replaced and installed.

Why is a security camera for a vending machine necessary?

The vending machine crimes are increasing day by day. As the vending machine business has many of its pros but it also has it cons and one of the major cons is the vending machine burglary.

To prevent these burglaries, a spy camera is essential which can monitor who is actually trying to get an energy drink and who is trying to break into the machine.

When people first get into the vending machine business, they are super happy with the fact that they will now start making money but they don’t pay much attention to the security risks that come with that.

Imagine losing all the money that you might have through the vending machine due to a petty crime.

How can you monitor your vending machine?

The monitoring of the vending machine is as important as restocking and servicing it, if you are not monitoring the vending machine that you have installed then you are at a great risk. You never know when someone breaks into the machine.

To prevent your vending machine business from downfall, you need to have a security camera installed. Following are the steps that you need to follow to have a secure vending machine.

Install a spy camera

Installing a spy camera will make sure that all the footage is being recorded, so in case something happens you can catch the culprit easily.

The spy cameras these days are quite capable are capturing the face of the criminal.

Previously, the spy cameras installed on various places could have been gotten away with by spray painting it or sometimes the recording itself was blurry with which it was quite hard to get the right footage.

However, in the present times, the spy cameras are more advanced and they work efficiently which enables them to do their job in the best way; they are able to identify the facial features.

Installation of security alarms

Now that you have installed a spy camera in your vending for effective monitoring, make sure that you install security alarms as well.

The security alarm will send alerts when needed taking precautionary measures to prevent your vending machines from criminals and burglars.

Also, make sure that there are visual signs that show that the alarm will go off if any individual tries to break into the vending machine.

This will definitely stop the person who intends to run away with the money by breaking into it. Also, make sure that you display signs for the buyers that they are being monitored.

Once any person knows that he is being monitored, he refrains from taking any wrong step.

Why do you need to invest into a spy camera?

To prevent the risk of burglaries and crimes of the vending machines, the best way that can be opted is to install spy cameras which act as surveillance and alert the people who intend to break into the machine.

Imagine losing all your money to a burglary while on the other hand, imagine investing some money in a spy camera and saving whatever you have made.

Are spy cameras expensive?

Just like many other products available in the market, the price of the spy camera varies.

Some of them can be super affordable and some can be super expensive but you can get yourself a pretty good quality vending machine spy camera that is very inexpensive.

Also, these spy cameras for vending machines are easy to install and operate and they provide a high-quality image. You can store the recording on an SD card while keeping it safe for the time of need.

So, if you also have a vending machine business, make sure to keep all that cash safe with a spy camera.

14 thoughts on “Why security camera is necessary for the vending machine?

  1. Thank You for this great post, I can’t agree less with your post .Vending machine vandalism is going high day by day. And the best thing is to install a spy camera at strategic locations that can help monitor activities around the vending machine, I think this will really help a lot to take actions against perpetrators and help reduce crime. Do you have any list about the cheapest or budget friendly spy camera around. 

    1. It is absolutely essential to have a small spy camera inside the vending machine since you have to take care of your investment.  It will also pinpoint who was the culprit in case there is vandalism on the vending machine.

      Here is an inexpensive spy camera https://amzn.to/2mj5tXq

  2. That is so true!  Security cameras are needed with vending machines! I worked at a place that had a vending machine inside, one night someone broke into the building and did their best to get into that machine. At that point there were no other security cameras on the property, if there had been one on the machine…they would have been caught! The crooks did more damage trying to get that machine open and then out of the building than they did to anything else! Even if a place has cameras, I feel the crooks know how to avoid them, small security cameras on a machine could be the difference between catching them and not! Great article!!

    1. It is always best to make sure that all your investment is well taken care of.  

      Instead of paying an insurance company which is very expensive in recurring monthly expenses, it would be wise to opt for a spy camera which is inexpensive and at the same time easy to know the perpetrator and get caught immediately

  3. I am well aware of the vandalism out there on vending machines.  Seems every time I want to get something out of one its broken due to this factor. I am glad there is a site that explains the different products and why.  This is a great resource to forward to people in this industry.  Thanks for the read and information.

  4. This is quite interesting. My brother has just started with his vending machine business, but he seems to neglect the importance of spy camera attached to the vending machine itself. I will send him this article. I have one question, do you have any suggestion for best budget friendly spy camera or similar things for the vending machine? Thanks for your suggestion.

  5. It’s sad to know that some people try to steal the food or the money from a vending machine, and thanks to this post, now I understand there are so many hidden cameras come with good quality for the footage, especially for the one you listed in this post. The best part is its price, and I think every owner of a vending machine could purchase this as a way to prevent thefts. I do have some concerns for this hidden camera, does it allow you to pair with your phone then you could directly watch or monitor in real-time?

    1. There are cameras that can be remotely monitored but it is expensive and not practical.

      It would be best just to install an inexpensive spy camera inside the vending machine and if there is an incident then just take out the SD Card and check the footage of the robbery attempt or vandalism

  6. Having a security camera for a vending machine is something I’ve never thought of before, but one can clearly see how having one is necessary today. After a machine has a camera installed, is it easier to catch the perpertraitor? I would imagine just the site of the camera, may discourage the person who is thinking about vandalizing the machine, from doing so. I’m wondering also about the construction of the camera. If a person is willling to smash the front of the machine open, as is shown in the video, wouldn’t they think to smash the camera, or try to remove the camera so there is no evidence? Are the cameras strong, so they are not easily smashed? Can the camera’s be placed behind the glass to make it harder to tamper with? This seems like it would be a “gotta have it” item, for every person running a vending business. 

    1. a spy camera will be good since the perpetrator will not see it easily since they are normally in a hurry to steal the products or the money inside the vending machine.

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